Fastest Man in Texas Pick ‘Em Contest: Who Will Win?

It’s just three days until Saturday’s Fastest Man in Texas competition in San Antonio, and things are really heating up.

Jimmy Feigen, 100 freestyle medalist, 2013 World Chamionship (Victor Puig,

Jimmy Feigen, 100 freestyle medalist, 2013 World Chamionship (Victor Puig,

The big show is the battle between Jimmy Feigen and Nathan Adrian, who are the two best American sprinters at the moment, but there’s plenty of possible spoilers and subplots.

According to meet host Josh Davis, Feigen is on the mend from the stomach flu, but is ready to defend his title. Adrian is out for blood, and money, and especially that belt buckle, and maybe even a little to avenge his falling to Feigen at Worlds in the 100 free.

There’s plenty of Longhorns in the field, and you know that there’s some pride on the line there. Texas-ex’s include Feigen, Dave Walters, Ian Crocker, Dax Hill, and Davis himself.

Josh Schneider, another former NCAA Champion, is going to be jacked up for this meet. That’s what Schneider does: gets jacked up, and he’s representing basically the northern half of the country. Want to know how good Schneider is at meets like this? Consider that in the last two meets we’ve seen with a similar format and with prizes of this magnitude, the Tiburon Sprint championships, Schneider has won them both. He also beat both Feigen and Adrian at the 2010 NCAA Championships in the 50 yard free, so he’s got some history.

Michael Andrew (courtesy of Jae Feinberg)

Michael Andrew (courtesy of Jae Feinberg)

The darkhorse in the whole thing might be SMU post-grad Mindaugas Sadaukus. He is rumored to have been a 19.7 in practice this week, and best estimates are that a 19.7 won’t be too far from finishing ‘in the money’.

Then there’s the battle-within-the-battle of old versus young. The 41-year old Davis and the 14-year old Michael Andrew. Which one of the two will win? Will Michael Andrew get under 20 seconds and break the National Age Group Record? I’ll guarantee you this much – Andrew won’t be last. He’ll beat at least 5 current or former NCAA athletes. But Davis always shows up big for his own event.

The Schedule

Sat. Nov 9th, 2013
8:30am wake & eat
9:15am Shootout Racers arrive pool (Josh Davis Natatorium, Blossom Athletic Center, 12002 Jones Maltberger Rd., SA, TX 78216)
10:00am Shootout Racers warm up
10:15am practice for 5 minutes in competition pool
10:40am Round 1 prelims of 50 free – 3 heats x 8 swimmers (all advance and get reseeded)
11:20am Round 2 semis of 50 free – 3 heats again (only top 16 advance)
11:55pm consol final of 9-16
12pm high noon 3rd and final round of Shootout!
12:05pm hand out check and interview winner
12:10pm take picture w VIPs and sponsors
12:20pm pictures w/ teams
12:40pm sign and take pictures w/ everyone else
1:30pm Shootout Racers head to private lunch w sponsors & VIPs
3:30pm Fastest Man in Texas over. See you next year!!

Shootout Prizes

1st = $10,001
2nd = $3,000
3rd = $1000
4th – $500

The Lineup

1 Nathan Adrian (Cal & USA) :18.66
2 Jimmy Feigen (UT & USA) :18.84
3 Josh Schneider (Cinc & USA) :18.93
4 David Walters (UT & USA) :19.06
5 Ian Crocker (UT & USA) :19.15
6 Karl Krug (AUB) :19.27
7 Mindaugas Sadauskas (SMU) :19.35
8 Mark Weber (FSU) :19.41
9 Dax Hill (UT & USA) :19.64
10 Josh Davis (UT & USA) :19.77
11 Ryan Koops (SMU) :19.90
12 Corey Nix (TCU) :20.00
13 Cory Bolleter (A&M) :20.12
14 Sasha Padalkin (IWC) :20.23
15 Jason Bergstrom (A&M) :20.40
16 Ryan Wilcox (TCU) :20.46
17 Scott Johnsson (IWC) :20.56
18 Michael Andrew (USA ) :20.62
19 Thiago Parravicini (IWC) :20.70
20 Garrett Hills (TCU) :20.83
21 Evandro Silva (IWC) :20.90
22 Daniel Torres (IWC) :20.99
23 Joshua Lawson (OK) :22.12


fastest man in texas logoOk, there’s two different contests going on here. We’re doing this one old-school: leave your picks in the comments.

Josh Davis Pick ‘Em

Pick Josh’s time. whoever gets closest to Josh’s time gets a copy of Josh Davis’ book “The Goal and the Glory”, his “Everything Swimming Teaching” DVD, and a signed Josh Davis swim cap.

Overall Pick ‘Em

This one has two separate parts. First, pick the times for the top four spots. We will take the absolute value of the distance of each of those selections, and add them together.

Then, pick who you think will finish in each of the top 4 spots. For each swimmer you get right, we’ll take .15 off of your aggregate total. Lowest number wins.


Michael Andrew and Josh Davis will face-off at the 2013 Fastest Man in Texas Shootout. (Image courtesy of MOO BOSC)

Michael Andrew and Josh Davis will face-off at the 2013 Fastest Man in Texas Shootout. (Image courtesy of MOO BOSC)

If you pick:

1. Nathan Adrian – 19.00
2. Jimmy Feigen – 19.10
3. Josh Schneider – 19.20
4. Josh Davis – 19.50

And the winning order goes:

1. Nathan Adrian – 18.90 (.1 off)
2. Jimmy Feigen – 19.20 (.1 off)
3. Josh Davis – 19.30 (.1 off)
4. Josh Schneider – 19.80 (.3 off)

Then your aggregate time would be .6 seconds off, and we’d take .2 off of that to account for picking the first two places right.

Make sense?

The prize for this one will be a great prize pack that includes:

Fastest Man in Texas Shirt signed by Nathan Adrian, Ian Crocker, and the Olympians
Mutual of Omaha Breakout Swim Bag
2011 Duel in the Pool DVD
Highlight DVD of all Duel in the Pools from 2003-2011
Josh Davis on Everything Swimming Teaching DVD
Josh Davis book of Olympic Stories: The Goal and the Glory
Make sense? Disclaimer: all prizes are the responsibility of the meet organizers, not SwimSwam, and they will have the final decision on eligibility and tiebreakers.
Brendan Hansen, Josh Davis (& his mother), Jimmy Feigen, Ian Crocker & Aaron Peirsol at the Fastest Man in Texas Shootout (Image courtesy of MOO BOCS)

Brendan Hansen, Josh Davis (& his mother), Jimmy Feigen, Ian Crocker & Aaron Peirsol at the Fastest Man in Texas Shootout (Image courtesy of MOO BOCS)

Event host, Josh Davis,  started hosting clinics 17 years ago after he won 3 gold medals in the 1996 Atlanta Centennial Olympic Games.  He has been the director of the Mutual of Omaha BREAKout! Swim Clinic Tour for the last 7 years and is set to celebrate it’s 600th clinic later this year!  Mutual of Omaha is a major sponsor of USA Swimming and the leading provider of Olympian clinics across the country.  For more information on bringing an Olympian to your team check out:



Mutual of Omaha BREAKout Swim Clinic, ad, breakout-ad-160x600Jason Lezak

Conor Dwyer

Matt Grevers

Ian Crocker

Brendan Hansen

Jimmy Fiegen

Matt Mclean

Gold Medal Mel Stewart

Aaron Peirsol

Eric Shanteau

David Walters

Dax Hill

Tyler Clary

Clark Burckle

Rowdy Gaines

Davis Tarwater

Josh Schneider

Peter Vanderkaay

Mark Gangloff

Randall Bal

Mutual of Omaha BREAKout Swim Clinic, ad, breakout-ad-160x600Tom Shields

Charlie Houchin

Austin Surhoff

Darian Townsend

Roland Schoeman

Tyler McGill


Dana Vollmer

Kate Ziegler

Christine Magnuson

Alyssa Anderson

Misty Hyman

Kathleen Hersey

Karlee Bispo

Kim Vandenberg

Kristy Kowal

Brooke Bennett

Amanda Beard

Annie Chandler

Madison Kennedy

Mutual of Omaha BREAKout Swim Clinic, ad, breakout-ad-160x600Lacey Nymeyer John

Megan Jendrick

Jessica Hardy

Christine Marshall

Katie Hoff

Ariana Kukors

Chloe Sutton

Laura Sogar

Lauren Purdue

Micah Lawrence

Margaret Hoelzer

Caroline Burckle

Janet Evans

Dagny Knutson

About Josh Davis

Josh Davis is a world-class motivational speaker, broadcaster and swim clinician. Josh reaches thousands of young swimmers as the embodiment of the sport’s values.

Silver 400m freestyle relay
Silver 800m freestyle relay


Gold 400m freestyle relay
Gold 800m freestyle relay
Gold 400m medley relay

Follow Josh Davis on Twitter here.

Fan the Mutual of Omaha BREAKout Swim Clinic on Facebook here.

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7 years ago


7 years ago

1st: Nathan Adrian 18.90
2nd: Jimmy Fiegen 19.04
3rd: Josh Schneider 19.42
4th: Mindaugas Sadauskas 19.66

Reply to  Riley
7 years ago

I’m just saying, but I have it on really good word that Josh Schneider went a 19.1 in practice this week, I think he’ll be well 19.4 on saturday

7 years ago

Josh Davis – 20.16

The Big Show:

1. Nathan Adrian, 19.17
2. Josh Schneider, 19.34
3. Jimmy Feigen, 19.55
4. Karl Krug, 19.60

bobo gigi
Reply to  First Picker!
7 years ago


7 years ago

Nathan Adrian 18.77
Jimmy Feigen 18.95
Josh Schnider 19.55
Mindaugas Sadauskas 19.59

7 years ago

Josh Davis

The Real Results
7 years ago

1. Nathan Adrian- 19.11
2. Josh Schneider- 19.29
3. Jimmy Feigen- 19.38
4. Mark Weber- 19.65

7 years ago

Josh Davis Pick ’em
Josh Davis – 20.11

Overall Pick ’em:
1. Nathan Adrian, 19.08
2. Josh Schneider, 19.17
3. Jimmy Feigen, 19.23
4. Karl Krug, 19.24

bobo gigi
Reply to  swimfan25
7 years ago


7 years ago

Josh Davis Pick ‘em
Josh Davis – 20.37

Overall Pick ‘em:
1. Nathan Adrian, 19.19
2. Josh Schneider, 19.23
3. Karl Krug, 19.31
4. Jimmy Feigen, 19.42

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