Elizabeth Beisel No-Shows 200 IM Prelim


Update: Beisel has sustained an injury to her pinky finger

Likely third-time Olympian in the 400 IM Elizabeth Beisel of Bluefish no-showed the 200 IM this morning. She was the 10th seed in the event, coming in with a 2:12.43, although her personal best is a 2:10.75.

Beisel has won a total of nine medals in major international competition, but none of them have come in the 200 IM.

Beisel’s remaining events are the 200 fly, the 200 breast, the 800 free, and the 200 back, although it is unlikely she will swim all four (or even most of them).

Sarah Henry of Aggie Swim Club also no-showed the 200 IM. She came in as the ninth seed with a 2:12.43. Henry finished sixth in the final of the 400 IM on Sunday with a strong 4:42.01. She also qualified for the semifinals of the 200 free earlier this morning with a 16th-place 2:00.00.

24th seed Kirsten Vose of Rose Bowl was the other circle-seeded no-show, after coming in with 2:15.30.

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Saw her in medical office before race, possibly injured

Fly errrrrr

Oh no! I hope she is okay.


Let’s hope it’s not serious! Can’t imagine the agony of putting in all that training to get injured at this point


I had read this elsewhere also. Tough racer to get up and still make the team in the 4IM. You could see her hurting in the 2Free. She just needs a decent 2Back


It is helpful knowing why someone might not swim an event.
This could explain her 400 IM (instead of wondering if she missed the taper or injured or something else).

Margalis scratched the 100 breast to focus on the 200 free & IM, what will she do if she makes finals in both? etc…..


Swim them both because she’s a boss!


Do not spread the flu at Trials. Other swimmers do not deserve to become ill at this important time due to spread of disease in the water or out.


I certainly agree that it would be unfortunate that one’s germs may possibly spread elsewhere, but look at the facts. There are over 1,800 swimmers all warming up, warming down, peeing and sweating in the competition and warm-up pool….all of them at varying degrees of health, and all from different parts of the country bringing all different kinds of germs together at one location. There are thousands of fans there, again all from around the country and all at varying degrees of health. If NBC hired a cameraman to film during the trials but got sick, coughed on Beisel as she passed by (accidentally), are we going to tell him/her to go home along with anyone else who displays sickness?… Read more »


She is on the team in her best event. If she’s sick, she will likely be better in Rio.

I don’t want to turn this into a doping debate, but I believe that she was the fastest clean women’s 400 IMer in London. I am really happy to see her get another shot at a gold medal.


I think she’s going to focus on the 200 back since there’s girls that can go faster than her in the 200 IM.


let’s not speculate until we know anything for sure. she will always have the hart of a champion in my book weather she swims or not

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