Elizabeth Beisel Fractures Finger In Warmup Pool

Elizabeth Beisel suffered an injury to her hand this morning after a collision in the warmup pool with another swimmer.

A source close to the story confirmed that she got x-rays and has fractured and sprained her pinky finger on one of her hands.


Elizabeth Beisel signs an autograph right before finals Tuesday night. You can see that her left hand is loosely taped. Photo credit: Jack Danks

Beisel swam in the heats of the 200m freestyle where she was well off her personal best time of 1:58.66, putting up a 2:02.80 to finish 58th overall. Following her prelim swim in the 200m freestyle, Beisel was a no-show in the 200m IM.

SwimSwam was unable to confirm when the incident occurred, however it’s suspected that Beisel’s injury occurred prior to her 200m freestyle swim.

Beisel is still entered in the 200m butterfly, 200m breaststroke, 800m freestyle, and 200m backstroke. Neither Beisel nor anybody in Beisel’s camp has given any indication of the severity of the injury or what her plans are for the rest of the week.

If she’s no longer able to compete, it’s almost guaranteed that she will still be headed to Rio. On the first night of competition Beisel finished second in the 400m IM. Once the trials are over the United States will complete their roster where all second place finishers are expected to be included.


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That sucks!! Atleast she has her spot (most likely) secured and thank goodness for her best event! Praying for a speedy recovery!


Wonder what her realistic options are to continue the meet. Tape the fingers or her hand and how much pain would she be in while swimming?
When I broke my finger OFF (skateboarding) I could still do some things with my hand and arm in a cast but it hurt a lot afterwards.


USA swimming regs dont allow for two fingers to be taped together.

Todd Kramer

Actually USA Swimming regs DO allow for two fingers to be taped together. This is from an e-mail sent out by USA Swimming in recent weeks under the heading of what is allowed: Taping of fingers or toes. “Buddy Taping” no more than two (2) injured fingers or toes together should be permitted. Advanced notification to the Referee is recommended.

So you CAN tape two fingers together as long as you notify the referee and get approval. You cannot tape more than two fingers together though.


Yea, the warmup pool here is treacherous. Several swimmers (myself included) had to go get treated for various injuries after collisions or kicks. Not sure of a way around it though, besides just adding another pool


One step would be to set times to try to get 60-80 people per event. You can set times lower than you think you’ll need – I think a lot of swimmers near the cutoff will keep trying and trying (time trials, last chance meets) to make the cut if they don’t make it at their target meet.

Years of Plain Suck

The skeptical part of me says that Chuck Weilgus and US Swimming are more interested in having as many bodies as possible (slower cut times) in order to fill up the seats at night.


Yeah, cuz all those people are selling out the arena to watch the 170th seed backstrokers . . .

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