Eamon Sullivan to Answer to Courts Over Joy Ride

by SwimSwam Staff 5

November 27th, 2012 International, News

As reported by the Sydney Morning Herald Australia’s Eamon Sullivan, 2008 Olympic silver medallist in the 100 freestyle and former 50 and 100 freestyle World Record holder, will face two charges of assault and one of disorderly behaviour.

The incident occurred on October 18th at a party for an AFL footballer. Sullivan who attended the party and had been drinking at a hotel in Gawler, a town in South Australia, when it is alleged that he had asked one Mr. John Guppy if he could take his scooter ‘for a spin’ and subsequently drove it along a footpath crashing into a table at a nearby pub injuring two people.

The owner of the pub told reporters that those attending the party did not appear inebriated, but asked them to leave after the accident.

A spokesman for the swimmer’s management group Elite Sports quoted in The Australian said Sullivan was in Gawler for a friend’s wedding,

“Whilst it is apparent that an accident occurred there is no evidence that Eamon was the party responsible for any such accident,” the spokesman said.

“We are able to confirm that there are no police charges which have resulted from this accident.’

Contradicting his management teams’ statement police have reported that Sullivan will appear in front Elizabeth Magistrates Court to face the aforementioned charges.

Sullivan’s lawyer issued a statement saying that although an accident did occur there was no evidence that the swimmer was responsible for it.



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This is what people do in Gawler . It is that sort of town. You should read about Snowtown.

Lucky his cute dog was not riding pillion .


I must apologize to the unfortunate good folk of Snowtown . The Villains are the folk from Elizabeth where Eammon must appear.

A bunch of friends , all on welfare decided on a great scheme. They bought an old bank in Snowtown . Then they started murdering all their welfare friends & putting them in barrels of acid & storing hem in said bank Well banks are secure so they were not discovered for years.

Though the recipients were dissolving away in acid , the caring government kept on paying their funds every 2nd Wednesday & thus the killers lead a greatly improved lifestyle.

Of course I apologize for this posts being not including swimming. Does swimming in acid count?

Wow dude that was weird.

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