Dreamfuel Announces #DreamFuelFamily For NCAA Families


Dreamfuel, the premiere startup for tools built by & for athletes is bringing back its groundbreaking #DreamfuelFamily initiative, this time for families of NCAA athletes looking to be at their athlete’s championship competition; all within NCAA regulations.

In 2016, Dreamfuel was the first ever platform to offer support in getting Olympians’ families to Rio, with specific care taken to avoid violating the USOC and NCAA’s rules for its athletes. Says Dreamfuel Co-Founder Emily White, “We were thrilled to be able to support the families of athletes in 2016. We all know how hard making the U.S. team is, and there are no guarantees for a spot. Both the track and swimming trials fell within weeks of Rio, leaving families who were not going to miss their child compete on the world stage scrambling to foot $15,000+ bills. One parent told me she’d row to Rio if she could. We’re now replicating this initiative as an offering to the families of NCAA athletes. I certainly took for granted that my parents were at my final swim meet, and we want to create that opportunity for anyone who wants to be there for their son or daughter’s college championship. NCAA athletes aren’t paid; can you imagine your child playing in the Final Four and not being there? Countless athletes who have given their lives to sport wrap up their careers at college conference championships. After watching families express frustration about webcams not always showing every lane in swimming for example, we wanted to ensure that all families of athletes can get to their child’s college championship so they can be there with their athlete in person. Furthermore, we saw copycat campaigns last Summer that were in serious violation of both USOC and NCAA regulations. By working with Dreamfuel, athletes and their families can rest assured they are abiding by all publically stated rules of these organizations.”

Dreamfuel is simultaneously thrilled to announce the launch of Coach David Marsh’s Team Elite campaign. Team Elite, one of the few, and by far the best-known U.S. professional swimming group not attached to a resource-rich, Division I University, placed more Olympians on the 2016 U.S. Olympic team than any other program, with Coach Marsh leading said team to the most medals in USA Swimming’s already storied history. Marsh is ready to take the program to an even higher level, but will need the funding to do so. Team Elite has since attracted global talent in addition to its work with Olympians from South Africa, The Bahamas and Bermuda, with Brazilian sprinters Matheus Santana and Matheus Louro Neto as well as Japanese Olympian Ryosuke Irie joining the squad. As Marsh was additionally recently announced as an advisor to The Israeli Swimming Association, Team Elite is creating a truly world-class professional training group out of Charlotte, North Carolina. There, the best can push the best beyond their limits while creating information exchanges between international coaches to achieve the goal of producing the fastest results ever. This is Team Elite’s first ever direct-to-fan fundraiser in which the audience can become a part of Team Elite’s incredible journey, which has already begun, to Tokyo 2020. Team Elite is additionally offering the public the option of naming rights for the squad through 2020 for $1M USD.

In addition, swim fans can rally around 2012 Olympic gold medalist, Breeja Larson. Breeja is also looking to 2020, but will need your support to get there. In a sport that can be decided by hundredths of a second, Breeja is training hard in her home state of Arizona to get back on the National Team and achieve her goals and dreams moving forward.

Become a part of all of these athletes’ journeys like never before to truly make their goals a reality. And if you are an NCAA family, don’t miss the opportunity to be there with your athlete at their 2017 college championship.

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