6 quick quotes from the poolside at day 4 of 2019 European SC Championships

by Daniela Kapser 0

December 07th, 2019 Europe, International, News


All quotes are courtesy of LEN European Aquatics

1. Martina Carraro wasn’t satisfied with her time but the gold was important for her.

”I’m pretty happy, this is very important to me, my first gold! It is not my best time but it was important to win and I just did it.” The Italian took the title in the women’s 100m breaststroke.

2. Katinka Hosszu didn’t look happy but inside she enjoyed her next gold medal.

”I cannot even recall how many turns I did wrong but a lot. It wasn’t a really composed swim but I put in the hard work in order to reach this level where I can get the desired place in the race with a weaker or bad swim, like today. So even if I don’t look really happy, inside I’m delighted with this gold as well.” The Iron Lady has won the 100m, 400m and now the 200m IM at this European SC Championships.

3. Freya Anderson is always good for a surprise.

”I’m overwhelmed and really happy as I did absolutely not expect this medal.” The British youngster won her second European title in the 200m freestyle after her victory in the 100m freestyle.

4. Arno Kamminga set 3 national Dutch records. And won 3 medals.

”Yesterday my first 50m a little bit too fast, I had to adapt the good speed in order to have reserves for the second 50 which is my strength. This were outstanding championships for me as I broke all three national records in the breaststroke events.” The Dutch breaststroke specialists won gold in the 200m breaststroke, bronze in the 50m and again a gold medal tonight in the 100m breaststroke.

5. Kira Toussaint loves to race, enjoyed the evening and earned another gold medal.

”I told myself that I just wanted to enjoy this evening and I did. Sometimes we forget how great fun we can have in a competition. I love to race and today was able to find the happiness in it in full and that makes me really happy.” The Dutch swimmer won her second individual gold medal in the 50m backstroke.

6. High-five to Vlad Morozov: Five starts, five gold medals.

”At this moment what can I say? I’m happy but also tired. We knew we could do really amazing things with this relay and we just did it. Now I’m just exhausted, wish to finish this event well and have a big rest.” The Russian foursome of Vlad Morozov, Vladislav Grinev, Arina Surkova and Maria Kemeneva grabbed the gold medal in the Mixed 4x50m freestyle. And set a new European record.





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