Murphy, Walsh Set An NAG Each At Day 3 of Speedo Juniors- East


  • Georgia Tech’s McAuley Aquatic Center – Atlanta, GA
  • Wednesday, December 9 – Saturday, December 11
  • (Bonus long course meter time trials on Sunday, December 12)
  • Prelims 9AM / Finals 5PM (Th-Sat), Wed. Timed Finals 6PM (U.S. Eastern Time)
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  • Friday Night Heat Sheet
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Olivia Paoletti of Delaware made a huge move from behind on the breaststroke leg of the consolation final. She surged forward in the freestyle, winning the consolation final out of lane 1 in 4:16.57.

Lakeside’s Brooke Forde and Gator Swim Club’s Isabel Ivey fought Savanna Faulconer of the Y-Spartaquatics for the lead out of the gate in the fly leg. In backstroke, Forde started to creep ahead, joined by Ivey. Forde dominated her breaststroke walls in the second half of the race, gaining more of a lead ahead of the field off each one. Nashville’s 14-year-old Ella Nelson came up on the trio in the breaststroke, but lost a fight with Ivey for the third place spot. Ford stretched out her lead through the free, touching first, while Faulconer held a solid second.

At the finish Forde (4:07.49), Faulconer (4:10.32), and Ivey (4:12.08) made it onto the medal stand, with Nelson fourth in 4:14.28. Forde and Nelson each dropped four seconds from their swims this morning.


Nathan Murray of SwimMAC used his strong backstroke and freestyle legs to grab the win in the consolation final. He swam a 3:53.28, annihilating the competition with a 56.00 in the backstroke leg.

The entire field of the championship final held even through the 100 fly, just barely led by Gulliver’s Miguel Cancel and Dayton’s Tommy Cope. Cape Cod’s Jarrett Jones swam a huge first 50 of the back, but Mason Manta Ray Cooper Hodge negative split the back and surged ahead of him. NOVA’s Charlie Swanson took over the lead in the breaststroke, gaining a bodylength going into the free. His 100 breast split was a breathtaking 1:02.62. At that point, Swanson had a definitive lead, and the fight for second shaped up between Jones and Hodge.

Swanson won the event in 3:47.65, followed by Jones in 3:49.92, and Hodge in 3:51.69.


13-year-old Tristen Ulett of Dynamo won the consolation final with TIME, just outtouching Caitlin Tycz of the Long Reach Swim Club’s TIME.

Alyssa Marsh of SwimMAC was out in the lead at the 100. Cardinal Grace Oglesby used her last two beautiful underwater breakouts to propel herself ahead, winning the event. Marsh would have finished second, but she disqualified for a one-handed touch.

Oglesby took the gold in 52.41, Lakeside’s Asia Seidt won the silver in 52.83, and Lauren Case of Chattahoochee Gold won bronze in  53.04


Dynamo’s Christian Loras swam the fastest in the consolation final, but he ended up getting disqualified for a one hand touch. Instead, Madison’s Andrey Tretyako took the consolation final in 48.49.

Camden Murphy of Kingfish Aquatics went out fast, hitting the 50 wall first and then extending his lead almost a body length ahead of the competition at the finish. He was the only swimmer to break 47, hitting way under in 46.25. Second went to Upper Dublin’s Michael Jensen in 47.28. Third was the Bolles School’s Ariel Spektor in 47.62.

Murphy’s swim was a new 15-16 national age group record, just outswimming Michael Andrew‘s 46.34 from Speedo Winter Junior Championships-West this morning. In a couple hours, we’ll see Andrew’s response.

UPDATE: Andrew took the record back in 46.23 at West Champs.


SwimMAC’s Jessica Merritt definitively won the consolation final, dropping almost a second and a half from her swim this morning to post a 1:46.72.

SwimMAC’s Erika Brown took the early lead, flipping first at the 50 ahead of the Upper Valley Aquatic Club’s Hannah Cox. Cox and Tatum Wade of Nashville pulled even with Brown through the 150. In the last 50, Tatum Wade had a burst of speed, but Hannah Cox closed even faster to win the event. Cox took the gold in 1:44.67, followed by Wade in 1:44.78, and Brown in 1:45.32.


The Bolles School’s Tyler Rice won the consolation final of the 200 free in 1:38.21.

Upper Dublin’s Michael Jensen went out in 21.74, gaining a bodylength on the field by the 100. He took the win in the end, well ahead of the field in 1:34.93 and winning a gold on his 18th birthday. His Upper Dublin teammate Jake Sannem held onto Jensen’s wake throughout the swim, finishing second in 1:36.46. Third went to Carmel’s Drew Kibler in 1:37.47.


SwimMAC’s Lilly Higgs won the consolation final in 1:01.94.

Allie Raab dropped half a second to win the championship final of the 100 breaststroke, finishing in 1:00.02. Second went to Lakeside’s Kennedy Lohman in 1:00.14. Third place took a 1:00.87 from High Bridge Aquatics’s Madison Winstead.


Georgia Coastal’s Brennan Pastorek posted a 54.29 to win the consolation final.

Azura’s Marco Guarente took it out fast, scoring the lead at the 50. Avon’s Chandler Bray and SwimMAC’s Will Chan came up to challenge him at the 75, shooting forward in the last few meters.

Chan ended up with the gold, breaking 54 with 53.99. Second place was decided by the narrowest of margins. Bray beat out Grosse Point’s Jacob Montague by one one-hundredth, finishing in 54.12 to Montague’s 54.13.


Marcie Maguire from Ridgefield won the consolation final in 54.41.

Nashville’ s Alex Walsh took the early lead in 25.25. Kaitlin Harty tried to fight her for the win, but in the end it was Walsh in 51.62. Harty grabbed second in 51.67. Lakeside’s Asia Seidt finished third in 52.57.

Walsh’s swim was a new national age group record for the 13-14 age group, beating out Kathleen Baker’s 52.87 from 2012. Walsh’s time was over a second faster than the previous record.


X-Cel Swimming’s Alexander Martin won the B final in 48.72.

Carpet Capital’s Ethan Young went out in 22.51, well ahead of the competition. He stayed in front of the competition throughout, posting a 46.46 for the gold. Metro Atlanta’s Dean Farris swam a 47.36 for silver, while third went to Michael Taylor of Dynamo, who finished in 48.02.


SwimMAC’s Alyssa Marsh, Christina Lappin, Jessica Merritt, and Erika Brown took the win in the 200 free relay tonight, posting a 1:30.09. Their splits, respectively, were 22.48, 22.68, 22.69, and 22.24.

Nashville’s Alex Walsh, Mary Cayten Brakefield, Gretchen Walsh, and Tatum Wade came in second with a 1:32.45. They split 23.17, 23.44, 22.98, and 22.86.

The bronze went to Gator Swim Club, who posted a 1:32.71. Talia Bates split 22.84, Isabel Ivey split 22.85, Kirschtine Baluena split 22.76, and Caitlin Brooks split 24.26.


The Bolles School Sharks hit first, posting a 1:21.10 to win the event. Tyler Rice split 20.54, Andy Song An split 20.58, Isaac Davis split 20.48, and Will Davis split 19.50

Upper Dublin’s Michael Jensen, Alessandro Boratto, Jake Sannem, and Wyatt Amdor got the silver, splitting 19.94, 20.75, 20.02, and 20.78, to post a 1:21.49.

The Bernal’s Gator team won third in 1:22.64. Nikolai Syssoev split 20.34, Greg Dematteo split 21.24, Johnny Prindle split 20.95, and Henry Gaissert split 20.11.


1. SwimMAC Carolina 421  

2. Nashville Aquatic Club 291

3. Lakeside Swim Team 244  

4. Gator Swim Club 171

5. Marlins of Raleigh 131  

6. Dynamo Swim Club 113

7. Y-Spartaquatics Swim Club 108

8. Cardinal Aquatics 103

9. Bolles School Sharks 82 

10. Pine Crest Swimming  61

10. Waves Bloomington/Normal Y S.T 61


1. Bolles School Sharks 271  

2. Upper Dublin Aquatic Club 252

3. Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc 199  

4. Dynamo Swim Club 160

5. SwimMAC Carolina 143

6. Carmel Swim Club 104

7. Tennessee Aquatics 98  

8. Metro Atlanta Aquatic Club 97

9. Bernal’s Gator Swim Club 88 

10. Mason Manta Rays 78

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6 years ago

They are twins & could end up being super stars. Both of them just missed trials this past summer.

6 years ago

15 year old Bolles swimmer Will Davis posts a 19.50 anchor! Impressive! His twin brother (I presume) also with a strong 20.48. Definitely swimmers to watch. The next male American Campbells? 😉

6 years ago

Will Chan is 15…53.99 100 breast ?

bobo gigi
6 years ago

51.67 for Kaitlin Harty second. Cool to see her back on track.
She swam 2.10 in the 200 back at 15.

Stalker Sam
Reply to  bobo gigi
6 years ago

Exactly, who are you? Bobo Gigi, you always seem to have something to say about every swim ever.

Reply to  Stalker Sam
6 years ago

The ghost of Duke Kahanamoku?… Maybe…

Reply to  emg1986
6 years ago

Probably not.

bobo gigi
6 years ago

51.62 for Alex Walsh in the 100 back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😆


It was 52.87 by Kathleen Baker!

Why I’m not surprised?

6 years ago

Reece Whitley 52:56. MA’s record still stands…

bobo gigi
Reply to  javi
6 years ago

Thanks. Great time.

bobo gigi
6 years ago

15-year-old Allie Raab wins the 100 breast in 1.00.02.
Nashville girls still on fire.

bobo gigi
6 years ago

Someone has the time of Reece Whitley in the 100 breast at NCAP Invitational? Just to see if MA has lost another of his NAG records. 🙂
The live webcast on SW has crashed….

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