Day 3 Prelims Live Recap: Speedo Winter Junior Championships- East


  • Georgia Tech’s McAuley Aquatic Center – Atlanta, GA
  • Wednesday, December 9 – Saturday, December 11
  • (Bonus long course meter time trials on Sunday, December 12)
  • Prelims 9AM / Finals 5PM (Th-Sat), Wed. Timed Finals 6PM (U.S. Eastern Time)
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14-year-old Ella Nelson of Nashville won heat 5 by a long shot.

The heat six swimmers kept it tight through the butterfly leg. In backstroke, Brooke Forde of Lakeside and Kay Sargent of the Victor Swim Club emerged as the leaders, followed by Jessica Horomanski of Y-Spartaquatics. Brooke Forde extended her lead through the freestyle leg, finishing a bodylength ahead of Sargent. Horomanski was third.

Julia Poole of Triangle Aquatics and Isabel Ivey of the Gator Swim Club took an early lead in the fly leg of heat 7. Through backstroke, the Marlins of Raleigh’s Madison Homovich came up even with the duo. Ivey pulled forward into a definitive lead in the first 50 of breaststroke, but Savanna Faulconer of the Y-Spartaquatics caught her on the second. Faulconer kicked it in in the free, winning the heat by about a second.

Top eight: Forde (4:11.45), Faulconer (4:12.39), Sargent (4:13.82), Ivey (4:14.45), Julia Menkhaus of SwimMAC (4:17.14), Kate Moore of Triangle (4:17.53), Horomanski (4:18.25), Nelson (4:18.94)

Consolation final: Devan Sweeney, Kelly Fertel, Isabel Gormley, Megan Bull, Andrea Santander, Poole, Olivia Paoletti, and Danika Katzer


Nick Schwegel of South Eastern Virginia and Taylor Delk of Swim Atlanta fought for the lead throughout the first half of heat 5. Dynamo’s Jeffrey Durmer made his move at the end of the breaststroke leg. It came down to the very end, where Delk took the heat.

Marlins of Raleigh’s Connor Blandford made a strong showing in the fly leg of heat 6. Aaron Schultz of Nova took over the lead through the backstroke. Cape Cod’s Louisville commit Jarrett Jones used the breaststroke to make his move, but at the very end, it was Gulliver Swim Club’s Miguel Cancel winning the heat out of lane 0.

Heat 7 was dead even among about five swimmers through the first half. The Dayton Raiders’s Tommy Cope and Nova’s Charlie Swanson emerged as the leaders in the breaststroke leg. The Rays’s Cooper Hodge fell into third; Swanson hit first, followed by Cope.

Top eight: Swanson (3:48.98), Cope (3:49.97), Hodge (3:52.27), Ted Schubert of Nova (3:52.93), Cancel (3:53.32), Jones (3:53.58), Kieran Smith of Ridgefield (3:54.11), Clayton Forde of Lakeside (3:54.12)

Consolation final: Blandford, Brennan Day, Schultz, Phillip Meffert, Jake Foster, Nathan Murray, Jac Cortright, John Fulginiti


Lakeside’s Asia Seidt used the strongest underwaters out of heat 10 to win the heat by over half a second.

At the 50 of heat 11, it was SwimMAC’s Alyssa Marsh. She held the lead to win the heat, followed by Lauren Case of Chattahoochee Gold.

Much like Seidt’s heat, strong underwaters won heat 12 for Cardinal’s Grace Oglesby. Caitlin Tycz of Long Reach finished second in the heat.

Top eight: Marsh (52.95), Oglesby (53.27), Case (53.34), Hannah Kukurugya of Crown Point (53.65), Christina Lappin of SwimMAC (53.68), Jessica Nava of Pine Crest (53.84), Seidt (53.86), Jewels Harris of Crimson Tide (53.97)

Consolation final: Tatum Wade, Tristen Ulett, Tcyz, Madeline High, Emma Seiberlich, Mia Bullock, Megan Sichterma, Sophie Lindner


Heat 7 went to Camden Murphy of Kingfish, but Cardinal’s Nicolas Albiero and Metro Atlanta’s Dean Farris put up a fight, challenging him through to the finish.

Heat 8 went to Upper Dublin’s Michael Jensen, who fought at the finish with Bernal’s Gator’s Greg DeMatteo for the heat win.

Bolles School’s Ariel Spektor and Michael Taylor of Dynamo battled for heat nine; Spektor ended up taking the heat.

Top eight: Murphy (47.21), Albiero (48.05), Spektor (48.07), Farris (48.19), Jensen (48.54), David Crossland of Delaware (48.55), Spencer Carl of West Ottawa (48.62), DeMatteo (48.68)

Consolation final: Christian Lorys, John Mataxas, Caleb Harrington, Noah Lense, Ethan Young, Will Davis, Kevin Doo, Luke Sobolewski


Last night’s 50 winner Marta Cielsa of Pine Crest Swim Team took the early lead in heat 7. Kelsey Dambacher of Quest quickly caught up out of lane 0 and won the heat.

Heat 8 shaped up to be a battle between Crown Point’s Hannah Kukurugya, City of Mobile’s Paige Madden, and Fast Lane’s Kendall Dawson. Kukurugya took the heat.

Lauren Case of Chattahoochee Gold led heat 9 at the 50. Upper Valley’s Hannah Cox caught her at the 100. Cox ended up winning the heat.

SwimMAC’s Erika Brown and Nashville’s Tatum Wade battled Gator Swim Club’s Isabel Ivey for heat 10. Brown touched first.

Top eight: Brown (1:46.48), Cox (1:46.64), Case (1:46.77), Ivey (1:46.88), Brooke Forde of Lakeside (1:46.98), Wade (1:47.17), Kukurugya (1:47.70), Kaitlin Harty (1:47.70)

Consolation final: Hannah Foster, Madden, Dawson, Grace Ariola, Madison Homovich, Jessica Merritt, Erica Laning, Kelly Pash


John Walsh of Memphis won heat 7.

Bolles School’s Tyler Rice took the early lead in heat 8. Upper Dublin’s Jake Sannem and Aaron Schultz of Nova fought him through to the finish. Sannem took the heat.

Metro Atlanta’s Dean Farris had the early lead in heat 9. At the 100, he was a bodylength ahead of Walker Higgins of Tennessee Aquatics. Birmingham’s Sam Steele fought Higgins and ended up at second, after Farris won the heat.

Upper Dublin’s Michael Jensen took the race out fast, quickly pulling seconds ahead of the competition in heat 10. SwimMAC’s Graham Weaver and Bolles School’s Andy Song An fought for second.

Carmel’s Drew Kibler came up from the early heats to qualify first.

Top eight: Kibler (1:37.18), Farris (1:37.22), Jensen (1:37.41), Song An (1:38.28), Sannem (1:38.59), Robert “Trey” Freeman of Baylor Swim Club (1:38.64), Steele (1:38.70), Miguel Cancel of Gulliver Swim Club (1:39.11)

Consolation final: Higgins, Tyler Rice, Weaver, Clark Beach, Schultz, Hank Siefert, Sam Cuthbert, Levente Bathory


Kennedy Lohman of Lakeside used a strong first half to take heat 7.

Madison Winstead  of Highbridge had a strong start in heat 8. Allie Raab of Nashville pulled ahead in the second 50 to finish ahead of the field by nearly a second.

Grosse Pointe Gator Alexis Wenger, the 13-14 age group record-holder in this event, fought Nashville’s Alex Walsh and Clifton’s Olivia Jack for heat 9.

Walsh’s 1:01.25 was about a second away from Wenger’s 1:00.12 NAG record.

Top eight: Lohman (1:00.54), Raab (1:00.57), Walsh (1:01.25), Caroline Hauder of SwimMAC, Julia-Jane Eskew of Nashville (1:01.76), Jane Donahue of SwimMAC (1:02.01), Winstead (1:02.14), Abby Arens (1:02.22)

Consolation final: Albury Higgs, Sophie Angus, Jack, Lilly Higgs, Annie Carr, Holly Jansen, Kaylee Wheeler, Julia Poole


Heat 8 went to Matthew Otto of Dynamo.

Azura Florida’s Rais Tjon-A-Joe quickly pulled ahead in heat 9 and held the lead through to the end.

Avon Community’s Chandler Bray had the lead at the wall, closely followed by Azura’s Marco Guarente. Bray held on to the end, touching first.

Will Chan of SwimMAC touched first at the 50 out of lane two in heat 11. He held the lead through to the end.

Top eight: Bray (54.24), Chan (54.42), Tjon-A-Joe (54.45), Jacob Montague of Grosse Pointe (54.61), Tommy Cope of the Dayton Raiders (54.77), Guarente (55.25), Wyatt Amdor of Upper Dublin (55.34)

Consolation final: James Daugherty, Otto, Brennan Pastorek, Derek Cox, Charles Vaughn, Jake Foster, Rex Riley, Keefer Barnum


Kaitlin Harty had the lead through the first 50 of heat 10. SwimMAC’s Alyssa Marsh tried to challenge her at the finish, but Harty held her off.

Y-Spartaquatics swimmer Ali Galyer grabbed the early lead in heat 11, but was soon passed by Nashville’s Alex Walsh. Walsh extended her lead and won the heat.

At the 50 of heat 12, Lakeside’s Asia Seidt and Bloomington’s Grace Ariola were toe to toe. They matched each other stroke for stroke in the last 25, with Ariola just barely hitting ahead.

Top eight: Harty (52.99), Ariola (53.17), Walsh (53.21), Seidt (53.29), Galyer (53.79), Camryn Forbes of the Butler Y (54.02), Marsh (54.12), Julia Menkhaus (54.42)

Consolation final: Marcie Maguire, Emma Seiberlich, Kobie Melton, Kate Moore, Katie Minnich, Krystal Lara, Lexi Souther, and either Stephanie Nelson or Erika Brown (swim-off required) 


A couple of swimmers got off to a slow start in heat 8, after a re-set on the “take your mark.” Luke Sobolewski of the Cincinnati Marlins ended up winning the heat.

Dynamo’s Michael Taylor had the lead at the 50 of heat 9, and, although Cardinal’s Nicolas Albiero tried to catch him, Taylor won the heat.

Bolles School swimmer Andy Song An hit first at the 50 of heat 10, and his lead only increased from there, eventually finishing almost a bodylength ahead of the field.

Carpet Capital’s Ethan Young worked his underwaters to hit first at the 50, and, though Metro Atlanta’s Dean Farris tried to chase him down, Young won the heat.

Top eight: Young (46.86), Farris (47.40), Taylor (47.99), Song An (48.05), Albiero (48.21), Tan Dunn of Southern Crescent (48.82), Sam Cuthbert (49.06), Sobolewski (49.08)

Consolation final: Ted Schubert, Sage Ono, Alexander Martin, Alessandro Boratto, Greg Dematteo, David Crossland, Tyler Silver, David Madej

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Phil Jackson
6 years ago

Although this meet seems a bit deeper, all the real stories are happening at the West meet in Austin

Reply to  Phil Jackson
6 years ago

14 y/o girl goes 1:56.20 in the 200 IM and breaks Missy Franklin’s NAG, that’s not a story?

6 years ago

All the 13-14 girls at this meet are doing pretty incredible.

Ella Nelson (Nashville Aquatic Club) into the A final of the 400 IM with a 4:18.9
13 y/o Isabel Gormley (Asphalt Green) into B final of the 400 IM with a 4:19.8
13 y/o Tristen Ulett (Dynamo) into B final of the 100 fly with a 54.1
Kelly Pash (Carmel) into B final of the 200 free with a 1:48.4
Alex Walsh (Nashville) with two back-to-back 3rd place finishes, with a 1:01.2 100 breast and a 53.2 100 back
13 y/o Abby Arens (Marlins of Raleigh) into A final of the 100 breast with a 1:02.2

The future of American girls’ swimming is looking… Read more »

6 years ago

Exciting following and seeing how strong is Alexandra Walsh. I don’t remind a 14-years ols so positive in every race she swims and so versatile to have both a great backstroke and a great breaststroke. Really a great prospect.

About Hannah Hecht

Hannah Hecht

Hannah Hecht grew up in Kansas and spent most of her childhood trying to convince coaches to let her swim backstroke in freestyle sets. She took her passion to Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa and swam at NAIA Nationals all four years. After graduating in 2015, she moved to …

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