CBDA Directors Indicted for Involvment in Criminal Activities

Brazil’s Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF) has indicted the former president of the Brazilian Confederation of Aquatic Sports (CBDA), Coaracy Nunes, and three other directors for forming a criminal organization that diverted money from Brazilian water sports. In addition, four businessmen were indicted for their involvement.

This follows numerous allegations of fraud and embezzlement within the CBDA. The MPF pushed for the Nunes’ removal after it said it found evidence of misappropriation of funds, fraud, overbilling and embezzlement within the federation. Nunes was subsequently removed from his post in October and has since argued that the investigation was unfair and is a tactic to prevent his reelection.

Arrest warrants were issued for Nunes, CBDA financial director Sérgio Ribeiro, water polo technical coordinator Ricardo Cabral, and accomplice Ricardo de Moura as part of an investigation to determine how approximately R $40 million were used by the CBDA.

Nunes, Ribeiro, Moura, and Cabral are now all in custody and have been formally indicted by the MPF for the following:

  1. The formation of a criminal organization with the businessmen to defraud bids for the purchase of sports materials. This resulted in a diversion of more than R $1 million in resources from the Ministry of Sports to the CBDA.
  2. The embezzlement of $50,000 USD in prizes paid by FINA for the 3rd place obtained by the men’s water polo team in the 2015 World Cup.
  3. The embezzlement of R $5 million of funds transferred by the Ministry of Sports for Water Polo.
  4. Coaracy Nune’s use of R $100,000 of CBDA resources to pay for the accused director’s attorneys.

If convicted of all crimes, the accused CBDA directors will serve between 14 and 65 years in prison. The businessmen involved can receive sentences of 8 to 29 years in prison if they are convicted.

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7 years ago

also, could we get a brief description in the article of what the CBDA is? a quick google search shows that it’s the governing body of brazilian aquatics, but having that little tidbit in the article would be helpful.

Reply to  theroboticrichardsimmons
7 years ago

CBDA = Confederação Brasileira de Desportos Aquáticos (Brazilian Confederation of Aquatic Sports)

7 years ago

the real question is, did any of them pee in a bathroom hallway?

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