Canadians Hit 9 National Records On Days 1 & 2 Of 2021 Short Course Worlds


Canada topped the podium in the final event of day 2 at the 2021 Short Course Swimming Championships, marking a new mixed 4×50 medley relay. Josh Liendo, Yuri Kisil, Kayla Sanchez, and Maggie MacNeil soared to a 1:28.55 victory in the event to take out the former mark of 1:29.83 by over a second.

The old Canadian record was held by Kisil, Markus Thormeyer, Michelle Williams, and Sandrine Mainville who set the record 5 years ago when Canada hosted the 2016 World Short Course Swimming Championships in Windsor.

Splits Comparison

Canada 2021 Canada 2016
1 20.94 – Josh Liendo 21.36 – Yuri Kisil
2 20.99 – Yuri Kisil 21.28 – Markus Thormeyer
3 23.51 – Kayla Sanchez 23.48 – Michelle Williams
4 23.11 – Maggie MacNeil 23.68 – Sandrine Mainville
Total 1:28.55 1:29.83

The biggest improvement here was the men’s opening splits. Josh Liendo was dominant with a 20.94 to open the race, which was the second-fastest split in the field behind Ryan Held’s 20.86. That swim would have broken the current Canadian record of 21.34 held by Brent Hayden from 2009, but mixed medley leadoffs do not count for national records.

The swim was a major PB by Liendo though and he will have another few opportunities to nab the mark in the individual event later this week.

Yuri Kisil followed Liendo’s lead and also delivered a sub-21 split of 20.99 to overtake the USA’s Zach Apple who was a 21.31. Canada was still in second place. however, at the halfway point as Thom de Boer of the Netherlands got his country into the lead with a 20.35 split.

After the halfway point Kayla Sanchez and Maggie MacNeil managed to get Canada home first with their respective splits of 23.51 and 23.11. Both of those women were faster here than they were earlier today while swimming the women’s 4×50 medley relay. MacNeil swam the freestyle leg during prelims in a 23.64, while Sanchez anchored the finals relay in 23.50.

The Canadian women actually broke the women’s 4×50 medley relay twice on day 2, having reset it at a 1:45.17 during prelims before improving to a 1:44.16 during finals. Kylie Masse (25.92), Sydney Pickrem (29.89), Maggie MacNeil (24.85), and Kayla Sanchez (23.50) put together that 1:44.16 NR in the final. They just missed the podium as the Netherlands posted a 1:44.03 for bronze behind the victorious Swedes (1:42.38) and the USA (1:43.61).

In addition to his contribution to the 4×50 medley relay, Josh Liendo actually broke another 2 Canadian national records during prelims. He set a new mark in the men’s 100 butterfly with a 50.00 to take out Coleman Allen’s 2013 time of 50.90. Additionally, he lowered the 50 butterfly national record on the opening split of that 100 fly with a 23.13. The previous 50 butterfly mark was held by Coleman Allen and Joe Bartoch who swam a 23.31 in 2013 and 2015, respectively.

Kylie Masse and Summer McIntosh added to the national record tally for Canada on day 2, each taking an individual mark of their own. Masse threw down a 55.22 to take silver in the women’s 100 backstroke and McIntosh hit a time of 8:13.37 in the women’s 800 freestyle prelims. That makes for 7 Canadian records in just 2 sessions of swimming. The women’s 4×100 free record and Rebecca Smith‘s 200 free record on day 1 bring the nation’s total up to 9 thus far at the meet.

Canadian Records As At Day 2 Of Short Course Worlds

  • Rebecca Smith, 200 freestyle: 1:52.24
  • Women’s 4×100 freestyle: 3:28.52
  • Women’s 4×50 medley (prelims): 1:45.17
  • Women’s 4×50 medley (finals): 1:44.16
  • Josh Liendo, 50 butterfly: 23.13
  • Josh Liendo, 100 butterfly: 50.00
  • Summer McIntosh, 800 freestyle: 8:13.37
  • Kylie Masse, 100 backstroke: 55.22
  • Mixed 4×50 freestyle: 1:28.55

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Big Mac #1
2 years ago

That MacNeil split tho. Unofficial tie for the 18th fastest split all time

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