British Trials Concluded And Now Swimmers Await Official Validation


The final day of action in London saw another national record bite the dust at the hands of Duncan Scott. The 23-year-old University of Stirling star busted out the fastest 200m free time of his career, hitting the wall in 1:44.47. He led Tom Dean from Bath who also nailed a Tokyo-worthy effort of 1:44.58.

Two women also got under the British Swimming consideration time in the 100m breaststroke, led by Sarah Vasey with the 200m breast winner here, Molly Renshaw, also getting it done in the sprint.

Kicking off the session was Daniel Jervis in the 1500m free, taking the title and getting under the consideration time to boot.

We tallied 26 swimmers who finished in the top 2 spots and also nabbed a qualification time through 5 days of competition. We now await British Swimming’s official announcement of those who have been named to the Tokyo roster, knowing that additional opportunities await, including the European Championships.

British Swimmers Having Achieved Olympic Qualifying Times in Individual Events

  1. Adam Peaty – 100m breast (pre-qualified)
  2. James Wilby – 100m breast (pre-qualified), 200m breast
  3. Duncan Scott – 200m free (pre-qualified), 200m IM, 100m free
  4. Luke Greenbank – 200m back (pre-qualified)
  5. Freya Anderson – 200m free, 100m free
  6. Kieran Bird – 400m free
  7. Aimee Willmott – 400m IM
  8. Harriet Jones – 100m fly
  9. Joe Litchfield – 200m IM
  10. James Guy – 200m fly, 100m fly
  11. Kathleen Dawson – 100m back, 200m back
  12. Cassie Wild – 100m back
  13. Molly Renshaw – 200m breast, 100m breast
  14. Abbie Wood – 200m breast, 200m IM
  15. Max Litchfield – 400m IM
  16. Brodie Williams – 400m IM
  17. Alys Thomas – 200m fly
  18. Matt Richards – 100m free
  19. Ross Murdoch – 200m breast
  20. Anna Hopkin – 100m free
  21. Ben Proud – 50m free
  22. Jacob Peters – 100m fly
  23. Alicia Wilson – 200m IM
  24. Daniel Jervis – 1500m free
  25. Sarah Vasey – 100m breast
  26. Tom Dean – 200m free

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29 days ago

Surely they will add swimmers for the men’s and women’s 4×100 free relays…surely? That would bring the total to 30 swimmers so five more plane tickets (potentially). Then an alternate or two for the men’s 4×200. Then just a few close-to-the-qual second place finishers perhaps.

29 days ago

Hibbot, Hope, Whittle and Jarvis are the first names that come to mind for me. Davis Possibly for the womans 4×100 free but Wood is also an option already on the team. SMOC has also not confirmed she has given up on this Olympics only thay she cannot make trials, she may swim some solid times for relays (Considering her main events are all taken individually).

Stephens is one that has big statements to make at Euros for the 100 and 200 – especially against Large and McInnes on the 200.

I can’t really think of many other people to add from these trials, Hall or Van Selm for the 4×2 if they take that maybe.

Reply to  Jack
29 days ago

Hibbott,Hope,davis, Van selm, Whittle and Jarvis would make 32 swimmers

Stephens should be able to get the consideration time in the 100 or 200 fly at the euros and I think Jay lelliot could also get the time in the men’s 200 fly at euros, he set a 3 second PB in that event and is now just over a second slower than the consideration time and has said he has a lot left in the tank so I think he could also do it, that would make 34 swimmers.

And then they could bring kurle as another 4×200 relay heat swimmer and that would be our team for Tokyo

Reply to  maybe?
29 days ago

This is a perfect case scenario and literally what I was about to type out!

Reply to  maybe?
28 days ago

I don’t really understand the “lot left in the tank” statement. Why would you save anything at Olympic trials if you haven’t hit the time yet?

Reply to  Littlefin
28 days ago

I think he meant he doesn’t specifically train the 2 fly and was surprised to go so fast, so with more focussed he thinks he can do the time at Euros or in Glasgow.

Sapnu puas
Reply to  Jack
29 days ago

This feels pretty bang on to me in terms of what they should do…there’s no reason not to take relay teams for the women really (assuming the 4×100 ladies are quick enough at euros for wildcard thing) but I don’t trust British swimming hahaha

Thomas Selig
29 days ago

The British Swimming selector who was on commentary initially yesterday did say they wouldn’t necessarily select the whole team here, so I’m not sure we should expect many names other than those already on the list here to be announced initially.

Obvious names to add are Whittle and Jarvis first of all. Whittle for the 4×100 free relay, given he finished 4th and helped it hit the CT here. GB are I think almost certain to send a relay to the Olympics (outside chance at bronze?), and while J. Litchfield and Guy are also options for the fourth leg, Whittle deserves the chance. He may also be sent to Euros to get some international racing experience as well (depending on… Read more »

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