2021 British Olympic Selection Trials – Day 4 Finals Live Recap


As the second last night of racing begins at the 2021 British Olympic Selection Trials, it will be a sprint-infused section featuring the men’s 50 freestyle, women’s 100 freestyle, and the men’s 100 fly. Also taking place on day 4 will be the women’s 200 backstroke and 200 IM.

Upon the conclusion of day 3 finals, 19 swimmers had hit the British Olympic selection standard in their respective events. Follow along for a live recap and analysis to find out who else will add their name to that list tonight.


  • British Record: 52.87 – Francesca Halsall (2009)
  • British OLY Selection Cut: 53.88

Top 3

  1. Freya Anderson – 53.40
  2. Anna Hopkin– 53.49
  3. Lucy Hope – 54.19

Anna Hopkin opened things up with a 25.43 while Freya Anderson slightly trailed in a 25.83. Anderson, however, managed to overtake Hopkin’s lead and came in with a 53.40, touching just ahead of Hopkin’s 53.49. Both Hopkin and Anderson managed to get under the selection cut for the event which stands at a 53.88, likely giving them a spot on the British Olympic squad this summer.

The swims from Hopkin and Anderson are likely to give Great Britain two swimmers in the event at the Olympics which would be an improvement from 2016 when they actually didn’t send any women to the Games for the event.

Lucy Hope delivered a 54.19 which was just under Caitlin McClatchey‘s Scottish in the record from back in 2008. That was an improvement for Hope from her prelim swim of 54.52. Hope was followed by Evelyn Davis who notched a 54.59 and Emma Russell who notched a 55.16 for 5th place.


  • British Record: 21.11 – Ben Proud (2018)
  • British OLY Selection Cut: 21.78

Top 3

  1. Ben Proud – 21.42
  2. Yusuke Legard – 22.10
  3. Jacob Whittle – 22.55

After an already impressive performance in the prelims of the event with a 21.68, Ben Proud was even faster in the finals of the event, posting a 21.42 to get within 0.40 seconds of his own British record in the event. The swim will be enough to qualify Ben Proud for his second Olympic Games in the event as he was more than 0.30 seconds under the selection cut of 21.78.

The swim gives Proud the second-fastest time in the world this year, only behind Russia’s Vlad Morozov who swam a 21.41 at the Russian Olympic Championships. Proud was just off the time he swam at the 2016 Rio Olympics when he placed 4th in the final with a 21.68.

2020-2021 LCM Men 50 Free

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Jacob Legard picked up silver in the event with a 22.10 which was faster than his prelim swim of 22.43 but not quite under the British selection cut of 21.78. Legard’s silver medal meant that he passed Jacob Whittle who was second seed heading into the final. Whittle notched a 22.55 in the final which was just a bit slower than his 22.40 prelim swim.

David Cumberlidge and Scott McLay tied for fourth place in the 50 free final, each notching a 22.63 while Jack Thorpe rounded out the top 5 in a 22.76.


  • British Record: 2:06.66 – Gemma Spofforth (2009)
  • British OLY Selection Cut: 2:08.44

Top 3

  1. Kathleen Dawson – 2:08.14
  2. Cassie Wild – 2:10.94
  3. Honey Osrin – 2:11.76

It was all Kathleen Dawson in the 200 backstroke, coming in with a powerful 2:08.14 which was faster than both the Scottish record in the event and the Olympic selection cut of 2:08.44. Dawson improved upon her own Scottish record by exactly a second, improving upon her 2:09.44 from March 2021.

That makes it 2-for-2 Olympic qualifying swims for Dawson this week, having already qualified to swim the 100 backstroke with a 58.24 on day 2. The 2:08.14 for Dawson makes her the 8th fastest performer in the world this season.

2020-2021 LCM Women 200 Back

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Dawson was joined on the podium by Cassie Wild with a 2:10.94 for silver and Honey Osrin notched a 2:11.76 for bronze. Neither of those swims from Wild and Osrin was quick enough to qualify for the Olympics as they each trailed the required 2:08.44.


  • British Record: 50.67 – James Guy (2017)
  • British OLY Selection Cut: 51.96

Top 3

  1. James Guy – 51.44
  2. Jacob Peters – 51.66
  3. Edward Mildred – 52.67

Both James Guy and Jacob Peters managed to swim faster than the Olympic cut in the men’s 100 butterfly, likely giving them both a shot at swimming the event in Tokyo this summer. Guy was a 51.44 to swim a full half-second under the selection cut of 51.96 while Peters was a 51.65 for silver.

With that winning time of 51.44, James Guy moves up in the world rankings this season to tie Poland’s Jakub Majerski for 7th.

2020-2021 LCM Men 100 Fly

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This was Guy’s second butterfly win of the meet, adding to his 200 fly victory of 1:55.20 on day 2 of the meet. Edward Mildred won bronze in that 200 fly with a 1:58.04 and returned to the podium here in the 100 butterfly with a 52.67.


  • British Record: 2:06.88 – Siobhan-Marie O’Connor (2016)
  • British OLY Selection Cut: 2:11.10

Top 3

  1. Abbie Wood – 2:09.23
  2. Alicia Wilson – 2:09.61
  3. Candice Hall – 2:13.67

Abbie Wood and Alicia Wilson battled it out in the women’s 200 IM and each produced a swim good enough for consideration for the 2021 British Olympic squad. Wood won the event in a 2:09.23 and Wilson was a 2:09.61 for silver, each nearly 2 seconds faster than the selection cut of 2:11.10.

The 200 IM marks Wood’s second Olympic qualifying swim of the meet, having swum a 2:21.69 200 breast to place second to Molly Renshaw’s 2:20.89 and get under the Olympic standard of 2:23.37. Behind Wilson in the 200 IM, Candice Hall came in with a 2:13.67 for bronze.

One notable absence in the 200 IM at British Trials was national record holder Siobhan-Marie O’Connor who has been as fast as a 2:06.88 in the event with which she won Olympic silver in 2016. O’Connor announced in the days leading up to the meet that she wouldn’t be participating due to ulcerative colitis; a chronic illness that she faces.

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Thomas Selig
1 year ago

Olympic squad update.

Now up to 22 for individual CTs. Plus Dean and Whittle for relay, and Greenbank pre-qualified, so 25 names there. Today, I think Jervis should get there too, and possibly Vassey, which would make 27 names.

If they decide the send the women’s relays (and assuming the 4×100 can qualify somehow), you would add Hope, Hibbott, and Davis to that. Depending on what happens in the 4×200 tonight, Jarvis, Kurle or even Bird (given his improvements in other events) might also be considered (don’t think they’ll take both: they already have Scott, Guy, Dean, Richards and Litchfield who can swim). I’d also like to see them take Stephens despite her bad swim in the 200, which… Read more »

Reply to  Thomas Selig
1 year ago

That’s mostly everyone I can think of but I think someone could go under the consideration time at euros though, someone like Jay lelliot, he had a massive PB in the 200 fly and is now just over a second slower than the consideration time which I think he could do at european champs in May which would make 33 swimmers

And Tomorrow I think either Van der Merwe or Imogen clark could join Vasey under the consideration time which would make 34

And then you would take Tamryn van Selm or possibly Candice Hall as a relay only heat swimmer in the 4×200 free which would make 35 and be our roster for Tokyo

I think Jarvis will be… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by maybe?
Reply to  maybe?
1 year ago

Why the hell would you take heat only swimmers in the women’s 800 free relay? If you sub out Anderson and/or Wood, you very likely miss the final.

Reply to  AnEn
1 year ago

The top 4 swimmers in the 200 free in trials accumulated to a mid 7:50 which would easily make the final, sub out Anderson for Van Selm in the heats and it’s still a 7:53 mid to high which would still make the final, it only took a 7:56 to make the final at 2019 worlds and a 7:53 high would’ve finished 6th place in that final, so yes they can afford to swap out Anderson or wood in the heats for Van Selm, plus, Van Selm is only 17 so she is still making gains in her events and could take a second off her time in trials come Tokyo which would mean that GB will almost certainly qualify… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by maybe?
Reply to  maybe?
1 year ago

What was so controversial about my above post?

Thomas Selig
Reply to  maybe?
1 year ago

Not sure? Seemed perfectly reasonable, although I disagree with parts, especially having watched the morning session.

I think Renshaw and Vasey will be top 2 in the 100 breast, and don’t honestly see Van der Merwe or Clark hitting the CT: VdM in particular seems to have been really hit by the lockdowns, though she had a decent swim this morning.

That 200 free relay tonight is shaping up to be a cracker! 5 men under 1:47 in the heats, with J.Litchfield and Kurle at 1:47.1 backing it up, and Max also in the 1:47. Taking a 1:47 to make the final is some really good depth. 6 of the 8 already hitting CTs this week (including relay for Dean),… Read more »

Reply to  Thomas Selig
1 year ago

Yeah, After watching this morning’s heats I now think that Renshaw and Vasey will qualify in the 100 BR which would mean 34 swimmers in total so I think you could afford to bring both Jarvis and Kurle for the heats of the 4×200 in Tokyo as there is an extra place available on the team.

Last edited 1 year ago by maybe?
1 year ago

Alicia Wilson has had to taper for Pac 12s, NCAAs, and this meet. If she has to add on a taper for Euros as a “consideration meet” and then makes the Olympics, we’ll see how a quintuple taper works

Reply to  moddiddle
1 year ago

Did she definitely do a full taper for NCAAs? I know a few British athletes in the collegiate system in the past have been allowed to hold off due to the clash with British trials. She should be selected for her performance at trials, in which case she won’t taper again until Olympics.

Reply to  Dee
1 year ago

Good point-Her in season bests for 200Y and 400Y IM weren’t technically at either Pac 12s nor NCAAs.

1 year ago

If Ben Proud stepped out of the pool for a year and trained for it, he could be a stellar natty fitness model.

Reply to  Penguin
1 year ago

Lol @ “natty” …

Mandy Curley
1 year ago

All the talk of resting swimmers over a long meet seems so strange. The commentators were saying that Molly Renshaw shouldn’t swim possibly 3x100s but should save herself for the 200 breast. Surely most swimmers would rather have a swim than be sitting around in the stands waiting? They said the same re: Dawkins that even if she qualified for the 200 back that she shouldn’t swim it.

I get Mitch Larkin not waiting to swim both 200im and 200bk in the same session, but this talk seems ludicrous.

Reply to  Mandy Curley
1 year ago

No, Molly will definitely do better in the 200 breast in Tokyo if she rested and didn’t do the 100 breast as it will take a lot out of her and might cost her a medal in the 200 and she will most likely not make the final in the 100 breast anyway so no point swimming it, as for kathleen, She has the 100 back before the 200 back and has the 200 back on the same day as the 4x100m mixed medley so she won’t swim it because the mixed medley is a real medal opportunity for her and with the likes of Regan Smith, Kaylee mckeown and Margherita Panziera on that 200, there is no way she… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by maybe?
1 year ago

I know Tamryn has moved now, but the coaches at Bromley really deserves some praise for the job they’ve done with her and Evelyn Davis. Possibly the two most promising junior female freestylers in GB are both products of little Bromley SC!

Reply to  Dee
1 year ago

Especially when Crystal Palace 50m pool didn’t even have any water in it for most of last year

Thomas Selig
1 year ago

Another really good session. Top names all hitting CTs and some big PBs from 2nd/3rd place finishers.

Delighted to see Peters and Wilson hit the CT and great to have Proud back in form.

Frustrating that another women’s free relay just misses CT, but hope they get a chance to put that right and qualify for Olympics at Euros.

Relay depth looking pretty good across the board too. Could now rest big names in prelims
Men 4×100: Richards-Dean-Whittle-Litchfield. Scott in for final. Guy also in the mix if he fancies it.
Men 4×200: Dean/Guy-Richards-Litchfield-Kurle/Jarvis. Scott and Guy/Dean in for final.
Men medley: Litchfield/Greenbank-Wilby-Peters-Richards B-team?
Mixed medley: Wild-Wilby-Peters-Hopkin B-team?
Women’s medley: Wild-Renshaw/Vasey-Jones/Stephens-Hopkin B-team?… Read more »

1 year ago

Interesting to see how well Joel Finck’s group at Bath is getting on. Bird, Richards, Williams and Peters all with massive new PBs so clearly something is really working for them over there!

Reply to  Jeff
1 year ago

Williams has also been 1:56 in the 200 back so I think he has a really good chance of getting the consideration time in that

Reply to  maybe?
1 year ago

Oh, definitely! That’s his best event so I think he is more than capable of a PB.
Also intrigued by Kieran Bird’s 200 free. He’s meant to be more of a 400/800 swimmer but the speed he showed in the final 50 of both the 400 and 800 suggests he could have the speed to drop a big new PB and get a relay spot.

John tilsly
Reply to  Jeff
1 year ago

I don’t understand how they are swimming so fast? They don’t do any work 😂

Troll in the Dungeon
1 year ago

With just one day to go this is genuinely the best British Swimming trials I can remember in a long time. The only race I’ve been disappointed with so far is the men’s 100m back, and even then I’m optimistic that Joe and Luke can drop time by the summer.

Reply to  Troll in the Dungeon
1 year ago

I add the women’s 200 fly to that, but yes – has been a very good meet so far!