Bears and Gators Bringing the 50 Free Speed on Day 2 (Relay Splits)


  • When: Wednesday, March 24 – Saturday, March 27, 2021
  • Where: Greensboro Aquatic Center / Greensboro, NC (Eastern Time Zone)
  • Prelims 10 AM/ Finals 6 PM (Local Time)
  • Short course yards (SCY) format
  • Defending champion: Cal (1x) – 2019 results
  • Streaming:
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  • Live Results

This morning, we talked about how it was a lot easier to make the finals of the 50 free than it had been in previous years. And while those respective finals were pretty slow in the bottom half of each of tonight’s 50 free finals, we saw some scorching times both in the 200 free relay and at the top of the 50 free. In the opening event of the session, the 200 free relay, Cal and Florida combined for the fastest four relay splits of the night, with Cal getting a stunning 18.06 from Ryan Hoffer and a 18.51 from Daniel Carr, and Florida getting a 18.38 from Eric Friese and a 18.59 from Will Davis.

Cal got the night rocking with a 1:14.36, rattling the oldest yards U.S. Open Record, and shaving a tenth of a second off the Bears’ team record. But the Florida Gators were just a whisker behind at 1:14.48, swimming the Gators’ 2nd-fastest relay ever, just behind the Caeleb Dressel-led 1:14.39 from 2018. Florida can’t train sprinters, huh?

The Gators kept the momentum rolling in the individual 50 free, where freshman Adam Chaney took 3rd in 18.88, and sophomore Eric Friese won the B-final with a 18.90, which would’ve taken 4th in the A-final. Friese also scorched the 2nd-fastest relay split of the day with a 18.36, behind only Hoffer’s 18.06.

Cal, of course, finished 1-2 in the 50 free A-final, with Hoffer clocking a 18.33 to make the 2nd-fastest man ever, and Bjorn Seeliger taking 2nd in 18.71, making him the 2nd-freshman ever in the event.

There a few other less-familiar faces in the top 8 of the 200 free relay, as Georgia, Texas A&M, and Virginia, none of which have recently been known for their sprint squads, all set school records.

On the 400 medley relay, Texas A&M’s Shaine Casas had the fastest leadoff of the night with a 44.47. Florida’s Dillon Hillis had the fastest breaststroke split with a 50.27, as the top six teams all got 50-point splits on the breast leg. Hillis is seeded 5th individually with a 51.22. Hoffer continued his strong night with a 43.80 split on fly, the only man under 44, and what appears to be the 6th-fastest split ever. Texas anchor Daniel Krueger was the only freestyler under 41 tonight, clocking a 40.80 and setting up what should be a great battle against Hoffer in the 100 free on Saturday. Combined those four legs would go 2:59.34, still just off of Texas’ all-time record in the event.

Quick Hits:

  • There was a lot of chatter about whether or not Drew Kibler should swim the 200 free relay before the 500 free or not. On one hand, Kibler probably could’ve split a 18.5, and replacing that split with Jake Sannem‘s 19.20 would’ve moved Texas from 6th to 3rd, and those six extra points are more than Kibler could’ve lost by swimming any slower in the 500 free. On the other hand, Sannem split 18.7 on this relay in 2019, and a similar split (really a 18.90 or better), would’ve also moved Texas to 3rd.
  • This year, the top 13 teams in the 200 free relay all had at least one swimmer split 19, either on a leadoff or a flying split. In 2019, the top 12 teams did the same in finals. In 2018, the top 13 teams, plus the 15th team, had a sub-19 split.
  • While there was only one freshman in the 500 free (champion Jake Magahey), there were two freshmen in the A-final of the 200 IM — Cal’s Destin Lasco and Texas’ Carson Foster. That appears to be the first time two freshman have made that A-final since 2013, when Cal’s Josh Prenot and Michigan’s Dylan Bosch finished 5th and 6th.
  • When Virginia hired Todd DeSorbo as head coach in the summer of 2017, we figured we’d see the Cavaliers’ sprint group take a big step forward. And while it’s taken a few years, the Cavaliers not only cracked the top 8 in the 200 free relay tonight, they also were the highest-finishing ACC team after taking 4th at ACCs. The Cavaliers also clocked a school record with their 3:04.52, 9th-place effort in the 400 medley, knocking over two seconds off of their time from ACCs.
  • We’re always told we’re sleeping on Arizona. We’ll admit it was true in Brooks Fail‘s case, as the Arizona senior took 3rd in the 500 free again tonight after also taking 3rd in 2019. Fail’s best time coming into today was a 4:10.77 from that 2019 swim, and he went 4:09.41 in prelims today before going 4:09.54 in finals.
  • Seeliger threw down his third sub-42 relay start in the last month, anchoring Cal’s medley relay in 41.07. He didn’t break 43 individually at Pac-12s, but anyone hitting 41 on a relay split that consistently should be a lot faster than 43. Watch out for him in the individual 100 free on Saturday.
  • Georgia went with an interesting lineup combination on the medley relay, opting to have Luca Urlando lead off and moving backstroker Javier Acevedo to freestyle. Urlando’s 44.9 was right in line with where Acevedo has been this season, but it is interesting that Georgia opted not to use Dillon Downing, as he went 42.25 anchoring this really at the Georgia Invite last fall after going 19.4 individually. Downing went sub-19 twice in the 50 free tonight, and you have to wonder if he could’ve been sub-42 here, especially after Urlando scratched out of possibly scoring in the 200 IM, presumably to swim all five relays.

200 Free Relay Splits

Cal Ryan Hoffer 18.06
Florida Eric Friese 18.38
Cal Daniel Carr 18.51
Florida Will Davis 18.59
Georgia Javier Acevedo 18.61
Virginia August Lamb 18.61
Purdue Nikola Acin 18.64
Florida Kieran Smith 18.70
Cal Bjorn Seeliger 18.72
Texas Alvin Jiang 18.78
Penn State Will Roberson 18.78
Alabama Jonathan Berneburg 18.79
Texas A&M Mark Theall 18.79
Texas Chris Staka 18.79
NC State Giovanni Izzo 18.79
Indiana Jack Franzman 18.79
Florida Adam Chaney 18.81
Virginia Tech Tommy Hallock 18.87
Indiana Van Mathias 18.90
Alabama Sam Disette 18.91
Alabama Colton Stogner 18.93
Texas A&M Koko Bratanov 18.94
NC State Kacper Stokowski 18.95
Virginia Tech Youssef Ramadan 18.95
Ohio State Semeude Andreis 18.95
Penn State Jake Houck 18.96
Georgia Dillon Downing 18.97
Georgia Jake Magahey 18.98
Louisville Mialis Deliyannis 18.98
Alabama Matt King 18.99
Texas A&M Shaine Casas 19.02
Texas A&M Tanner Olson 19.04
Texas Daniel Krueger 19.04
Ohio State Hunter Armstrong 19.04
Purdue Ryan Lawrence 19.05
Arizona Tai Combs 19.05
Cal Nate Biondi 19.07
Missouri Kyle Leach 19.07
Virginia Matt Brownstead 19.08
Michigan Gus Borges 19.11
Georgia Luca Urlando 19.14
Virginia Will Cole 19.14
Tennessee Scott Scanlon 19.15
Louisville Tanner Cummings 19.16
Louisville Micahel Eastman 19.16
Arizona Ogi Maric 19.17
Virginia Justin Grender 19.18
Michigan James LeBuke 19.18
Tennessee Nolan Briggs 19.18
Texas Jake Sannem 19.21
NC State Hunter Tapp 19.22
Indiana Brandon Hamblin 19.23
Florida State Peter Varjasi 19.23
Florida State Mason Herbert 19.23
Michigan River Wright 19.24
Missouri Ben Patton 19.25
Florida State Kuba Ksiazek 19.27
NC State Noah Henderson 19.28
Missouri Jack Dahlgren 19.30
Georgia Tech Kyle Barone 19.31
Southern Cal Max Sanders 19.31
Purdue Ryan Hrosik 19.33
Virginia Tech David Herbert 19.33
Louisville Haridi Sameh 19.34
Florida State Max McCusker 19.34
Southern Cal Alexei Sanov 19.34
Penn State Zane Sutton 19.36
Michigan Cam Peel 19.36
Arizona Marin Ercegovic 19.38
Georgia Tech Baturalp Unlu 19.40
UNC Eli Coan 19.44
UNC Tomas Sungalia 19.50
Ohio State Justin Fleagle 19.52
Georgia Tech Austin Daniel 19.55
Virginia Tech Blake Manoff 19.57
Tennessee Seth Bailey 19.57
Arizona Noah Reid 19.58
Purdue Nick Sherman 19.60
Southern Cal Nikola Miljenic 19.65
UNC Boyd Poelke 19.67
Indiana Tomer Frankel 19.68
Georgia Tech Christian Ferraro 19.69
UNC Jack Messenger 19.70
Penn State Gabe Castano 19.78
Ohio State Colin McDermott 19.91
Tennessee Micah Chambers 20.00
Missouri Kevin Hammer 20.26

400 Medley Relay Splits


School Swimmer Backstroke Split
Texas A&M Shaine Casas 44.47
Indiana Brendan Burns 44.84
Georgia Luca Urlando 44.99
Texas Chris Staka 45.02
Louisville Mitchell Whyte 45.03
NC State Kacper Stokowski 45.14
Cal Destin Lasco 45.28
Florida Adam Chaney 45.36
Ohio State Hunter Armstrong 45.67
Alabama Matthew Menke 45.81
Wisconsin Wes Jekel 45.99
Missouri Jack Dahlgren 46.02
Georgia Tech Kyle Barone 46.04
Arizona Ogi Maric 46.14
Michigan Wyatt Davis 46.18
Florida St Mason Herbet 46.22
Stanford Shane Blinkman 46.33
Virginia Will Cole 46.37
North Carolina Tucker Burhans 46.5
Virginia Tech Forest Webb 46.55
Utah Andrei Ungur 46.55
Purdue Michael Juengel 47.39
Tennessee Micah Chambers 48.21


School Swimmer Breaststroke Split
Florida Dillon Hillis 50.27
Texas Caspar Corbeau 50.36
Cal Reece Whitley 50.58
Louisville Evgenii Somov 50.68
Indiana Zane Backes 50.68
Michigan Will Chan 50.95
Ohio State Hudson McDaniel 51.00
Tennessee Michael Houlie 51.14
Virginia Noah Nichols 51.26
Purdue Trent Pellini 51.26
North Carolina Valdas Abaliksta 51.27
Missouri Ben Patton 51.29
Florida St Izaak Bastian 51.31
Wisconsin Andrew Benson 51.57
Arizona Sam Iida 51.74
Stanford Danile Roy 51.95
Georgia Tech Caio Pumputis 52.12
NC State Rafal Kusto 52.14
Alabama Derek Maas 52.25
Utah Andrew Britton 52.49
Virginia Tech AJ Pouch 52.66
Georgia Jack Dalmolin 52.68
Texas A&M Andrew Puente 52.82


School Swimmer Butterfly Split
Cal Ryan Hoffer 43.80
Texas Alvin Jiang 44.05
Louisville Nicolas Albiero 44.09
Virginia Tech Antani Ivanov 44.20
Missouri Danny Kovac 44.56
Georgia Camden Murphy 44.60
Indiana Tomer Frankel 44.62
Florida Eric Friese 44.66
Stanford Ethan Hu 44.86
Tennessee Kayky Mota 45.02
Virginia Max Edwards 45.15
Michigan River Wright 45.21
Arizona Noah Reid 45.23
Georgia Tech Christian Ferraro 45.23
Florida St Max McCusker 45.27
Utah Cooper Deryk 45.29
Ohio State Sem Andreis 45.47
NC State Noah Henderson 45.62
Alabama Colton Stogner 45.69
North Carolina Boyd Poelke 45.73
Wisconsin Erik Gessner 45.79
Texas A&M Jace Brown 45.85
Purdue Nick Sherman 46.84


School Swimmer Freestyle Split
Texas Daniel Krueger 40.80
Cal Bjorn Seeliger 41.07
Florida Kieran Smith 41.22
Alabama Matt King 41.48
NC State Hunter Tapp 41.57
Michigan Gus Borges 41.66
Louisville Haridi Sameh 41.72
Virginia Matt Brownstead 41.74
Arizona Marin Ercegovic 41.85
Purdue Nikola Acin 41.85
Ohio State Paul Delakis 41.86
Virginia Tech Blake Manoff 41.87
Texas A&M Koko Bratanov 42.01
Florida St Peter Varjasi 42.03
Georgia Tech Baturalp Unlu 42.20
Stanford Luke Maurer 42.21
Indiana Jack Franzman 42.24
Georgia Javi Acevedo 42.33
Missouri Kyle Leach 42.47
Wisconsin Jake Newmark 42.57
Utah Finn O’Haimhirgin 43.25
North Carolina Jack Messenger 43.37
Tennessee Scott Scanlon 43.37

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1 year ago

I need someone to make a video where you play the start of this years 50 final side by side with the 17.6. Imma have that up on my youtube after every 50 final for the next 30-40 years until that record finally goes.

Not to take away from Hoff. His last 10y gives a lot of hope for his 100 and LC prospects. I actually think his last 10 is comparable to Caeleb’s swim but that explosiveness off the start/ wall is something else from CD

1 year ago

LOL this picture is Florida’s 800 free relay

1 year ago

That Urlando backstroke time is a very interesting split IMO. 44.99 is no joke.

Hint of Lime
1 year ago

Not that it matters (since we’ll see him race sooner or later anyway), but still curious why Seeliger didn’t suit up for his 100 free at Pac-12s

Reply to  Hint of Lime
1 year ago

I’m not 100% sure but I remember seeing another user mention something about helping biondi out?

Lord farquad
Reply to  Hint of Lime
1 year ago

Maybe his suit ripped and he didnt have time to get another one and put it on

1 year ago

Way to go VOLS! You are being warriors really, really swimming tough just like your coaches teach you.

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