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How to Improve Your Start from the Block – Fast Swimming Starts

The energy that the head provides on the start is related to the square of the speed at which it is lifted.


Butterfly Building Blocks: Full Body Engagement

The BridgeAthletic Building Block Series is a set of 5 exercises that can be performed by swimmers of all levels on the pool deck.

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A3 Performance Technical Racing: The Powerback

A3 Performance’s elite technical racing suit, Legend, is the first suit ever with a Powerback design

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Never Swim Alone: FINIS Duo Diana Nyad Playlist

See the playlist that has powered Diana Nyad through the hours of training before and after her epic journey from Cuba to Florida.

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TritonWear To Change the Way the World Prepares for Tokyo 2020

8 Months Following Commercial Launch, TritonWear Making Waves in 14 Countries.

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Aussie Swimmers Targeting Tokyo with Funky Trunks

Funky Trunks suits are fashionable and worn by some of the most elite athletes.


Barbados Festival Celebrates 5th Event

In 2016, Barbados enjoys a golden year of 50 years and the Barbados Open Water Festival (BOWF) will enjoy a milestone of its own as it hosts its fifth event Nov 2-6.

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How to improve your start from the block

With the introduction of the back wedge, virtually all swimmers adopted the track start. Regardless of the type of start used, the favorable angle of the back wedge increases the potential force from the feet using the track start.


Fike Swim Expands in Europe with Sport-Thieme

Fike Swim has partnered with Germany’s largest mail order retailer, Sport-Thieme, as it continues to expand its global reach. Sport-Thieme…

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Support swimnerd pace clocks on Kickstarter

SwimNerd: “It’s time our pace clocks reflect the technologically diverse environment athletes train in. Swimming revolves around interval training, making the pace clock the focal point of swim practice, and we all know swim practice is at the heart of our sport.”


Developing swimmers for a Life Time.

Life Time is a SwimSwam partner. “Golden Growth.” That’s what USA Swimming has said of the recent surge across the…


5 of Our Favorite Nutrition Tips from Masters Swimmers

If you’ve recently started swimming, or have been participating in this powerful sport for years, there’s a chance that you may need a refresher on just what to eat to stay in top form.

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Most Dominant Swims of the 2016 Olympic Games Days 5 and 6

Daily Dominance is the best way to describe the swimming competition in Rio.

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Catching up with Olympic swimming legend Janet Evans

Olympian Kim Vandenberg: “As a child growing up swimming in the 1980s, Evans was a role model to me and to every swimmer I knew.”

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Why Cool Down Exercises and Recovery are So Important for Swimmers

Part of a total performance swimming plan is recovery and the cool down exercises that you do after working out. Let’s focus on a few reasons why this step is critical to maintaining optimal performance.


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