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TritonWear Analysis: 2017 Men’s NCAA Championships 100 Free 40.00

Dressel’s walls are second to none, and he uses them well in this race. Starting with maintaining the fastest turns in the field at about 0.55 seconds, followed by fast and long underwaters.

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TritonWear Analysis: 2017 Men’s NCAA Championships 100 Fly

Joseph Schooling, 100m fly 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist was a shoe-in for a big performance, but he had to contend with Longhorns teammate Jack Conger and Florida Gator Caeleb Dressel.


5 Mental Hacks For Swimmers Of Race Day

You’ve trained hard, you’ve stuck to your nutritional plan, and now the day you’ve been working tirelessly toward, race day, is finally here.

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Video: We Climbed A Mountain

Hoping you are finding a bit of time to breathe in-between some of the hectic swims going on at the meet. Absolutely crazy whats going on.

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Improving Your Recovery With Magnesium

Getting the right nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, in the right amounts will enable your body to maximize its recovery and help you perform to your true potential.


4 Nutrition Tips To Get You Ready For You Swimming Workouts

When you’re heading to your next swimming workout, from work or class, nutrition may be the last thing on your mind. However, the right nutrition can be the difference between you crashing mid-workout out having a great session.

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New Sentry Lifeguard Chairs From S.R. Smith

S.R.Smith has just added Sentry Lifeguard Chairs to their comprehensive line of lifeguard stands.

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Video: Watch Me Touch The Flags

Butterfly. It’s a beast of a stroke. Most competitive swimmers can comfortably swim a 100 of it, let alone a recreational swimmer.


Open Water Planet Adds Apple Watch, MySwimPro Partnership

Open Water Planet and MySwimPro announced an official partnership on Wednesday, geared at overhauling the overall swim training experience.

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6 Tricks To Prevent Sleep Deprivation Before Race Day

We’ve mentioned before how important sleep is for swimmers and how it can impact your overall health and athletic training program.

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TritonWear Analysis: 2017 Women’s NCAA Championships 100 Free

The freestyle events at the NCAA D1 Women’s Championships have been especially exciting this year with some of the fastest swimming ever seen.


TritonWear Analysis: 2017 Women’s NCAA Championships 200 Free

The 200 Free Final was one of the most anticipated races of the Women’s NCAA D1 Championships, but I don’t think anyone could have expected what was about to happen.


How Swimmers Can Use Zinc To Help Them Swim Faster

Zinc plays an important part in the growth, repair, and recovery of muscle tissue, which is a crucial part of any athlete’s training protocol. Low zinc levels can negatively impact on athletes’ muscle repair and overall recovery.


TritonWear Analysis: 2017 Women’s NCAA Championship 200 Free Relay

The 200 Free Relay is always a battle to the finish, and this year was no different.

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How To Get Prepared For Your Big Swim Event

Often underestimated by swimmers, coaches, and parents, getting enough quality sleep is a critical part of preparing for your big swim event. While we sleep, our bodies repair and recover, they consolidate memories and prepare us for the next day.

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