How Swim Programs Are Gaining a Competitive Advantage Through Mental Training

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October 06th, 2021 Mental Health, Training

Courtesy of Restoic, a SwimSwam partner.

Restoic for Teams is a technology enabled solution that changes the way mental training is implemented.

As a result, the mental component of sport performance has become increasingly popular amongst high school teams, clubs, universities and olympic level athletes. One problem remained: few teams had the resources to hire a sport psychologist or the knowledge to execute an effective mental training program.

In an effort to solve this challenge and provide coaches and athletes with an easy-to-use approach, Restoic for Teams was developed.

Built in collaboration with leading sport psychologists and world-class athletes, Restoic’s custom online dashboard (Restoic Smart Coach) offers 4, 8, and 12-week training programs with a step by step guide for coaches to train the minds of their swimmers, not just their muscles.

  • 4-Week Program – For teams seeking an introduction to sport psychology.
  • 8-Week Program – For teams seeking sport psychology and meditation benefits.
  • 12-Week Program – For teams seeking a holistic approach to mental health and performance.

Restoic has established itself as a proven and trusted resource for coaches and teams at all levels by applying cognitive-behavioral methods to performance enhancement.

“As a coach, I’m constantly looking for innovative ways to achieve peak performance when it matters the most. I highly recommend Restoic to any team, coach or athlete looking to improve their confidence, composure, and overall performance,” says Teri McKeever.

Jeff Dugdale goes on to explain, “I work with a company called Restoic and many other resources because as a coach you cannot get surprised. You have to be ahead of the game, you have to be aware, you have to ask questions, and you have to look for inconsistencies in behaviors. As coaches, we usually know our student-athletes better than they know themselves, so we have to be able to have tough conversations.”

“I highly recommend Restoic. This platform is a big asset to my team’s preparation and it does an effective job of educating my athletes on the importance of mental training as a competitive advantage,” says Marko Djordjevic.


Restoic Smart Coach seamlessly integrates with the Restoic App to transform each swimmer’s mobile device into a dynamic competitive advantage, while also offering:

  • Team Activities – Know Your Why, Overcoming Adversity, Relaxation Breathing & more.
  • Homework Assignments – Goal Setting, Self-Talk, Mental Toughness & more.
  • Progress Tracking – Drive accountability and results.
  • Coaching Insights – Personal development tips for coaching staff.
  • Discussion Points – Cultivate an environment for team building and collaboration.


Olympic Gold Medalists Olivia Smoliga and Tom Shields understand that they’re much more than just athletes, which is why they utilize the Restoic App to become the best version of themselves. Designed for swimmers at all levels (13+) and available on both iOS and Android, the mobile app focuses on the five mental skills needed for peak performance:

  • Relaxation – Reduce performance anxiety, stress levels & muscle tension.
  • Self-Talk – Improve confidence & resiliency through reframing exercises.
  • Imagery – Enhance your sport-specific skills & improve self-belief.
  • Goal Setting – Increase productivity, motivation & promote self-mastery.
  • Concentration – Maintain focus & stay in the moment when it matters most.

Whether you’re aiming to increase confidence, reduce anxiety, or simply level up your performance, Restoic’s science-based mental training will empower you to be at your best.

Learn more and get started today by signing up using this special link along with the VIP code SWIMSWAM and experience for yourself the mental strength exercises that elite swimmers like Olivia Smoliga and Tom Shields use to maximize performance.



Restoic is mental training made simple. Trusted by elite swimmers, coaches, and teams to provide a holistic approach to mental health and performance.

Train your mind like the pros using game-tested, scientific solutions which include: The Restoic App, Digital Coaching, and Restoic for Teams.

Ready to experience peak performance in and out of the pool?

ATHLETES: Unlock 7-days of free premium app access when signing up using this special link along with the VIP code: SWIMSWAM

COACHES: Get the most out of your athletes with the Restoic Smart Coach Dashboard – which seamlessly tracks team progress and provides weekly activities to foster teamwork, accountability, and trust.


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