Australian Championships: 3 Big Things From Day One Prelims

Horton and McKeon Put Up World’s Top Two Times

David McKeon won the second last heat of the men’s 400 freestyle in a time of 3:45.62 taking over the top spot in the world rankings from Henrik Christiansen of Norway who recorded a time of 3:46.37 just a week ago. McKeon’s time did not hold up for long as Mack Horton won the final heat in a time of 4:44.90.

McKeon and Horton were both under the Olympic qualifying time of 3:47.19, but they weren’t the only two to do so. Jack McLoughlin finished third in a time of 3:46.61, under the Olympic qualifying time and good enough for fifth in the world.

Look for both Horton and McKeon to go faster tonight considering that Horton has a lifetime best of 3:42.84 and McKeon has a lifetime best of 3:43.71.

McKeon and Coutts are Ready to Race

Both Emma McKeon and Alicia Coutts went under the Olympic qualifying time of 58.05 in the women’s 100 butterfly. McKeon hit the wall in a time of 57.43 while Coutts posted a time of 57.63.

McKeon was not far her lifetime best of 57.24, which she recorded at this year’s New South Wales State Championships. Although Coutts was still a ways away from her lifetime best of 56.85, which she posted at the 2012 Olympics, the fastest she has been over the last two years is 57.53.

Even though both women put up strong times in the prelims they still look like they have a lot more to give in what should be an exciting semi-final and final.

The Women’s 400 IM – Who Knows?

Playing possum was the name of the game in the women’s 400 IM. Since it only took 4:53.68 to qualify for the final none of the top women showed their cards. Keryn McMaster, Blair Evans and Tessa Wallace all have best times that are under the Olympic qualifying time of 4:38.20, yet McMaster was the fastest qualifier for tonight’s final posting a time of 4:44.14.

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– all the 14 guys who bettered their seed times for the 100 br plus the 2-3 near equals.

-the top 4 400 guys going for it in the 400 heats inc old man Hackett

-Cam McEvoys 50 fly . There is another possibility for the fly leg on the relay. I’m sure he could be 51.5 with flying start.


McEvoy is down to race the 100 fly he might be having a run at this event rather than the 50 free


Not too sure about that given that the 100fly in Rio runs concurrently with his prime event (100free) and he also has 2 other events that he’s seriously pursuing (50/200free). The medley relay theory by Gina may have some credence except for the fact that he’s a level above anyone else they could put on the anchor leg.


Mmmm he has entered the 100 fly for a reason . In 2011 (?) they put Targett on when he had only qualified for the 50 fly & 100 free relay. I think the Oz m fliers have back problems by the time the july-aug Champ rolls around even if they qualified.

Cam spent several years at Southport & knows the fly ropes .


100 fly is the day after the 100 free final but does clash with the 50 free.


If Cameron McEvoy shows speed in the 100 fly. Maybe even winning it and Kyle Chalmers shows improvements in the 100 free. Maybe a 48 low. I mean very low or a sub 48 then they can put McEvoy in the fly leg and Chalmers as anchor in the medley relay. If magnussen shows real speed, the anchor leg could be in play for him as well. Also doesn’t Kyle Chalmers also swim fly. Is he not swimming it at trials? I,ve always believed that Jake packard will be alright in the 100 breast and will qualify. He,s a good fit for the medley relay but an individual medal will be hard but it,s not because he,s not good enough.… Read more »

BayArea Swim

Chalmers already split 47high in Kazan last year, and then split 47.68 in world junior champs.
If he can improve and able to split 47low this year, Australia can use McEvoy in fly leg and Chalmers to anchor.


Kyle can swim butterfly but has never done a time fast enough to warrant a place on the medley relay. I think he oscillates around the 53 second mark.


1. Chalmers is a 53sec man ….. and he isn’t entered 2. Whilst one would not trust the likes of Hadler & D’Orsogna in the kiddie’s paddling pool, its an awful big leap of faith to think McEvoy is somehow going to drop in a sub52 out of nowhere. 3. Even if that was faintly viable, its a likely “zero sum game” at best where what you may (vaguely possibly) gain on fly is counterbalanced by sacrificing your advantage on the competition on free. McEvoy can split 46mid. Whilst Chalmers is capable of a sub48, that’s still potentially a second given away. On the evidence of what he’s been producing, Magnussen is talking a better game than what he’s currently… Read more »


Well if nothing else he is 1 sec faster than Sarah. Fina are going to start handing out little pins to all the men who beat Sarah by one sec. You heard it here.

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