Grant Hackett Questioned by Federal Police After Airplane Incident

Several Australian media outlets are reporting that Grant Hackett was questioned by Australian Federal Police in Melbourne after an incident aboard a flight.

“The AFP can confirm it was requested to attend an arrival gate at Melbourne airport earlier today,” a statement released on Sunday said.

“A 35-year-old man was spoken to however at this time no charges have been laid. Enquiries in relation to this matter are continuing.”

While the AFP and the airline, Virgin Australia, refused to name the 35-year old, but Ray Hadley of 2GB Radio shared details about Hackett and the passenger in front of him reclining his seat.

“Grant Hackett took exception to the reclining of the seat. There was some sort of altercation,” Hadley said.”There’s allegations from people onboard the flight that Hackett assaulted the man in front of him.”

Hackett is alleged to have ‘smelled of alcohol’ by other passengers on the flight.

At last week’s Australian Olympic Trials in Adelaide, Hackett finished 4th in the 400 free and 11th in the semi-finals of the 200 free, which means he missed his comeback bid to qualify for the 2016 Olympic Team. Hackett did qualify for last year’s World Championship team as part of the 800 free relay that won a bronze medal.

Hackett was earlier in the day named as an official mentor to the Olympic Swim Team by Australian head coach Jacco Verhaeren.

Hackett, a 7-time Olympic medalist, is the current World Record holder in the 800 short course meters freestyle.

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5 years ago

wow- some mentor. Not the first time he’s gotten drunk and violent.

Reply to  RL
5 years ago

Who said he was a mentor? He is a swimmer, not a G-d or role model. Who cares what he does on his own time. Seriously.

5 years ago

what a badass

5 years ago

Go get em grant! You’ve got the touch!

5 years ago


Coach johb
5 years ago

Might want to fully read the article before jumping into the comments section. As Braden stated… The Aussie head coach appointed him a mentor for the Olympic team

Reply to  Coach johb
5 years ago

Yes lets read the article first, ‘alleged , ‘allegations’.

5 years ago

Uhhh, what a letdown. Seems like a great guy when alcohol is not involved.

He should probably never have a drop again.

Steve-O Nolan
5 years ago

In his defense, people who recline their seats on airplanes are the worst kinds of people. Should be some sort of get-out-of-assault free card for Hackett.

Kirk Nelson
Reply to  Steve-O Nolan
5 years ago

Disagree. They shouldn’t make the seats reclinable if they don’t want people to recline them. Hackett should have bought a first class seat if he wants leg room.

Steve-O Nolan
Reply to  Kirk Nelson
5 years ago

I mean, it’s not about what the airlines want. (They want you to turn off your phones, because…???) That added comfort ya get from reclining that seat comes at the expense of the person behind you, tho. It’s just not very neighborly.

5 years ago

This is disappointing. I like Grant Hackett. The tenacity he swam with was legendary. I hope this is a wake up call for him. He has already had issues with addiction and this isn’t a good sign for his future. He is on the fast track to alcoholism. I don’t really know about his drinking history but I hope this is a one time thing or isolated incident. Alcoholism is not fun. I hope he doesn’t feel like he failed in his come back. What he did in his career was incredible. He has no reason to feel bad about anything. Grant Hackett is a legend who will never be forgotten.

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