Another Day, Another World Record For Sweden’s Sarah Sjostrom (100 Fr)


On the heels of firing off yet another world record yesterday in Moscow with her 50m freestyle time of 23.10 (short course), Swedish speedster Sarah Sjostrom crushed a mark of 50.77 to take down the SCM 100 freestyle on day 2 of the FINA World Cup.

Cranking out splits of 24.51/26.26, Sjostrom’s mark of 50.77 surpassed the previous record of 50.91 set by Cate Campbell of Australia back in 2016. Ironically, it was also Campbell’s 100 LCM freestyle world record Sjostrom replaced in Budapest at the World Championships last week, in addition to the LCM 50 freestyle she notched there.

Campbell was also in tonight’s race in Moscow, but settled for bronze in 51.59 behind Dutch swimmer Ranomi Kromowidjojo who touched in 51.14 for silver.

All told, Sjostrom now holds an incredible 8 world records across both short course and long course formats, further cementing the Swedish 23-year-old star as one of the greatest female sprinters of all-time.

50 freestyle LCM – 23.67
100 freestyle LCM – 51.71
50 fly LCM – 24.43
100 fly LCM – 55.48

50 freestyle SCM – 23.10
100 freestyle SCM – 50.77
200 freestyle SCM – 1:50.78
100 butterfly SCM – 54.61

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  1. Majdalf says:


  2. SwimJon says:

    And the 100 fly is still to come tonight in Moscow ?

  3. Swims says:

    4 world records in 2 weeks- most people would be happy to break 1 wr in a career. She’s so humble, so amazing. Really an inspiration

  4. john26 says:

    you really have to imagine that Sarah can go faster in the 50fly SC than LC.
    Is this event even being contested?

  5. bobo gigi says:

    It’s crazy to think that she has “only” won 1 olympic gold in her career so far.
    Her list of world records is amazing, her list of accomplishments in the sprint fly is amazing but she lacks olympic golds. History is made at olympic games. And she has never won the 100 free world title. She needs to win the 100 free at 2019 worlds and make the double 50/100 free in Tokyo to be considered as the greatest female sprinter of all-time.

    • Joe says:

      I think we should enjoy the show and not worry so much about future races. Swim fans are so anxious about greatness all the time..

      2-3 years from now might be totally different, she could get injured like Missy or whatever. 2013 it was “she doesn’t have an olympic gold”. 2017 it’s “only one olympic gold, none in freestyle”. Come 2021 I bet it would be “she needs to defend her gold”.

      3 olympic medals
      7 (individual) world championship titles
      8 world records

      Today. That’s what matters. Not what happens in 2020.

    • M Palota says:

      She’d have to win the 100fr in Tokyo AND again in Paris(?) 2024 AND still be the prohibitive favourite for LA(?) in 2028 to be mentioned in the same breath as Dawn Fraser.

      Different times, I know, but Dawn Fraser was/is – still – the greatest female 100m freestyle swimmer of all time.

  6. Carlo says:

    Sarah sjostrom, the female Sprint GOAT

    Caeleb dressel, the male sprint GOAT ( in the making or in progress)

    katie ledecky, the female distance GOAT

    Who is the male distance GOAT?
    Sun yang or grant Hackett?
    This one is disputed.

    Katinka hosszu, the female medley GOAT

    Michael phelps, the male medley and butterfly GOAT. There is no female butterfly GOAT as no female (and even male) has mastered both the 100 and 200 fly like phelps unless sjostrom takes the 200 fly on.

    Federica pellegrinni, the female 200 freestyle GOAT.

    Rebecca soni the female breaststroke GOAT ( legendary in both the 100 and 200 meters breaststrokes).
    No male breaststroke GOAT ( no male has mastered both the 100 and 200 breast).

    Aaron piersol the male backstroke GOAT ( good in both the 100 and 200). I,m not sure there is a female backstroke GOAT yet. No female has mastered both 100 and 200 yet and dominated both for a long period of time.

    • Rafael says:

      I would disagree on a few points.. And Dressel needs to show a Popov-like dominance in the next years..

      Mary T Meagher on women 100 fly
      Roland Matthes instead of Peirson on Men Back
      krisztina egerszegi on women back
      Male Distance I would chosse Hackett, if it was only the 1500 Salkinov
      Male Mid Distance Thorpe hands down
      Male Breast if Peaty 200 goes to a 2:06 2:05 level.. would be him
      Phelps fly goat might have a challlenger on Milak for the next years

      • Philip says:

        Milak or anyone for that matter will have a LONG ways to catch Phelps.

        • Carlo says:

          I think milak can chalenge phelps on fly only. It will be tough though.
          He can become the fly GOAT but it will be hard. He essentially had to either break the world records in both 100 and 200 fly or dominate both for a longer period than phelps.

    • Dee says:

      I’d take Leisel over Soni – Leisel never got 200 Olympic gold, Son I never got 100 Olympic gold. But, I dont think Soni was ever as dominant as Leisel in any event.

      • Carlo says:

        Yes I would take liesel too. Forgot about her there bit.

        Was krisztina ezerszegi ever dominant in the 100 back. I think she was more of a 200 backstroke beast.

        Mary T Meagher. Wasn’t she more of a 200 flyier.

        The GOAT encompass both distances.

        • Rafael says:

          Kristina lost 100 back on 1988 to a GDR doping pogram getting Silver (Otto), won in 1992, and in 1996 her opening leg of the medley relay was faster than the Gold of the individual swim (Never understood why she did not swim that year the 100 back). On 1996 she won 200 back by more than 4 seconds. the 100 back WR she broke the doping record and her record was only broken by another doper (Chinese girls from 1994 world).

          But Agree her 100 was not as dominant as her 200, her 2:06:62 would still be off the charts today.

          • Riez says:

            She wanted to retire first time after Barcelona, then after Rome, where she was taken down by the Chinese dopers in both disciplines. She stayed in the pool up to Atlanta only as a matter of honour for her nation, to finish her carrier with an Olympic gold. After Rome she didn’t entered 100m even at the Euros in Vienna.
            Had not she had doper competitors, she would have been a 7 time Olympic champion, 3 times each in 100 and 200 back and in 400 medley at Barcelona. Also, don’t forget Perth, where she doubled, too, as well as at Athens in the same year by WRs.

        • SchoolingFTW says:

          Read up.
          Mary and Egerszegi destroyed WRs in the 100 fly and backstroke respectively.

    • SchoolingFTW says:

      Sun Yang is not even in the top three greatest male distance (Hackett, Perkins, Salnikov, and Rose are all greater than Yang).

      • Carlo says:

        Sun yang holds the world record in the 1500 free (a record that may take many decades to break) and the textile best in the 800 free. He is definately one of the greatest distance swimmers of all time. Definately top 3.

        He,s also one of the fastest ever in the 400 free. I think he had the third fastest time ever or something like that. Not sure.

        • SchoolingFTW says:

          Ok, remind me again how many olympics medal does Sun Yang have in 1,500:

          Rose : Two golds
          Perkins : Two golds and 1 silver
          Salnikov: Two golds
          Hackett: Two golds and 1 silver

          Rose, Perkins, Salnikov also broke WRs in 1,500, 800 and 400. MULTIPLE TIMES. Sun Yang NEVER broke 400 and 800 WR. While Hackett broke 200 WR and would have broken 400 WR if not for Thorpe.

          On top of that, Yang distance swimming was great when he was still under “medication” and he stopped swimming 1,500 in 2014 when his “medication” was deemed illegal.

          NO, Yang is not even in the top 4 greatest male distance. Hackett – Perkins – Salnikov – Rose in that order.

        • SchoolingFTW says:

          It’s all recency bias.

          How do you know Yang’s WR will take many decades to break? Paltrinieri has swum close many times.
          We also thought that Steffen’s WRs would stand for decades, or Shiwen’s WR, etc.

      • Coach Huggies says:

        Will take Perkins anyday. Summer of 1994 in between two 1500m Olympic gold medals he wins the 400 and the 1500 at worlds, and wins the 400 by 15+ metres dropping the world record by 1.2 seconds. Just before that he breaks both the world records in the 800 and the 1500 in the same race at the Commonwealth Games. That summer was the stuff of legend.

        IM GOAT – Tamas Darnyi is in the conversation with Phelps only because he left his career undefeated in the 200 and was only beaten once in a major 400. He repeated as gold medallist at Worlds and Olympics in both, but had nothing near the longevity that Phelps had. His tenure was standard for though, for the 80’s.

    • samuel huntington says:

      Kitajima men’s breaststroke without a doubt – gold in the 100 and 200 at both Athens and Beijing.

    • jimswim says:

      List reads top me like the GOAT off the decade not THE GOAT.

    • Rax12 says:

      the thing no one can dispute that Phelps is greatest of them all. His 28 individual gold medal in wc and Olympic. Also his 13 gold medal in Olympic won’t be pass in foreseeable future. End.

    • circlec says:

      Totally disagree…mens back goat is Roland Matthis
      100/200 bk gold doubles in 1968 & 1972…mens sprint free goat Popov 50/100 gold doubles in 1992 & 1996…mens breast goat Kitajima 100/200 gold doubles in 2004 & 2008…phelps is obviously tje fly & im goat…distance goat is either Salnikov 1500 gold in 1980 & 1988 (couldnt defend title in 1984 due to boycott)…hackett also possible distance goat w/ 1500 golds in 2000 & 2004

    • SchoolingFTW says:

      This is for sure the list for the greatest of the last decade or so.

  7. bobo gigi says:

    She won the 100 fly in 55.70. She’s human. I think she deserves a vacation now.

  8. lilaswimmer says:

    i wish men records would fall that easily.

  9. nlm78 says:

    Insane in a good way! Congrats Sarah!

  10. Jacob Adams says:

    She is the best sprinter in history.

    • SchoolingFTW says:

      She is the fastest sprinter in history, not the best.

      There is a distinction between “fastest” and “best”

      • ERVINFORTHEWIN says:

        Jenny Thompson come first to my ears

        • SchoolingFTW says:

          Just no.
          Jenny Thompson was not very good in 50 free/fly. She also has no individual Olympics gold, not in 50 free, not in 100 free, not in 100 fly.

          Dawn Fraser is by far the greatest female sprinter, followed by Inge De Bruijn.

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