Andrii Govorov Swims Textile Best 50 Fly at Mare Nostrum – Monaco


After swimming a tied-for-8th-best-time-ever in the 50 fly on Saturday in the quarterfinals of the 50 fly shootout, Ukrainian Andrii Govorov became the second-fastest man ever, and fastest in textile, in the 50 fly final on Sunday in Monaco.

Govorov, swimming in the 50 fly head-to-head final against American Michael Andrew, posted a 22.53. The time is one that has only been surpassed by the Spanish World Record holder Rafael Munoz, who swam 22.4 in four different swims within a week in 2009, during the super-suit era of swimming.

Fastest 50 LCM Fly Performances in History

  1. Rafael Munoz, Spain, 4/5/2009 – 22.43
  2. Rafael Munoz, Spain, 4/5/2009 – 22.45
  3. Rafael Munoz, Spain, 4/11/2009 – 22.48
  4. Rafael Munoz, Spain, 4/11/2009 – 22.49
  5. Andrii Govorov, Ukraine, 6/17/2018 – 22.53

The previous textile-best swim, and now the 6th-best performance in history, is a 22.61 done by Brazilian Nicholas Santos in 2017.

Govorov, in the process, broke his own Ukrainian Record of 22.69 that he swam both in 2017 and in the quarterfinals of the Monaco shootout on Saturday evening.

For comparison’s sake, Ukraine’s 2nd-ranked 50 meter freestyler this year, behind Govorov, is Sergii Shevtsov. H swam a 22.59 in the 50 free in April.


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bobo gigi
5 years ago

Govorov’s previous 22.69 before Monaco was at the French Open in July 2017, not at 2009 worlds.

5 years ago

Should this swim have an * to it given the situation it was swum while comparing to “textile bests”? I mean, I guess Popov’s WR back in the day was in a similar situation, but that was always looked at with somewhat of a crooked eye, too, due to that.

bear drinks beer
Reply to  DrSwimPhil
5 years ago

It seems many people can’t tell the difference between Russia and Ukraine.

Govorov was the textile WR holder before Nicholas Santos broke it last year. He just took his record back with this swim. It is ironic that people don’t even know the nationality of the textile WR holder. Maybe it’s true that people care little about non-Olympic events.😔

Reply to  bear drinks beer
5 years ago

My point went right over everyone’s head, apparently. My point was that Govorov did it with only one other person in the pool racing at that moment. Seems it’s not a “fair” comparison for records to a full field, even if it’s “just a 50”.

5 years ago

Govorov strikes me as one of those guys that would go 49 in the 100fly w a polyurethane suit but can only swim the 50 in textile

5 years ago

“But he only swims the 50s…” Anyways, what a terrific swim.

Reply to  Philip
5 years ago

Still a good bunch of cash for breaking the WR

5 years ago

Not surprising. As I pointed out the other day, his 22.69 included a ridiculously short final stroke at the wall. On merit, that swim was quicker. So when he finally hit the wall on a full stroke Govorov took off another tenth and a half.

5 years ago

Why aren’t 50s of strokes in the olympics. We can add 800s and 1500s to add equality to the games, but sprinters are only allowed to be good at free, and if breast, back, and/or fly are your best strokes, tough luck.

Reply to  IM FAN
5 years ago

Well, medal inflation+timing

Ol' Longhorn
5 years ago

Well, those have been issues ever since swimming was added to the Olympics in 1896, when there was only men and only the 100 free and 1500 free.

Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
5 years ago

Bring back the golden era lol. Yup, people are resistant to any change.

Reply to  IM FAN
5 years ago

they should take the 800s and mixed relays out and put the 50s in

Reply to  IM FAN
5 years ago

I think stroke 50s would be fun and would be a good add. World Championships set an obvious precedent for that. Mixed medleys on the other hand…. such a silly choice. If you are Simone Manuel you can win 5 golds in one WC or 4 in an Olympics only for swimming the 100 free. That just doesn’t seem sensible.

He Gets It Done Again
5 years ago


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