Additional Sponsors Part Ways With Ryan Lochte

The fallout continues for Ryan Lochte following the Rio gas station incident involving USA teammates Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger and Jimmy Feigen.

Following the announcement that longtime Lochte sponsor Speedo would be ending its relationship with the 2nd most decorated swimmer of all-time, two more sponsors have also cut ties with the 32-year-old.

Ralph Lauren, for whom Lochte was a featured athlete, has announced it will not be renewing its contract with the 2016 Olympic gold medalist. Per an email to SwimSwam, the brand states:

Ralph Lauren continues to proudly sponsor the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Team and the values that its athletes embody.  Ralph Lauren’s endorsement agreement with Ryan Lochte was specifically in support of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and the company will not be renewing his contract.

Additionally, ESPN is reporting that Syneron-Candela, the company for whom Lochte represented its ‘gentle hair removal’ line, has decided to no longer pursue any agreements with the swimmer.

“We hold our employees to high standards, and we expect the same of our business partners,” the company said. “We wish Ryan well on his future endeavors and thank him for the time he spent supporting our brand.” (ESPN)

Regarding the parting from Speedo specifically, Lochte’s public relations firm released the following statement:

“I respect Speedo’s decision and am grateful for the opportunities that our partnership has afforded me over the years,” he said. “I am proud of the accomplishments that we have achieved together.”

Additionally, Airweave, a bedding-top manufacturer, has announced that they’ve terminated their agreement with Lochte. Airweave is also the title sponsor of the FINA World Cup series.

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I totally understand how lochte did something stupid while drunk and did something stupid by lying but I don’t understand how speedo and so on are dropping him but yet they still didn’t drop dopers like Yang? Doping is far worse then lying about a incident and peeing on building. Even phelps with his DIU is worse then what lochte did and no sponsors dropped him.


Because he was doing it for attention. That is also why he dyed his hair. He wasn’t swimming well and was getting no attention.


I do not think that is accurate. 1) He dyed his hair before Rio even started, no indication he wouldn’t swim well as you claim. 2) It was a story told to his mother who then told the press. While that may have been strategic, that isn’t a word I use with Lochte often. I suspect more that the whole thing spun out of control. I’m not defending him, just disagreeing with your theory on how it originated.

Scott Morgan

Not sure anyone is comparing crimes. Rather, it’s the manner in which each swimmer dealt with his misdeeds. Phelps took responsibility, suffered a ban, remained truthful and contrite throughout his censure. Lochte’s misdeeds could have been left secret. Instead, he chose to cast blame on others, lie, and basically try to get some media attention by acting like a gangsta on air. What an emarrassment. Also, I disagree a DUI is worse: no one was “hurt” in either incident, but only Lochte cause damage. Also, who knows what crimes happened while the Rio police spent days investigating Locthte’s fictitious, malicious lies.


Lying, torn poster,and peeing on building is worse then DIU and doping? Nice world you live in.

Scott Morgan

Ah….No. Lying to the media, blaming others and bragging on TV are their own offences. It is his character–his lies–that brings us here today, not only his disrespectful actions.


I think you missed the point – it’s not about comparing crimes. It’s about how the athletes responded to the situations.


falsely accusing someone of a felony crime seems to be slightly worse to me than DUI. And then continuing to lie about it to the media, leaving your teammates high and dry. . . the list goes on and on. Say what you will about Phelps but he owned up to his misdeeds immediately, and he could have denied the photo of him smoking successfully.

EC Does It

How many think that Phelps only drank and got behind the wheel of a car those two time he got a DUI? Not me. He probably did it more than we like to think but he got caught twice. That last DUI put Phelps in rehab. Now listen to him – seems he has come out a better person. Now, whether Lochte can achieve a Phelps-like turnaround is less likely given some of these postings. Even his admission and public apology are dissected to such an extent that it’s hard to see how he will build a life in swimming – no less a life outside of swimming.

EC Does It

PEOPLE magazine is reporting that Lochte paid Jimmy’s fine (for those who have asked in these postings). Whether it’s true or not (and I hope it is true), this will not be viewed as a ‘true’ act of contrition.

Analytical Mind

People don`t get the point here. Lochte was so drunk that he did not realise what was going on. He honestly thought that he did not do anything wrong and still those security guys were demanding money. Lochte was honest. He is not the most brightest guy.


Ahem, the security guards or cops DID commit a crime, and judges in Brazil even say so. They held up the boys over pee and a poster, and then they shook them down for thousands of dollars. Lochte told his mother, not the police – and from there it got out of hand – and from their experience, keeping in mind language barrier, consider they were wasted drunk, they DID have guns pointed at them, they DID get a shakedown for money. Thousands. Over what, pee and a poster? The people at the gas station has NO REASON to hold them at gunpoint and take their money, NOT over pee and a poster. NO bathroom was trashed. The bathroom was… Read more »


I don’t know, when you think about it lying is one of the most destructive things a person can do… It’s not like people don’t die because of lying


You Lochte apologizers can vote all you want up or down … but the score that resonates is former sponsors : 4 Lochte = 0 … Leaving him totally Fired … and left behind perfect karma for leaving his fellow swimmers behind in Rio … “Whatever”


probably because he hasn’t really actually truly apologized. his “statement” made excuses.


I agree, a DUI or doping is far worse. Its the culture we live in though unfortunately. Reputation and PR are far more important than actual bad things. This is why dopers competed in the Olympics for political reasons while people sat out for smoking dope. It’s all backwards.

And i’m not defending Lochte, stupid doesn’t even do justice to describe what he did. But these things aren’t mutually exclusive, I can think what Lochte did is really dumb while also thinking his sponsors dropping him when they have people on board with far worse skeletons in the closet is hypocritical.

M Palota

Speedo USA sponsored Locate, Speedo International sponsors Yang.

Swim mom

As a mom, I don’t mind my kids looking up to Phelps: sure, he made a mistake (DUI, marijuana) but he corrected those mistakes (accepted them, went into rehab and came back and at an older age did very well in his events and relays – plus he is now a family man, a good father). Making mistakes is human, and if the person learns from them and corrects them and gets to be a better person because of it, that person can certainly be a role model. Lochte on the other hand: urinated in a public place, vandalized a bathroom, lied, embarrassed the US, made another country (Brazil) waste time and resources investigating his lie, continued to lie as… Read more »

New beginnings

To be fair it’s a little early to call phelps a good father.

Another read of the situation is that he knocked up his girlfriend, didn’t marry and has barely seen his kid since he was born.


Phelps lost his sponsorship with Speedo because of the DUI. Ultimately what led to the MP brand and partnering with under armour.

Not sure if Lochte will possess the same power to come back & align with new sponsorship like Phelps did, Phelps is a unique monster that knows how to attack.


Speedo’s contract with Phelps ran out in 2012/2013, during comeback phase 1 [pre-DUI] he signed with Aquasphere before Pan PACS. 8 months later [post DUI] the MP line up came out.


I’d say that Lochte had a solid week to perform some basic damage control, and in that time, he went on national TV while safe and sound in the US and dug himself deeper into his lies and exaggerations. Even his most recent interview and PR-washed apologies aren’t even taking full responsibility. Say what you want about the nature of Phelps’ crimes, he immediately took (be it PR coaxed or what) full responsibility from the get-go. Lochte was probably already hanging on to these sponsorships by a thread leading up to these Olympics and his poor performances and his behavior were the 1-2 punch to cut the string. What, really, do any of these sponsors have to gain from him… Read more »

Scott Morgan

It would be risky for a sponsor to stand behind Lochte: his swimming days are behind and his interest in show-business and media is only attention grabbing in its cringe-worthiness. Now, he is also an odious liar, more famous for his entitled personality, lack of team leadership and malfunctioning moral compass. He is a toxic asset for his sponsors now.


Odious liar? That exaggeration may be worse than Lochte’s

Scott Morgan

Well, clearly his sponsors agree with my perception. If my comment is an exaggeration, why are we here discussing it? His behaviour has made him famous…as a pathetic, cheap liar.


Actually he was already famous as a 6 time olympic champion and world record holder. Your words, and the fact that you take this so personally, reflects quite a bit more on your “pathetic, cheap” personality than any of his, admittedly childish, antics.

Scott Morgan

I simply comment on a public figure’s actual disrespectful actions and worldwide lies, and I’m more pathetic? Perhaps you have a strange moral compass yourself. Or, you simply just really love Lochte. I think he’s an embarrassment: his sponsors agree.


Perhaps, or maybe I’m just less of an oversensitive alarmist than you are. As far as his sponsors, their hands are tied, due in part to the mass of people like you who love to jump all over the missteps of others to distract them from their own shortcomings.

Scott Morgan

“People like me?” Please, do tell. At any rate, it would seem you are the oversensitive alarmist. Why else would you try to disparage me personally, without even arguing against my claims?


This isn’t a debate, it’s an internet forum. Your “claims” are not up for argument. Most of us are in agreement that Lochte screwed up big time.


Oh, and if your moral compass was as unimpeachable as you clearly think it is, you wouldn’t be commenting repeatedly and self-servingly on the actions of other people. In case you missed that part of morality 101, I’ll help you out; Nobody is perfect, and harping on other people when they screw up doesn’t make you better than them

Scott Morgan

Yada, I do not understand why you are making this about me. If you have an argument, I am happy to hear it, Otherwise, please take a seat.


Again, not a structured debate. You and Attila should get a room. My beef with you is your excessively condescending and overly negative rhetoric, about someone you have never met. That is what reflects on you as a person, not your “arguments.” I would react the same way if it was anyone else, Lochte is not special to me.

Scott Morgan

“get a room?” Jeez…. Who is Atilla?


The other guy making this a huge personal crusade, admittedly more so than you, though I don’t believe you don’t know who it is if you’ve read even a single thing on this website in the last week or so.

Attila the Hunt

Yada, why more weak personal insults?



You know why. Everything said to Scott is equally applicable to you. But I will say, in his favor, at least he doesn’t post 40 times on a story, many of them virtually identical.

Attila the Hunt

You must know that because you are the expert of posting repetitive puerile comments.


lol no my friend, that belt is all yours


A little harsh don’t you think? I don’t disagree with him being a liability for a sponsor but other swimmers have done worse than he has, to say the least.

Scott Morgan

I don’t think so, no. Lochte did this to himself, as well as his team. However, if you want to rank the swimmer’s who have done “worse” then feel free. Not sure who you can compare him to really. His misdeeds were suitably, uniquely Lochtian.


Sure, I can do that- Michael Phelps comes to mind. Is that good enough for you? Lying is a despicable thing to do, and its embarrassing, but Lochte didn’t put anyone in harms way. Phelps DID.

Also, if you want to talk about “hurting the sport,” every doper who has gotten caught and CONTINUES to compete and deny they took a banned substance is a fine example.

I don’t condone what he did but you people who act like he should be burned at the stake are ridiculous.

Scott Morgan

“You people”? “Burned at the stake”? Why so emotional? Odd that some people don’t expect commentary on a commentary website. The story is about his sponsors reaction to Lochte’s own actions. It was Lochte who, in your terminology, first put himself on the stake, and then lit the match.


You didn’t see my defending his actions. I said that because the internet blew up with haters saying really bad things about the guy, and I agree that he deserves the heat to an extent. But this country is showing its typical bad form by burying a guy that has had a very clean record up to this point in his life. Booze and emotions can probably affect your ability to make good decisions. I give him a pass on being an ok guy.


I think the pendulum has swung a little too far the other way at this point. Yes, he was a belligerent drunk and did do minor vandalism. That’s bad. He did choose to keep to a highly embellished and misleading story to the international media, at the expense of the reputation of Brazil. That’s worse. But right now it’s as though there is a witch hunt against him. People at this point are trying to make him out to be Satan. Reports, maybe fueled by Rio officials, have also been highly erroneous in what could be seen as a counter-smear job. Trying to deny that guns were involved and drawn. Vastly exaggerating the damage done and the scope of his… Read more »


Agreed. The anti-Lochte response is getting overexaggerated.

Swim mom

That athlete (a boxer) was sent to jail in Brazil right away, and then transferred to a high security prison….he did not get away with his crime. Lochte left the country before he was indicted or had his passport seized, so it made the news. You can’t compare the two, but both athletes got punished

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