7 Things To Do While You Can’t Swim – Apart From Dryland

Courtesy of Funky Trunks and Funkita

With pools and gyms closed everywhere there is only so much dryland training that you can do before going crazy. So with Olympic dreams on ice (for now), it’s time to start setting goals for what you’re going to achieve with all this extra time on your hands. Be warned, there’s a lot of cleaning involved which future you is going to love you for. There is also the chance to win new swimwear thanks to our favourite Aussie swimwear brands Funky Trunks and Funkita, so read on.

1) Clean out your swimwear drawer (this is how you win a new suit)

When your swimwear drawer requires your full body weight on the drawer to close and you have to engage your core to open the drawer each morning, it’s time for a clean out. Be aware whatever squeezed into a very small space in your drawer will now fill the entire floor of your room. First, lie everything on the floor (including your old high school suit that you would never be seen dead in) and take a photo. Second, post it on our Facebook page with a total count on the swimwear.

See the post on Facebook here.

Whoever has the most suits and can prove it with the photo (yes we’ll be counting) wins a new Funkita or Funky Trunks suit. You’re probably asking why the person who has the most suits wins ANOTHER suit? Don’t ask stupid questions. Then it’s time to ditch the swimwear you’ll never wear again. If it’s too hard to say goodbye, box them up and put them in storage, but you’ll feel free and liberated to have your swimwear drawer rolling smoothly on its tracks again.

Clear out your suits to win like Aussie Funkita divers Caitlyn and Mackenzie Bowell. Check out Facebook for details.

2) Re-thread the cord in your trunks

Let’s be honest, the guys don’t really stand a chance in the above competition. So fellas it’s time to decide what to do with your old favourite trunks. If it’s just the cord that has come out, this is the time to make the world right and fix that problem. Grab your trunks and a cord, find a nice rocking chair and sit with your safety pin and thread the cord through them. We’ve even given you a link to a Youtube video for instructions here. The joy you’ll get when the pin appears through the hole is on par with touching the wall first, it’s that good.

3) Find a proper home for your gear bag

Now that it’s going to be packed away for a while, why not find a proper home for your gear bag? You won’t have to keep kicking it out of the way on the laundry floor or watch it hanging precariously from a hook that’s about to be pulled off the wall under the weight of all your other old swim gear hanging there waiting to never be used again. Get a hook, get a drill, drill hole in wall, attach hook and you’ll be swimming in all the new space in your laundry.

4) Clean out your gear bag

This should be before 3. Before your gear bag goes away why not take a deep breath and stick your hand down to the bottom of your bag and rip everything out. You’ll be surprised what can survive down there but it probably doesn’t need to if it’s a broken band that you’ve held onto for no reason at all, or 3 swim caps that you knew you had but now can hardly recognise as they’ve sealed themselves shut like a clam desperate for water. New bag, new you.

5) Sort through your goggles and caps

Old goggles are not going to become new again and miraculously have all the scratches removed from the lenses and anti-fog applied. The same with caps. Why keep those latex caps from a swim you did 8 years ago? You can’t even separate the two sides so all it’s good for is a makeshift floppy frisbee. They are dead and gone, get rid of them.

6) Clean out your car boot

There’s normally a random swim fin here or band tucked away there. Protein bar wrappers and a water bottle that makes an annoying bang against the side of the car every time you corner. A wet towel that is causing your car windows to fog up when you drive. Clear it all out and start again.

7) Wash Your Parka

That’s right, your parka can be washed (read the care instructions) as long as it has time to dry. You’re not going to be wearing it for a while, so you can’t use the excuse that it won’t dry in time for your next pool session. Stick it in the wash, hang it out to dry for a few days, and enjoy the new clean smell of a fresh parka ready when you are.

Got anymore to add to the list? Comment below and remember to enter the comp running on our Facebook page here (Link to FB competition post).

Some Einstein at Funky Trunks and Funkita swimwear decided that now was a good time to launch a new swimwear collection. Here it is – Heat 2 of the Holo Gram collection and it’s brighter and bolder than ever. At least we’re all hanging out online to check it out … we just can’t swim in it.



Swimming news is courtesy of Way Funky Company, a SwimSwam partner. 

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guy who didn't qualify for worlds
1 year ago

if you would’ve just said clean yur stuff i would’ve done that too

Funky Trunks

Stuff is great to clean as well! Add it to the list 😉