3 Reasons Why Removing Chlorine After Swimming Is Good For You

As swimmers, we can all agree that chlorine is good for keeping pool water safe for swimming.  We can also agree that chlorine leaves a stench on our skin that can itch and irritate and leaves our hair and swimsuits lifeless over time. Dr. Andrew Chadeayne, former Princeton swimmer who earned a Ph.D in Chemistry from Cornell University knew swimmers needed a solution that worked. “The reason I developed SwimSpray was so the chlorine could stay in the pool where it belongs, and people could stop walking around all day carrying the chlorine chemicals with them.”

Why is removing chlorine by neutralizing it with SwimSpray‘s patented Vitamin C formula good for you?


First, neutralizing chlorine allows your skin to breathe. Chadeayne reminds us that our skin is made of proteins, which the chloramines attach and hold on to.  This bond cannot be washed off with regular soap and water; it must be neutralized.  “Remember that you smell like chlorine because you are still covered in chlorine. If you want to get that chlorine off your body, rinse with SwimSpray after swimming. Overall exposing your body to harsh oxidants can wear out your cells.  So, I continue to support the notion that swimmers should wash the chlorine off their bodies with SwimSpray after swimming.”


Second, removing chlorine removes the itch and irritation.  It stands to follow that if the chloramines from the chlorine are bonding to your skin, and chlorine is essentially bleach, this will inherently cause irritation to the skin.   Many swimmers suffer from itchy skin during the day that ranges from that little itch between your shoulders you cannot reach to chronic dry, flaky skin. SwimSpray can be used several times a day for those athletes who have morning and evening practice. There are three easy steps to eliminate chlorine from your hair and skin with SwimSpray‘s vitamin C technology: after swimming, rinse off in the shower. Next, spray SwimSpray for 5-10 seconds to cover your hair and skin. Then, shower normally. If you wish, you can use the lather from your favorite shampoo, soap, or body wash to spread SwimSpray over your body.


Finally, research has shown that vitamin C is nourishing for skin….SwimSpray‘s patented Vitamin C technology is the healthiest way to remove chlorine residue AND treat your skin and hair well.  Made with pharmaceutical grade Vitamin-C, SwimSpray is all-natural, pH Balanced and fragrance free, so you can use it with whatever products that you like.  

See how fast SwimSpray works!

About SwimSpray

As lifelong swimmers and students of the sport, we endeavored to find a solution to one of the longest-standing problems associated with swimming – chlorine odor and irritation – and to provide that solution to the swimming community. Our product and solution to that problem, SwimSpray, was invented by swimmers for swimmers, and our company is 100% owned and operated by swimmers.

Swimming info is courtesy of SwimSpray, a SwimSwam partner. 



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Coach Chlorine
5 years ago

SwimSpray….. SwimSpray….. SwimSpray…. ???
Swimmers love the smell of Chlorine!

Reply to  Coach Chlorine
5 years ago

My daughter is experiencing hives every time she gets in the pool and works out. Just wondering if other swimmers have experienced this ??? It has also got to the point where when she runs, weight lifts and gets her heart rate up she is breaking out in hives . She is going to a allergists today .

Dalton Polley
5 years ago

I love the smell of chlorine too much to get rid of it though! Despite the health benefit, it has some irony to it.

John Crooks
Reply to  Dalton Polley
5 years ago

My impression of Chlorine is like Dr. David Williams asserted in his News Magazine wherein he states if you think Chlorine gets worse it does! Additionally, I have read that the air off of chlorine is worse than the water with it! Dr. Marlon Steinert directly told me personally that once you swim in it, it takes 3 days just to get rid of the radicals…cumulative poison!!!