2022 NCSA Spring Championships: Day 2 Finals Live Recap


Several of the nation’s top junior swimmers are competing this week at the NCSA spring championships in Orlando, Florida. The second day of finals swimming kicks off at 5:30 PM EST with the 200 fly, 50 back, 200 breast and the 800 free relay set for competition this evening.

LIAC’s Tess Howley comes in as the top seed in the girls 200 fly and may be in striking range of former Stanford All American and NCAP swimmer Janet Hu‘s meet record of 1:52.92, while NCAP’s Landon Gentry will be the top seed in the boys 200 fly. 15 year old phenom Levenia Sim, who set the meet record in the 50 back last year, will attempt to defend her title in the girls 50 back, while Scotty Buff, a Florida commit who tied the meet record this morning, leads the boys 50 back. Wildcat Aquatics senior and Duke commit Kaelyn Gridley comes in as the top qualifier in the girls 200 breast, while Nathaniel Germonprez, a Texas commit, will lead the boys 200 breast final.

Girls 200 fly

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Tess Howley (LIAC): 1:52.88 (MR)
  2. Campbell Stoll (EBSC): 1:54.49
  3. Martina Peroni (NAAC): 1:55.19
  4. Zoe Dixon (NOVA): 1:56.21
  5. Levenia Sim (TNT): 1:56.72
  6. Ashley Kolessar (SSC): 1:56.78
  7. Lucy Malys (OLY): 1:57.45
  8. Lainey Mullins (SSC): 1:57.50

Long Island’s Tess Howley blasted a new meet record in the 200 fly, swimming a 1:52.88 to just undercut Janet Hu‘s 2014 meet record by just .04. That swim is just off of her lifetime best of 1:52.76, which came at the NCAP Invite in December.

Elmbrook’s Campbell Stoll posted a huge new lifetime best of 1:54.49, her first time under 1:56 and 1:55 to finish second. That also makes her the 13th fastest all time in the 15-16 age group, just behind Olympian Katie McLaughlin.

Rounding out the top three was New Albany’s Martina Peroni, a Duke commit who dropped over two and a half seconds from her lifetime best on the day to finish in 1:55.19.

Boys 200 fly

  • Meet record: Sam Pomajevich- 2017: 1:41.88

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Landon Gentry (NCAP): 1:44.02
  2. Stephen Hitchcock (BAY): 1:44.81
  3. Aleksej Filipovic (SCST): 1:45.90
  4. James Ewing (AAC): 1:46.10
  5. Everett Oehler (RMSC): 1:46.40
  6. Adriano Arioti (RMSC): 1:46.40
  7. Josean Massucco (BAY): 1:46.63
  8. Chase Swearingen (NAAC): 1:49.12

Nation Capital’s Landon Gentry, a high school senior committed to Virginia Tech, took the boys 200 fly, touching in 1:44.02. That swim was a second faster than his prelim time, but nearly a full second off of his lifetime best of 1:43.03.

Gentry held off a hard-charging Stephen Hitchcock of Baylor Swim Club out of Chattanooga, who closed in a 27.82. Hitchcock’s time of 1:44.81 is over a two second drop from his previous lifetime best and ties him for 13th all time in the 15-16 boys age group.

Rounding out the top three was St Charles Swim Team’s Aleksej Filipovic, who touched in 1:45.90. That swim is just .08 off of the Texas commit’s lifetime best of 1:45.82.

Girls 50 back

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Levenia Sim (TNT): 23.95 (MR)
  2. Margaret Wanezek (EBSC): 24.02
  3. Camille Spink (NCAP): 24.40
  4. Campbell Stoll (EBSC)/Emma Kern (AQJT): 24.46
  5. —–
  6. Carly Meeting (NAAC): 24.72
  7. Abigail Wanezek (EBSC): 24.84
  8. Sabrina Johnston (BGNW): 25.03

15 year old Levenia Sim broke her own meet record in the 50 back, blasting a 23.95 to win this evening. She touched just ahead of Elmbrook’s Margaret Wanezek, who finished in 24.02. Wanezek was just off of Sim’s meet record of 24.00, which was set last year.

Rounding out the top three was NCAP’s Camille Spink, a high school junior who is committed to Tennessee. Spink finished in 24.40.

Boys 50 back

  • Meet record: Lucas Kaliszak- 2014/Scotty Buff– 2022: 21.43

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Scotty Buff (GTAC): 21.23 (MR)
  2. Charlie Crosby (HURR): 21.53
  3. Hudson Williams (NAAC): 21.78
  4. Nolan Dunkel (AAC): 21.87
  5. Samuel Powe (MCC): 21.93
  6. Joshua Zuchowski (FAST): 21.97
  7. William Hayon (MWWM): 22.01
  8. Jonathan Naber (CSP): 22.37

After tying the meet record this morning, Greater Toledo’s Scotty Buff broke the meet record tonight in a new lifetime best of 21.23.

Hurricane’s Charlie Crosby touched in second in 21.53, only a tenth off of former Alabama All American Luke Kaliszak’s former meet record. New Albany’s Hudson Willaims rounded out the top three with a 21.78.

Girls 200 breast

  • Meet record: Anna Keating- 2019: 2:09.26

Top 8 finishers: 

  1. Kaelyn Gridley (WILD): 2:08.30 (MR)
  2. Lucy Thomas (EBSC): 2:09.16
  3. Zoe Skirboll (RXA): 2:11.12
  4. Bridget McGann (ACAD): 2:11.27
  5. Zoe Dixon (NOVA): 2:12.55
  6. Elle Scott (NOVA): 2:13.19
  7. Elizabeth Isakson (GOLD): 2:13.97
  8. Molly Blanchard (PSDN): 2:14.14

Wildcat Aquatics’ Kaelyn Gridley continued the meet record onslaught by blasting a 2:08.30, a new lifetime best by nearly 2 seconds. She broke Anna Keating’s 2019 meet record of 2:09.26 by nearly a full second.

Elmbrook’s Lucy Thomas also finished under Keating’s meet record in 2:09.16, a new lifetime best by 1.7 seconds. Thomas also becomes the 9th fastest 15-16 girl of all time with her swim.

Rounding out the top three was Virginia commit Zoe Skirboll of Racer X Aquatics, a new lifetime best by 1.5 seconds for the Pittsburgh native.

Boys 200 breast

  • Meet record: Andrew Seliskar- 2014: 1:52.21
  1. Nathaniel Germonprez (ISWM): 1:54.87
  2. Toby Barnett (RMSC): 1:56.48
  3. Ozan Kalafat (MWWM): 1:56.77
  4. Collin McKenzie (AAC): 1:57.99
  5. Lance Johnson (WEST): 1:58.04
  6. Charles Egeland (AQJT): 1:59.00
  7. Michael Phillips (AQJT): 1:59.49
  8. Alan Cherches (EST): 2:01.15

Inspire Swim Team’s Nathaniel Germonprez took home the title in 1:54.87, completing a 3.5 second drop on the day for the future Texas Longhorn. That makes him the 24th fastest 17-18 boy of all time, just ahead of former Georgia Bulldog Nic Fink.

Coming in second was Rockville Montgomery’s Toby Barnett, who dropped a full second from his lifetime best to finish in 1:56.48. Barnett is a high school junior committed to join Indiana University in the fall of 2023.

Rounding out the top 3 finishers was Mid Wisconsin’s Ozan Kalafat, who touched just behind Barnett in 1:56.77. Kalafat, a high school senior committed to swim at Michigan in the fall, dropped nearly three seconds from his previous lifetime best of 1:59.58 on the day.

Girls 800 free relay

  • Meet record: NCAP- 2019: 7:13.01

Top 8 finishers:

  1. National’s Capital A 7:15.19
  2. New Albany A: 7:16.95
  3. Academy Bullets A: 7:17.67
  4. Chattahoochee Gold A: 7:17.72
  5. NOVA of Virginia A: 7:22.03
  6. Suburban Seahawks A: 7:22.66
  7. Long Island A: 7:23.03
  8. Oakland Live Y’ers A: 7:24.36

NCAP’s A relay took home the title in the girls 800 free relay, touching in 7:15.19, two seconds off of the meet record. The team was led by a blistering anchor leg by Tennessee commit Camille Spink, who split a 1:45.27 to secure the win for NCAP. She was joined by Tatum Wall (1:49.70), Maren Conze (1:49.60) and Sydney Craft (1:50.72).

New Alabany Aquatic Club out of Columbus, Ohio’s suburbs took second in 7:16.95. They were led by a 1:47.70 leadoff leg from Carly Meeting. Finishing in third was Academy Bullets A, a team based out Chicago’s western suburbs. The Bullets had a consistent quartet , with Lauren Wille having the fastest split with a 1:48.10, a pair of 1:49s and a 1:50.25 anchor from Corinne Guist.

Boys 800 free relay

  • Meet record: NCAP- 2015: 6:30.94

Top 8 finishers:

  1. New Albany A: 6:32.06
  2. Arlington Aquatic Club A: 6:37.71
  3. Machine Aquatics A: 6:38.20
  4. Long Island A: 6:38.89
  5. Nation’s Capital A: 6:39.41
  6. Team Greenville A: 6:39.52
  7. Hinsdale A: 6:39,82
  8. FMC A: 6:40.91

After finishing second in the girls 800 relay, New Albany Aquatic Club took the title in the boys 800 relay. They were led by a blistering opening leg by Hudson Williams, who split a 1:35.84 to put NAAC in the lead, which they would never relinquish.

They were pushed in the middle of the race by Arlington Aquatic Club, which was led by James Ewing’s second leg split of 1:36.58. Arlington and New Albany were essentially tied at the halfway point, but Arlington couldn’t keep pace on the relay’s back half.

Rounding out the top three was Machine Aquatics, another team from the DC area. Machine was led by a strong 1:37.71 lead off leg by Noah Dyer.



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Toby Barnett is only a junior actually and has 1 more year before he goes to Indiana

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elmbrook was DQd on the 8free relay but touched at 7:13 and change