2022 NCSA Spring Championships: Day 5 Finals Live Recap

by Robert Gibbs 5

March 19th, 2022 Club, News, Previews & Recaps


  • March 15-19, 2022
  • Rosen Aquatic and Fitness Center, Orlando, Florida
  • Short Course Yards (25 yards), Prelims/Finals
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The 2022 NCSA Spring Championships wrap up tonight with finals of the 50 fly, 200 IM, and 50 free, along with fastest heats of the women’s 1650 free, men’s 1000 free, and the 400 medley relay.

We’ve seen plenty of fast racing all week, and while we probably won’t see quite the meet record bonanza that’s happened the last few nights, several are definitely in jeopardy, including possibly the relay marks.

Women’s 50 Fly – Finals

  • Meet Record – 22.96, Tori Huske (2019)

Top 3:

  1. Campbell Stoll (EBSC) – 23.26
  2. Carly Novelline (WILD) – 23.52
  3. Levenia Sim (TNT) – 23.63

16 year-old Campbell Stoll of Elmbrook Swim Club won her first individual event of the meet with a 23.26 here to kick off the evening. Stoll has made the A-final in a bevy of events this week, and she’ll have an opportunity to earn a second individual victory less than an hour from now — she’s the top seed in the 200 IM too.

100 fre champion Carly Novelline of WILD came within roughly a quarter of a second of her second individual win this week, taking 2nd in 23.52. TNT’s Levenia Sim touched 3rd in 23.63

Men’s 50 Fly – Finals

  • Meet Record – 20.69, Andrew Seliskar (2015)

Top 3:

  1. Scotty Buff (GTAC) – 20.54
  2. Landon Gentry (NCAP) – 21.13
  3. Samuel Bork (MWWM) – 21.27

Greater Toledo’s Scotty Buff continued his assault on the met record book, as the 17 year-old Florida commit parlayed strong walls into a 20.54 win. That appears to be the fastest time ever by anyone in the 17-18 age group. Additionally, that’s the fourth individual victory of the meet for Buff, who’s also won the 50 and 100 back and the 100 fly.

NCAP’s Landon Gentry, a Virginia Tech commit, took 2nd in 21.13, followed by MWWM’s Sam Bork, who’s heading to Florida State, at 21.27.

Women’s 1650 – Fastest Heat

  • Meet Record – 15:40.38, Katie Ledecky (2011)

Top 3:

  1. Madison Smith (RMSC) – 16:21.60
  2. Mary McKenna (LIE) – 16:29.67
  3. Kaitlin Russell (NOVA) – 16:34.70

Top-seeded Madison Smith of RMSC won by over eight seconds, touching in 16:21.60. That’s the second individual win of the week for Smith, who won the 500 free, and took 2nd in the 1000 free. That’s a new lifetime best by three seconds for Smith, with her previous best of 16:24.67 coming just a couple of weeks ago. She was 16:53.08 at this meet last year.

LIE’s Mary McKenna took 2nd at 16:29.67, a few seconds shy of her seed time, while NOVA’s Kaitlin Russell touched 3rd in 16:34.70.

Men’s 1000 – Fastest Heat

  • Meet Record – 8:45.11, Matthew Hischberger (2015)

Top 3:

  1. Levi Sandidge (COR) – 8:58.77
  2. Giovanni Linscheer (COR) – 9:03.20
  3. Sean Green (LIAC) – 9:03.39

There was a bit of deja vu in this event, as the top four men from the 1650 Tuesday night replicated their finish order tonight in the 1000.

City of Richardson teammates Levi Sandidge (8:58.77) and Giovanni Linscheer 9:03.20 once again finished 1-2 at the wall. Just behind Linscheer was 14 year-old Sean Green of LIAC, who touched 3rd in 9:03.39. That appears to move him to #2 all-time in the 13-14 age group, behind only Matthew Hirschberger (9:02.37).

Matthew Marsteiner of WAVE once again took 4th, touching in 9:04.02.

Women’s 200 IM – Finals

  • Meet Record – 1:56.99, Grace Sheble (2021)

Top 3:

  1. Campbell Stoll (EBSC) – 1:57.47
  2. Campbell Chase (COR) – 1:57.62
  3. Zoe Dixon (NOVA) – 1:57.64

This turned into one of the closer events of the night, but in the end, Elmbrook’s Campbell Stoll got her had on the wall first to earn his second win of the night. She touched in 1:57.47, just ahead of COR’s Campbell Chase (1:57.62). The race for 2nd was even closer, as Zoe Dixon of NOVA nearly got Chase at the wall, taking 3rd in 1:57.64.

Men’s 200 IM – Finals

  • Meet Record – 1:43.76, Andrew Seliskar (2014)

Top 3:

  1. Nathaniel Germonprez (ISWM) – 1:44.58
  2. Josh Zuchowksi (FAST) – 1:45.92
  3. Spencer Aurnou-Rhees (NAAC) – 1:46.26

Josh Zuchowski held a narrow lead at the halfway point, but Nathaniel Germonprez lowered the boom with a 30.45 breaststroke split and powered away to win in 1:44.58. That shaves 0.12s off his best time from this morning, and moves him into the top fifty all time in the 17-18 age group.

Zuchowski hung on to finished 2nd in 1:45.92, followed by Spencer Aurnour-Rhees at 1:46.26.

Women’s 50 Free – Finals

  • Meet Record – 21.70, Simone Manuel (2014)

Top 3:

  1. Lucy Thomas (EBSC) – 22.41
  2. Camille Spink (NCAP) – 22.42
  3. Caroline Larsen (FOXJ) – 22.45

Elmbrook’s Lucy Thomas flexed some event range tonight, winning a close race in 22.41. She’d previous won the 50 breast and the 100 breast here this week.

NCAP’s Camille Spink took 2nd in 22.42, just missing out on a second individual victory this week. She won the 200 free and took 2nd in the 100 free earlier this meet.

Caroline Larsen of the Foxjets Swim Team was also in the mix at the touch, stopping the clock just behind the top two at 22.45.

Men’s 50 Free – Finals

  • Meet Record – 19.63, Michael Cavic (2002)

Top 3:

  1. Scotty Buff (GTAC) – 19.56
  2. Sam Bork (MWWM) – 19.97

That’s…count ’em…five individual victories for Scotty Buff this week. Buff did his best dolphin impression coming off of the wall, then didn’t appear to take a breath after surfacing, and won in 19.57.

Not only is that a new personal best for Buff, but it broke a meet record previously set by Michael Cavic back in 2002. Yes, that’s the same swimmer who, six years later while known as Milorad Čavić was famously (or infamously) touched out by Michael Phelps in the 100 fly in Beijing.

Back to the present day, MWWM’s Sam Bork also got under 20 seconds, touching in 19.97. NAAC’s Hudson Williams, the 100 free champion, took 3rd in 20.17.

Women’s 400 Medley Relay – Fastest Heats

  • Meet Record – 3:34.42, Elmbrook Swim Club (2021)

Top 3:

  1. Elmbrook Swim Club – 3:32.19
  2. Nasa Wildcat Aquatics – 3:39.29
  3. Chattahoochee Gold Swim Club – 3:39.91

Elmbrook keeps knocking down meet records. Tonight, they downed their own meet record in the 400 medley by over 2 seconds, touching in 3:32.19. Maggie Wanezek led off in 51.89, Lucy Thomas followed in 59.67, Campbell Stoll split in 51.73 on fly, and Abby Wanezek anchored in 48.90.

Nasa Wildcat Aquatics took 2nd, led by a 52.39 leadoff by Carly Novelline. Chattahoochee Gold finished 3rd in 3:39.91.

Men’s 400 Medley Relay – Fastest Heats

  • Meet Record – 3:12.50, Nation’s Capital (2015)

Top 3:

  1. New Albany Aquatic Club – 3:14.89
  2. FMC Aquatic – 3:16.37
  3. Machine Aquatics – 3:17.71

The New Albany Aquatic Club men have been having a great meet as well, and they demonstrated their prowess tonight with a 1.5s victory to cap off the meet. Hudson Williams led off in 47.06, followed by Spencer Aurnou-Rhees (55.23), Chase Swearingen (48.03), and an 44.57 anchor leg from Brady McInerney (44.57) stopped the clock in 3:14.89.

FMC Aquatic took 2nd in 3:16.37, while Machine Aquatics (3:17.71) just touched ahead of Elmbrook (3:17.81).

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GTAC coaching staff, especially Brent, is doing a great job developing swimmers.

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