2019 Pac-12 Men’s Championships: Day 2 Prelims Live Recap

2019 Men’s Pac-12 Conference Championships

The California Golden Bears have momentum on their side heading into today’s preliminary heats after sweeping both of the relays last night – not to mention two top seeds with Andrew Seliskar in the 200 IM and Pawel Sendyk in the 50 free. Yesterday, Seliskar posted the second fastest 200 free from a rolling-start in NCAA history; watch for him to have a big meet this weekend.

Historically speaking, the Stanford men dominate the 500. Although they’re poised to pick up big here, the field is a lot more wide-open this year. Arizona sophomore Brooks Fail comes in as the top seed, followed by Cardinal freshman Jack LeVant.

Arizona State currently holds a 27 point lead in the team standings – primarily due to diving points – over second place Stanford. Cal is currently 23 points behind Stanford for third.

Men’s 500 Free – Prelims

  • Pac-12 Meet Record: 4:10.67, Grant Shoults, Stanford, 2017
  • Pac-12 Conference Record: 4:08.92, Jean Basson, Arizona, 2009
  • 2019 NCAA Estimated Qualifying Time: 4:15.44

Last year, Stanford put five guys in the A-Final, and took three out of the top four spots the year before that. This year, however, a change of the guard is being lead by USC freshman Victor Johansson, who took the top spot in the heats with his 4:14.52. Cal also picked up big with three A-finalists out of Trenton Julian, Sean Grieshop, and Nick Norman.

Arizona sophomore Brooks Fail secured his soon-to-be first time appearance in a Pac-12 final, as he didn’t make the Arizona roster last year, but qualified for NCAAs in the 500 at a time trial. He finished fourth with a 4:15.99.

Stanford did still get in three guys in the Championship final: sophomores Johannes Calloni and Matthew Hirschberger, along with junior James Murphy finished fifth through seventh.


  1. Victor Johansson, USC – 4:14.52
  2. Trenton Julian, Cal – 4:15.01
  3. Sean Grieshop, Cal – 4:15.96
  4. Brooks Fail, Arizona – 4:15.99
  5. Johannes Calloni, Stanford – 4:16.09
  6. Matthew Hirschberger, Stanford – 4:16.41
  7. James Murphy, Stanford – 4:16.88
  8. Nick Norman, Cal – 4:17.80

Men’s 200 IM – Prelims

  • Pac-12 Meet Record: 1:40.07, David Nolan, Stanford, 2015
  • Pac-12 Conference Record: 1:39.38, David Nolan, Stanford, 2015
  • 2019 NCAA Estimated Qualifying Time: 1:43.88

Arizona freshman David Schlicht, who was a mid-season addition to the Wildcat roster from Australia, dropped a whopping three seconds off of his entry time to finish first in the heats of the 200 IM with his 1:43.12.

Just like in the 500, Cal and Stanford both got three in. Mike Thomas and Andrew Seliskar lead the way for Cal, finishing second and third in the prelims. Abrahm DeVine and Brennan Pastorek occupy the fifth and six spots heading into tonight.

Sophomore Grant House put ASU in their first individual championship final, touching fourth this morning with a 1:43.97.


  1. David Schlicht, Arizona – 1:43.12
  2. Mike Thomas, Cal – 1:43.87
  3. Andrew Seliskar, Cal – 1:43.93
  4. Grant House, ASU – 1:43.97
  5. Abrahm DeVine, Stanford – 1:43.98
  6. Brennan Pastorek, Stanford – 1:44.18
  7. Daniel Carr, Cal – 1:44.29
  8. Alex Liang, Stanford – 1:44.38

Men’s 50 Free – Prelims

  • Pac-12 Meet Record: 18.80, Brad Tandy, Arizona, 2014
  • Pac-12 Conference Record: 18.63, Vlad Morozov, USC, 2013
  • 2019 NCAA Estimated Qualifying Time: 19.35

The California Bears rolled on to claim the top four spots in the preliminary session of the men’s 50 free. Leading the way is Pawel Sendyk, the fastest returner from last year’s meet, at 19.09. Touching behind him was Ryan Hoffer (19.38), Michael Jensen (19.55), and sophomore Nate Biondi (19.56), who just posted a lifetime best in last night’s time trial at 19.47.

USC locked in two swimmers for tonight’s A-Final – Senior Kyle Grissom and sophomore Nikola Miljenic finished fifth and sixth, respectively.

Utah senior Austin Phillips secured the Utes’s first individual finalist in the top eight, placing seventh with his 19.61.


  1. Pawel Sendyk, Cal – 19.09
  2. Ryan Hoffer, Cal – 19.38
  3. Michael Jensen, Cal – 19.55
  4. Nate Biondi, Cal – 19.56
  5. Kyle Grissom, USC – 19.57
  6. Nikola Miljenic, USC – 19.59
  7. Austin Phillips, Utah – 19.61
  8. Brad Zdroik, Stanford – 19.62

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2 years ago

Even if it was suited, interesting to still see Jean Basson’s name up there. Him, Neethling and Schoeman were so good for AZ back in the day. There was a very real RSA -> UA connection during the Busch years.

PK Doesn't Like His Long Name
Reply to  Riley
2 years ago

Plus Ferns and Townsend! That entire relay went to U of A at one point or another.

Swim Addict
2 years ago

I’m just here for seli

Reply to  Swim Addict
2 years ago

Yeah based on last night he will be putting on a show.

2 years ago

Is it just me or are these 500 free times pretty slow? Lots of added time vs seed.

Just Saying
Reply to  SVIRD
2 years ago


Reply to  SVIRD
2 years ago

PAC12 seems about equal to the depth now found in the SEC, ACC and BIG10. When you compare times needed to make the A, B and C finals, the big 4 conferences are surprisingly similar. The PAC12 used to be deeper and faster, but now there is pretty much par among these 4 conferences. If anything, the PAC12 is weaker at the bottom, but also has fewer participating schools.
Time to make top 8, 16, 24
50 Free:
SEC 19.49 19.76 19.95
ACC 19.56 19.80 20.01
BIG10 19.52 19.71 19.83
PAC12 19.62 20.01 20.20

200 IM:
SEC 1:44.84 1:45.71 1:46.47
ACC 1:44.34 1:45.97 1:47.24
BIG10 1:44.83 1:45.88 1:47.41
PAC12 1:44.38… Read more »

Reply to  Wahooswimfan
2 years ago

It’s worth adding how many schools are in each conference too:

PAC 12 – 6
BIG 10 – 10
ACC – 11 (+ Miami diving only)
SEC – 10