Seliskar & Whitley Both Swim Under Pac-12 Meet Record in 200 Breast


A pair of Cal Bears, one a senior and one a freshman, both swam under the Pac-12 Championship Record in the men’s 200 breaststroke on Saturday evening in Federal Way.

The senior, Andrew Seliskar, held the record coming into the meet at 1:51.30, and he holds the record leaving the meet in 1:49.80. The freshman, Reece Whitley, also swam under the old record, touching 2nd in 1:50.62.

Comparative Splits:

1st 50 2nd 50 3rd 50 4th 50 FINAL TIME
Seliskar ’19 24.58 28.02 (52.60) 28.24 28.96 (57.20) 1:49.80
Whitley ’19 25.00 27.98 (52.98) 28.62 29.02 (57.64) 1:50.62
Seliskar ’18 25.10 28.31 (53.41) 28.74 29.15 (57.89) 1:51.30

Those times are lifetime bests for both swimmers. Seliskar’s result jumps him to 5th in the all-time performer rankings, while Whitley now ranks 8th.

Top 10 All-Time Performers, Men’s 200 Yard Breaststroke:

  1. Will Licon – 1:47.91
  2. Kevin Cordes – 1:48.66
  3. Cody Miller – 1:49.31
  4. Josh Prenot – 1:49.38
  5. Andrew Seliskar – 1:49.80
  6. Ian Finnerty – 1:50.17
  7. Chuck Katis – 1:50.54
  8. Reece Whitley – 1:50.62
  9. (TIE) Nic Fink/Andrew Wilson – 1:50.80

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Holy. Sub 1:49 at NC’s?


Seli is like a new swimmer after his breakthrough last summer . . . looking forward to a big NCAAs

Coach Mike 1952



Dressel – beast at the 50 free,100 free/back/breast/fly, 2IM
Seliskar – beast at the 500 free, 200 free/back/breast/fly, 4IM


Seli also provided a 44.8 fly split and 41.9 free split at this meet. He’s not limited to 200s. His versatility is absurd


Flip it around and Seli is a lot better at Dressels events than Dressel is at Seliskars.


Ye but sprinting is king for NCAAs scoring value. Prime NCAAs Dressel was three guaranteed individual firsts and four monstrous relay splits. Seli may be versatile but he can’t touch that level of NCAA scoring potential.

Michael Schwartz

Middle distance guys have always been better at the 100 than sprinters are at middle distance. That holds true over just about any sport you can think of (track, speed skating). Pretty sure if you took Bolt out of the 100 and made him run the mile that he wouldn’t have medaled even in his prime. Doesn’t take away from how great he was at what he did. And let’s be clear, while a 44.8 split in the 100 fly is great, it’s still not exactly a 42.8. And on the topic of dressel swimming Seliskars races, a 1:47.45 in the 200 free LCM isn’t exactly slow either…


Dressel had the NAG in the 200 free for 15/16LCM. He’s good at what he chooses to focus on. Are we actually arguing whether or not Anyone is better than Dressel? Why? Seliskar is really good. But can we make that leap into Dressel-level good? Not yet folks.

Mr Piano

I think that Dressel could have broken the 200 fly and 209 free scy records if he swam them last year. His 200 IM was so nasty, and he wasn’t even fully tapered


And Dressel is a lot better at dressel’s events than Seliskar is at seliskar’s events… I’m not sure what point is trying to be made here. Both are great swimmers but Dressel has 7 world championships and two Olympic gold medals under his belt. Seliskar doesn’t even have an individual NCAA title.

Ol' Longhorn

Hypers gonna hype.

JP input is too short



Agree. Seliskar is an incredible all-around swimmer and still improving – great for him and great for his (our) teams. I hope he does even more fantastic things. However, even if we are talking exclusively about NCAA/short course yards swimming (i.e. disregarding gold medals and world championships…), they are not comparable. Dressel has set barrier-breaking generational records. 17.63, 39.9, 42.8, 1:38.13. Are you kidding me? Any one of those is frankly mind-boggling. And I agree he would have potentially had a shot at the 200 fly and free in SCY. Seliskar has no individual NCAA titles and no NCAA records.This isn’t a reasonable comparison.


Exactly my point.

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