2019 M. NCAAs: Texas Scores 2 Divers, IU 1 on 3-Meter


Texas will once again have two divers in the A final, while Indiana scored one and missed one potential scorer on a missed last dive.

3-Meter Diving – Prelims

Top qualifiers:

  1. Colin Zeng, Tennessee – 432.20
  2. Andrew Capobianco, Indiana – 405.05
  3. Jordan Windle, Texas – 398.15
  4. Briadam Herrera, Miami – 384.00
  5. Noah Vigran, Stanford – 381.00
  6. Grayson Campbell, Texas – 371.70
  7. Jonathan Suckow, Columbia – 367.35
  8. Matthew Wade, Tennesseee – 365.40
  9. Kurtis Matthews, Texas A&M – 363.25
  10. Sam Thornton, Texas A&M -362.55
  11. Kyle Goodwin, Missouri – 362.30
  12. Greg Duncan, Purdue – 360.45
  13. Danny Zhang, Kentucky – 357.00
  14. Youssef Selim, Arizona State – 353.15
  15. David Hoffer, Arizona State – 352.40
  16. Anton Down Jenkins, South Carolina – 351.00

Texas got Jordan Windle and Grayson Campbell back into the A final – they were 5th and 7th last year. Windle qualified third this morning and Campbell, diving last of the 51 divers, slid into 6th with a strong final few dives.

Indiana got Andrew Capobianco back into the A final as the second qualifier. He was 8th last year. But IU missed a huge opportunity in James Connor. Last year’s 6th-place finisher was running fourth until his final dive, when he overrotated and scored mostly twos, dropping all the way out of the top 16. He finished 19th and will not score tonight.

Tennessee put two into the A final, led by Colin Zengwho dominated prelims with 432.20 points – more than 25 ahead of the field. It looks like the sophomores Windle and Capobianco will be the top threats to Zeng in tonight’s A final.

Miami’s Briadam Herrera should also be in the mix. He was 4th, and has previously been an NCAA runner-up, although he redshirted last year.

In terms of team points, Texas is curently projected to score 29 points, if Windle and Campbell hold their spots. Indiana would score 17 if Capobianco holds second.

Consolation finals (for the 9th-through-16th place finishers) will begin shortly. We’ll update once that field completes competition.

3-Meter Diving – Consolation Finals


  • 9th: Greg Duncan, Purdue – 398.20
  • 10th: Sam Thornton, Texas A&M – 381.20
  • 11th: Danny Zhang, Kentucky – 361.70
  • 12th: David Hoffer, Arizona State – 347.80
  • 13th: Anton Down Jenkins, South Carolina – 338.45
  • 14th: Kurtis Mathews, Texas A&M – 326.80
  • 15th: Kyle Goodwin, Missouri – 325.65
  • 16th: Youssef Selim, Arizona State – 304.20

Purdue’s Greg Duncan won the B final, scoring 398.20 to best the other seven divers by 18 points. That 9th-place finish is an improvement on the 11th he took as a freshman last year with UNC before transferring to Purdue.

Texas A&M’s had two very different results. Sam Thornton held 10th place overall, while #9 qualifier Kurtis Mathews faded to 14th.

Projected Scoring

If all prelims places hold in the A final, here’s what each team would score, based on results of the B final:

Team B final points Projected A final points
Projected Diving Score
Tennessee 31 31
Texas 29 29
Indiana 17 17
Miami 15 15
Stanford 14 14
Columbia 12 12
Texas A&M 10 10
Purdue 9 9
Kentucky 6 6
Arizona State 6 6
South Carolina 4 4
Missouri 2 2

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1 year ago


1 year ago

The Texas divers have hit their taper.

Carol Glover
1 year ago

Thank you James Connor, it was a joy watching you dive and represent IU.

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