2017 Men’s Pac-12 Championships: Day 4 Prelims Live Recap


Saturday morning marks the final preliminary session of the 2017 Men’s Pac-12 Championships in Federal Way, Washington. Day 4 prelims brings competition in the 200 back, 100 free, 200 breast, and 200 fly. The timed final heats of the 1650 free will take place in the afternoon, with the fastest heat swimming at the start of finals.

Following day 3 finals, Stanford holds a 92 point lead over Cal with diving scores included. The Bears will look to fight back today with Ryan Murphy in the 200 back, Andrew Seliskar in the 200 fly, and the freshman sprint dup of Pawel Sendyk and Michael Jensen in the 100 free. Stanford should have a huge edge in the 1650 free, however, as they’ll field Grant Shoults, True Sweetser, and Liam Egan.

One of the top races to watch this morning will be the men’s 100 free, as USC’S Dylan Carter and ASU’s Cameron Craig will go head-to-head in heat 6. In last night’s 200 free, Craig ran down Carter for the gold as the 2 swimmers put up a pair of 1:31s. Both have been swimming very well at this meet, so it’s not out of the question that we may see a 41 in the 100 free today. Carter enters as the top seed with a 42.16 from the Texas Invite, while Craig is the 7th seed with his 43.34 from the Art Adamson Invite.


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 1:39.87
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 1:46.39
  • Conference Record: Ryan Murphy, 2016, 1:35.73
  • Championship Record: Ryan Murphy, 2016, 1:36.77
  1. Patrick Mulcare, USC, 1:39.44
  2. Ryan Murphy, Cal, 1:39.83
  3. Patrick Conaton, Stanford, 1:41.24
  4. Richard Bohus, ASU, 1:41.35
  5. Justin McArthur, Utah, 1:41.86
  6. Abrahm DeVine, Stanford, 1:41.72
  7. Thane Maudslien, Arizona, 1:42.11
  8. Andy Song, Cal, 1:42.84

USC’s Patrick Mulcare shaved a couple tenths off his best time to take the top spot in 1:39.44. Cal’s Ryan Murphy, the American Record holder, was also sub-1:40 this morning. Stanford’s Abrahm DeVine took almost 3 seconds off his former best time of 1:44.64 to qualify 6th in 1:41.72 behind ASU’s Richard Bohus, the 100 back silver medalist, and Utah’s Justin McArthur.


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 42.25
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 44.29
  • Conference Record: Vlad Morozov, 2013, 40.76
  • Championship Record: Vlad Morozov, 2013, 41.38
  1. Sam Perry, Stanford, 42.24
  2. Cameron Craig, ASU, 42.39
  3. Justin Lynch, Cal, 42.55
  4. Santo Condorelli, USC, 42.78
  5. Dylan Carter, USC, 42.83
  6. Jorge Iga, Arizona, 43.08
  7. Tadas Duskinas, ASU, 43.18
  8. Michael Jensen, Cal, 43.22

Stanford’s Sam Perry, the defending Pac-12 champ, swam a personal best 42.24 this morning to outpace ASU’s Cameron Craig, who also swam a best time to take 2nd in 42.39. Justin Lynch took almost 2 tenths off his personal best time to finish 3rd in 42.55, just ahead of USC’s standout duo of Santo Condorelli and Dylan Carter.


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 1:52.99
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 1:59.79
  • Conference Record: Kevin Cordes, 2014, 1:48.66
  • Championship Record: Kevin Cordes, 2014, 1:51.80
  1. Steven Stumph, USC, 1:52.82
  2. Ridge Altman, USC, 1:54.63
  3. Christian Lorenz, ASU, 1:54.88
  4. Hunter Cobleigh, Cal, 1:55.68
  5. Matt Whittle, Cal, 1:55.72
  6. Carson Sand, Cal, 1:55.77
  7. Matt Anderson, Stanford, 1:55.84
  8. Nick Sivlerthorn, Cal, 1:55.93

USC’s Steven Stumph was within tenths of his lifetime best, clearing the NCAA ‘A’ cut this morning with a 1:52.82. Teammate Ridge Altman secured the Trojan 1-2 this morning, edging out ASU’s Christian Lorenz for 2nd place.

The Cal Bears got 4 into the final with Matt Whittle, Carson Sand, Hunter Cobleigh, and Nick Silverthorn all picking up spots in the top 8.


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 1:41.86
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 1:47.99
  • Conference Record: Tom Shields, 2013, 1:39.65
  • Championship Record: Tom Shields, 2011, 1:40.31
  1. Justin Wright, Arizona, 1:41.91
  2. Andrew Seliskar, Cal, 1:42.39
  3. Matt Josa, Cal, 1:42.40
  4. Michael Thomas, Cal, 1:42.71
  5. Jimmy Yoder, Stanford, 1:42.92
  6. (T-6) Patrick Park, ASU, 1:43.56
  7. (T-6) Jack Xie, Cal, 1:43.56
  8. Tom Kremer, Stanford, 1:43.96

Cal set up another big points run in this event with Andrew Seliskar, Matt Josa, Michael Thomas, and Jack Xie, but it was Arizona’s Justin Wright who led the way in prelims. Stanford got 2 in with Jimmy Yoder and Tom Kremer. Notably, Cardinal freshman Will Macmillan had the 6th fastest time in prelims with his 1:43.54, but won’t swim in the final as he was entered as an exibition swimmer.

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7 years ago

Kramer and Ogren are underperforming this year.

jay ryan
Reply to  ADSF
7 years ago

Ogren got his NCAA qualifier in December with his 400 IM and is likely swimming thru. I don’t know about Kremer but he is qualified already too. Take it easy in our Bay Area boys.

Back the pac
Reply to  ADSF
7 years ago

When Stanford does well at PAC 12s, people say they blew their taper for their conference meet. When they train through the meet, people say the team is underperforming. This bias against Stanford is ruining the fun of this meet – just let the boys race and see where the cards fall!

pine tree
7 years ago

Stanford by 10 points by my guesstimate.

7 years ago

Was there ever any word on what happened with Nick Norman?

Cal insider
Reply to  Swimnerd
7 years ago

He’s sick

pine tree
7 years ago

I got Stanford winning by about 10 points, at least that’s the way I penciled it.
But that’s paper and points are made in the pool. But of course, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Reply to  pine tree
7 years ago

Not looking good for Stanford, Cal has a guaranteed 20 points already with Murphy, they stacked the 100 free final where Stanford only has one. They got the 200 fly loaded and Seliskar has a good chance to win it. Josa swam a pb in prelims he will probably drop more in finals and Kremer hasn’t been phenomenal this meet. Just imagine if Cal had divers,overall cal has 16 people scoring one guaranteed 20 points and Stanford has only ten and a possibility of winning a final

Reply to  Uberfan
7 years ago

I agree it looks good for Cal but we have to remember Stanford could sweep the podium in the mile and that would definitely make things interesting going into the final 3 events of the night

Peter Davis
Reply to  Swimnerd
7 years ago

Cal probably scores 250+ tonight and Stanford about 200. Cal loses by 10-15

7 years ago

ASU 5 up 4 down
ARI 3 up 5 down
Cal 12 up 4 down
USC 5 up 9 down
Stan 6 up 4 down
Utah 1 up 5 down
this is obviously without the mile
Cal distance is going to need to step up today because the milers of Stanford will perform

7 years ago

Looking at the meet results site, stanford has a 65 point lead through event 15 – is that not right?

Reply to  Lottalatte
7 years ago

That is correct. I do not know why I thought their lead was 90

Reply to  Lauren Neidigh
7 years ago

Check again, I think you’re wrong. The live results have that already worked in. 65 points

7 years ago

9, 10, 11 for Cal in 100 Free. Dave ain’t finna be stoked on that one boys.

Reply to  murica
7 years ago

aren’t you supposed to be doing something in NY?

7 years ago

It will be interesting to see if Stanford can hold off cal tonight. So far Cal is putting a lot more guys in the finals but 90 points worth? I don’t know. This will be a nail bitter I am also too lazy right now to try and figure it out on my own.

Reply to  PKWater
7 years ago

Apparently too lazy to spell correctly… nail-biter

Reply to  PKWater
7 years ago

It could be close. I think Cal probably overtakes them. Stanfords going to have to really dominate the mile to make up for the 200 breast in order to have a shot.

Reply to  Sccoach
7 years ago

Its possible that they will 1,2 the Mile. Furtek and some of the ‘Zona men might be able to help out cal tonight. Does anyone know why Norman is exhibition/not competing?

Reply to  PKWater
7 years ago

Complete guess, but maybe since he was probably going to score in 1 event they thought one of the other guys would score more points between 3 swims.

Reply to  PKWater
7 years ago

Maybe even 1-2-3 depending on how Egan is tapered and how well other milers are swimming. Should be a v close last day

Reply to  PKWater
7 years ago

I haven’t looked up the downs but Cal-12 up, Furd-6. That should make it close

Reply to  School
7 years ago


Sir Swimsalot
Reply to  O\'Neil
7 years ago

Is Shoults swimming the mile?

jay ryan
Reply to  PKWater
7 years ago


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