2017 Arena Pro Swim Series – Indianapolis: Day 3 Prelims Live Recap


The final day of the Indianapolis leg of the 2017 Arena Pro Swim Series will feature 200 fly, 100 breast, 100 back, 200 IM, the women’s 800, and the men’s 1500 free.  While the U.S. is missing a lot of it stars while they’re in the middle of NCAA championship season, there are still plenty of other big name swimmers here.  This morning we’re schedule to see a number of Olympians compete, including Hali Flickinger, Daiya Seto, Katie Meili, Hilary Caldwell, Federica Pellegrini, Arkady Vyatchanin, Ye Shiwen, and Josh Prenot.

Women’s 200 Butterly – Prelims

  • U.S. Open Record: 2:05.96, Mary Meagher, 1981
  1. Hali Flickinger, Athens Bulldog, 2:09.93
  2. Taylor Pike, Razorback Aquatic Club, 2:11.90
  3. Cassidy Bayer, NCAP, 2:12.06
  4. Hannah Saiz, Schroeder YMCA, 2:13.10
  5. Kelsi Worrell, Cardinal Aquatics, 2:13.41
  6. Emily Large, Great Britain, 2:13.61
  7. Katerine Savard, CAMO, 2:13.66
  8. Aya Takano, Japan, 2:14.10

Olympian Hali Flickinger takes the top seed from this morning on the strength of a 2:09.93.  That’s a very solid time for this point in the season, and no other U.S. woman has been faster than that so far this season.  A pair of 17 year-olds, Taylor Pike and Cassidy Bayer, took the next two spots, going 2:11.90 and 2:12.06 respectively.  Veterans Hannah Saiz and Kelsi Worrell both went 2:13-low (2:13.10 v 2:13.41), and Emily Large (2:13.61), Katerine Savard (2:13.66), and Aya Takano (2:14.10) will round out tonight’s A-final.

Men’s 200 Butterfly – Prelims

  • U.S. Open Record: 1:52.20, Michael Phelps, 2008
  1. Zhuhao Li, China, 1:58.53
  2. Daiya Seto, Japan, 1:58.71
  3. James Guy, Great Britain, 1:59.04
  4. Max Litchfield, Great Britain, 1:59.97
  5. Andrew Abruzzo, Plymouth Whitemarsh, 2:00.65
  6. Marcos Lavado, Azura Florida, 2:00.94
  7. Giacomo Carini, Italy, 2:00.98
  8. Nicolas De Farrari, Argentina, 2:01.88

Tonight’s A-final will have a definite international flavor, as seven of the eight finalists hail from outside the US.  Leading the way this morning were two swimmers who broke the 1:59 mark, Zhuhao Li of China (1:58.53) and Daiya Seto (1:58.71).  Two Brits clocked in at 1:59, James Guy (1:59.04) and Max Litchfield (1:59.97).  17 year-old Andrew Abruzzo was the only USA swimmer to make the cut, finishing in 2:00.65.  Marcos Lavado (2:00.94), Giacomo Carini (2:00.98) and Nicolas de Farrari (2:01.88) took the final three spots.  US Olympian Josh Prenot narrowly missed the A-final, taking 8th in 2:02.12.

Women’s 100 Breaststroke – Prelims

  • U.S. Open Record: 1:04.45, Jessica Hardy, 2009
  1. (tie)Katie Meili, New York Athletic Club, 1:06.91
  2. (tie) Molly Hannis, unattached, 1:06.91
  3. Chloe Tutton, Great Britain, 1:08.49
  4. Miranda Tucker, Club Wolverine, 1:08.65
  5. Breeja Larson, New York Athletic Club, 1:08.94
  6. Sarah Vasey, Great Britain, 1:09.00
  7. Hrafnhildur Luthersdottir, Iceland, 1:09.13
  8. Rachel Nicol, LASC, 1:09.21

The prelims times this morning have been a lot quicker than they were in January at the Austin PSS, and this event was no exception.  Katie Meili and Molly Hannis tied for the inside lanes tonight with a pair of 1:06.91s this morning.  That’s almost two seconds faster than the top swim in the morning from Austin, a 1:08.7 by Melanie Margalis.  Three more women were under 1:09 this morning: Chloe Tutton (1:08.49), Miranda Tucker (1:08.65), and Breeja Larson (1:08.94).  The final three swimmers were all within 0.21 seconds of each other: Sarah Vasey (1:09.00), Hrafnhildur Luthersdottir (1:09.13), and Rachel Nicol (1:09.21).  Margalis, meanwhile, finished 10th with a 1:09.37 — that time would have ranked her 5th in the morning at Austin.

Men’s 100 Breaststroke – Prelims

  • U.S. Open Record: 58.94, Kevin Cordes, 2016
  1. Adam Peaty, Great Britain, 59.99
  2. Kevin Cordes, unattached, 1:00.91
  3. Nicolo’ Martinenghi, Italy, 1:00.95
  4. Cody Miller, Badger, 1:01.06
  5. Nicolas Fink, Athens Bulldog, 1:01.20
  6. Felipe Lima, unattached, 1:01.29
  7. Miguel De Lara Ojeda, unattached 1:01.40
  8. Michael Andrew, Race Place Club, 1:01.63

Adam Peaty was his normal Adam Peaty self, taking the top seed by almost a second and breaking the one minute mark with a time of 59.99  Peaty looked fairly relaxed the whole way through, and the U.S. Open mark of 58.94 from last year’s Olympic Trials could be in danger tonight.

The current U.S. Open Record holder, Kevin Cordes, will be swimming right next to Peaty tonight after having the 2nd-fastest time from this morning, a 1:00.91.  Italian Nicolo’ Martinenghi also broke the 1:01 mark, touching in 1:00.95.  A pair of American veterans, Cody Miller and Nic Fink, picked up the next two spots in tonight’s A-final with times of 1:01.06 and 1:01.20, respectively.  Felipe Lima (1:01.29), Miguel De Lara Ojeda (1:01.40), and Michael Andrew (1:01.63) round out the top eight.

Women’s 100 Backstroke – Prelims

  • U.S. Open Record: 58.67, Missy Franklin, 2013
  1. Ali Deloof, Club Wolverine, 1:00.70
  2. Kira Toussaint, unattached, 1:00.94
  3. Jessica Fullalove, Great Britain, 1:01.28
  4. Dominque Bouchard, Oakville Aquatic Club, 1:01.31
  5. Kayla Sanchez, HPC Ontario, 1:01.32
  6. Federica Pellegrini, Italy, 1:01.38
  7. Hilary Caldwell, Island, 1:01.63
  8. Danielle Hanus, Newmarket Stingrays, 1:01.71

Tonight’s A-final will have a distinct northern flavor.  Hailing from the northern US, Club Wolverine’s Ali Deloof will swim in lane four tonight after posting a 1:00.70 this morning.  Kira Toussaint was the only other woman under 1:01, touching the wall in 1:00.94.  Jessica Fullalove placed 3rd with a 1:01.31.  Canadian swimmers will occupy four of the final five lanes: Dominque Bouchard (1:01.31), Kayla Sanchez (1:01.32), Hilary Caldwell (1:01.63), and Danielle Hanus (1:01.71). Sandwiched in between them was Italian Federica Pellegrini, who touched 6th with a 1:01.38.

Men’s 100 Backstroke – Prelims

  • U.S. Open Record: 51.94, Aaron Peirsol, 2009
  1. Xu Jiayu, China, 54.29
  2. Grigory Tarasevich, Louisville, 54.50
  3. Jacob Pebley, California, 54.79
  4. Gustav Hokfelt, unattached, 55.29
  5. Chris Walker-Hebborn, Great Britain, 55.37
  6. Arkady Vyatchanin, New York Athletic Club, 55.49
  7. Ryosuke Irie, unattached, 55.59
  8. Daniel Carr, Pikes Peak, 55.63

Xu Jiayu will be going for a backstroke sweep out of lane four tonight, after touching in 54.29.  Yet, there’s no guarantee that the Chinese Olympian will add another win onto his 200 backstroke victory from last night, as it’ll be a very stacked final tonight.

Russian Olympian and Louisville swimmer Grigory Tarasevich is getting in some long course racing while on taper between the ACC and NCAA championships.  He touched 2nd this morning in 54.50.  US Olympian Jacob Pebley took the 3rd seed in 54.79.

The rest of the field was only separated by 0.34 seconds.  Gustav Hokfelt (55.29) finished just ahead of Chris Walker-Hebborn (55.37).  Arkady Vyatchanin (55.49) touched a tenth of a second faster than Ryosuke Irie (55.59), and Daniel Carr was only 0.04 seconds behind the Japanese Olympian to secure 8th with a 55.63.

Women’s 200 IM – Prelims

  • U.S. Open Record: 2:08.66, Katinka Hosszu, 2015
  1. Sarah Darcel, Island Swimming, 2:15.26
  2. Melanie Margalis, St. Petersburg’s Aquatics, 2:15.34
  3. Shiwen Ye, China, 2:15.51
  4. Miranda Tucker, Club Wolverine 2:16.04
  5. Katie Meili, New York Aquatic Club, 2:16.11
  6. Abbie Wood, Great Britain, 2:16.34
  7. Kayla Sanchez, HPC Ontario, 2:16.74
  8. Hannah Miley, Great Britain, 2:16.82

Another tight field here, as the top three qualifiers finished within 0.25 seconds of each other.  Sarah Darcel led the way with a 2:15.26, followed by a pair of Olympians in Melanie Margalis (2:15.34) and Shiwen Ye (2:15.51).  Miranda Tucker and Katie Meili were only separated by 0.07 seconds, 2:16.04 to 2:16.11.  The last three swimmers to make the A-final were all under 2:17: Abbie Wood (2:16.34), Kayla Sanchez (2:16.74) and Hannah Miley (2:16.82).  Kelsi Worrell just missed out on the A-final, finishing 9th after blasting a 2:16.97 swimming out of the third heat.

Men’s 200 IM – Prelims

  • U.S. Open Record: 1:54.56, Ryan Lochte, 2009
  1. Michael Andrew, Race Pace, 2:01.92
  2. Max Litchfield, Great Britain, 2:02.60
  3. Josh Prenot, California, 2:03.29
  4. Duncan Scott, Great Britain, 2:03.42
  5. Uvis Kalnis, Michigan State, 2:04.10
  6. Daiya Seto, Japan, 2:04.20
  7. Etay Gurevich, Louisville, 2:04.73
  8. Nic Fink, Athens Bulldog, 2:04.87

Race Pace Club’s Michael Andrew had the fastest time this morning, setting the pace with a 2:01.92.  A pair of Brits, Max Litchfield and Duncan Scott, will also swim in the A-final after posing times of 2:02.60 and 2:03.42, respectively.  Josh Prenot slid in between those two, touching in 2:03.29.  Uvis Kalnis (2:04.10), Daiya Seto (2:04.20) and Etay Gurevich (2:04.73) will add more of an international flavor, while Nic Fink rounded out the top eight with a 2:04.87.

Women’s 800 Free

  • U.S. Open Record: 8:06.68, Katie Ledecky, 2016

Men’s 1500 Free

  • U.S. Open Record: 14:45.54, Peter Vanderkaay, 2008

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Be real nice to see a PB from MA tonight. Was his 50 free one?


pb is 22.22. he is really consistent with his 50 though. wouldn’t be surprised if he went under 22.22


Would be nice but I think he put it all out there in the prelims and might be a 2:00 if he skips the 100 br. After seeing him finish the 100 free earlier in the meet I’m not expecting him to dip under 30 on the final 50.


Cordes and Hannis unattached? Any idea where they’re headed???

Hannis is still at Tennessee. Not sure about Cordes.

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