Adam Peaty enjoys first time competing on US Soil (Video)

Reported by Anne Lepesant.


  • U.S. Open Record: 58.94, Kevin Cordes, 2016
  1. Adam Peaty, Great Britain, 58.86
  2. Cody Miller, Badger, 1:00.30
  3. Nicolo’ Martinenghi, Italy, 1:00.33

Adam Peaty was already a half-second ahead of the field by the 50, and his quick tempo propelled him home in clean water. Peaty won with a season-best 58.86, breaking the U.S. Open record set by Kevin Cordes in 2016. Peaty lowered his world-leading time by .08.

It was a rush to the wall for second among Cody Miller, Nicolo’ Martinenghi, and Kevin Cordes. Miller got his hands to the wall .03 ahead of Martinenghi with 1:00.30. Martinenghi, in turn, touched out Cordes by .10, finishing third in 1:00.33.

2016-2017 LCM MEN 100 BREAST


ITA 59.89 12/17
JPN 59.99 11/17
JPN 1.00.02 11/18
CHN 1.00.14 11/18

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Tom from Chicago

An hour each way to train, twice a day, that’s dedication. Impressive. Congrats on the U.S. Open record.

I imagine him answer: “First time I compete on the US soil and that’s the last time! The pool is awful. People are not nice. American breaststrokers are bad. I had no competition. The hotel is very expensive. The food is catastrophic. The weather is worse than in GB. I didn’t know it was possible. I’ve wasted my time here and I can’t wait to go home.” 🙂

He never has competition anywhere

Is he really need to spend so much time training?
He has 1.5 second advance to anyone in the world, maybe he should travel around the world and earn as much as possible, Hosszu-style. It’s bad to say but pro-swimming career is short and he had already win everything (Olympic, World & European Championship) so…


It also appears like he is trying to diversify his events. He’s the 50/100 breaststroke king, but he wants more and that requires training.

I’m not sure if is a great fun to sleep each week in different bed and to have each morning a breakfast from hotel restaurant. Only those who don’t have home with family traditions and love ones around can value such life. I used to have a lot of business trips and yes, it is exciting to see new people, new places. For a while. Very short while.

agree totally. plus he doesn’t like swimming short course, so that eliminates many meets.

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