Michael Andrew: “I wanted to go 1:59.0 coming into the meet” (Video)

Reported by Anne Lepesant. 


  • U.S. Open Record: 1:54.56, Ryan Lochte, 2009
  1. Josh Prenot, California, 1:58.93
  2. Michael Andrew, Race Pace, 1:59.12
  3. Daiya Seto, Japan, 2:00.35

Michael Andrew went out aggressively and built up a full second lead by the halfway mark. He held onto the lead through the breaststroke, but Josh Prenot came back over the final 25 of the freestyle to touch him out at the end. Prenot had been in third place at the 100, and 150 but his freestyle was a full second faster than Andrew’s, and he got the win 1:58.93 to 1:59.12. Still, it was a personal best for Andrew by .32, and he lowered his own World Junior Record with the effort. Daiya Seto touched out Duncan Scott for third, 2:00.35 to 2:00.48. Max Litchfield was just behind them with 2:00.57.

2016-2017 LCM MEN 200 IM


JPN 1.56.90 09/09
JPN 1.57.13 09/03
JPN 1.58.82 11/20
USA 1.58.93 03/04

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Michael Andrew may be at a Tipping Point of his swimming career. He’s reached the top of swimming, but not the Very Top. With Phelps and Lochte out of the competition, the 200 IM is wide open.

He’s still developing his technique and his turns, and can still keep hitting new PBs. He could make his first World Champs team this year.

Is his father his only coach these days?


I still think his 200 free needs to improve (he is too flat and recovery is too tense) if he is going to be great in 200 IM.


He needs to begin focusing on certain events rather than following the Hosszu trend. While Michael may be strong in multiple events, 99% of the time it looks like he begins to go flat after event 3 or 4 and it ends up costing him. He doesn’t have that Phelps-like recovery that allows him to be at his best on the 4th or 5th day of the meet.


+MarkLewis Lochte will be back soon, even though he can’t go to worlds.


MA could be the next great ambassador for swimming.


I’m having a hard time with that comment. With all of the great young Olympians that are JUST getting started (i.e. Caleb Dressel who is dropping time in every one of his events each year without fail, Blake Pieroni, another great freestyler who is consistently improving and upping his game, Clark Smith and Townley Haas, RYAN Murphy for the love of God! I’m just going to stop there because last I recall Ryan Murphy quietly and Humbly earned 3 GOLD medals at his first Olympics AND shattered a world record! So no. I disagree. Before it is suggested that MA become “the next great ambassador of swimming”… Allow him the chance to learn and grow as a swimmer so that… Read more »


Winning an Olympic medal doesnt make you God you are still just a swimmer like the rest of us. He is ready to go out and do his thing and he doesnt have to set a WR and win gold medals to be successful


It’s true he doesn’t need to break world records to be deemed successful, but if he is to be the next embassador of the sport he sure as hell needs to improve


To be successful in the sport of swimming he certainly does


I’m bewildered. ok. “They” are not “swimmers just like the rest of us”. “They” are Olympians. Ryan Murphy won 3 golds. Success is relative. And relative to the aforementioned swimmers, MA is not successful yet. Relative to his own 14 year old self, he is not successful.


you guys are harsh. MA will not sign your autograph book at LA2024


He might not be dominant in the way he was as a 14 y/o age-grouper but the level of skepticism is wacky… he’s improved every year, he’s got WJRs, he finished higher at OTs than Murphy or Dressel or Conger at the same age… this isn’t a woulda/coulda story, it’s one of brightest 2020 Olympic prospects out there. Of course like 99.99% of serious Olympic hopefuls, he still needs to prove that he can take that next step..

Another Swim Nerd

When you go pro at 14 years old, you set the bar higher for yourself. Not saying it’s fair, it’s just the way it is.

bobo gigi

Before being the next great male ambassador of swimming he must start to make his first US team in long course and then win golds at worlds and olympic games.
And honestly I don’t see right now who can be the next great ambassador of swimming on the men’s side.


Let’s start a petition for MA to go swim for Eddie Reese.

DC Guy

I believe that since MA turned pro a couple of years back that he is not eligible to swim in college.


Yes…I thought there might be a post grad/pro group there as well.

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