10 Things Every Female Relates to When Putting on a Tech Suit

Every female swimmer can relate when trying to shove your body into a tiny little paper thin suit that could rip at any second.

1) When you first pull out your tech suit and it looks like it could fit on one foot because your coach made you go down a size.

2) The struggle of trying to decide if you want to put it on before warm ups because you are dry, or have just a little bit more time to actually breathe and put it on after warm ups.

3) When you finally get to the locker room and you sit there just staring at your suit wishing there was an easier way… but there is not. You have to take your time because otherwise you could rip it.

4) You start putting it on and so far you’ve got it over your knees and you are already drenched in sweat.

5) The worst part is getting it over your butt. You and maybe some teammates try for 20 minutes just trying to stuff your butt into this tiny suit that you hope won’t rip.

6) Once you get the butt in, the rest is easy.

7) Thankfully, two piece racing suits have been made, and now you can wear the tops around until your race so you can actually have some feeling in your shoulders.

8) After you swim your race that takes about 2 minutes or less, unless you have the joy of being a distance swimmer you have to take it off. And taking off your tech suit is the best feeling because yon can finally breathe and move.

9) But once you take off your suit, you look like you were in a fight because you now have tiny bruises all over your legs trying to pull the suit on.

10) Even though putting on a tech suit is probably one of the worst things for swimmers, you wouldn’t change it for the world because feeling fast and hitting your times at a meet is all worth the pain you have to endure.


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6 years ago

Having flashbacks to the FS3 nightmare of 2012…

Butler Buck
6 years ago

My 13-year-old daughter wore her first tech suit this weekend for a meet. She was ready to cry last night because her shoulders hurt from the straps…and her thighs were tingling, too, on Saturday. Her coach told her to keep moving her legs and that worked.

She did make the time cuts she was looking for and the smile last night at 8:25 took all of those tears away.

6 years ago

What an ordeal! I’ll never complain again about shimmying cautiously into an expensive pair of super-sheer stockings or tights… at least those stop at the waist.

At the waist if I’m lucky (being both tall and long-legged).

6 years ago

Speedo is definitely my go to suit. Out of all the suits I think it’s the easiest to put on. I have no clue how you put on the closed back suits though

6 years ago

I love that fact that wearing Jolyns has become a thing. Usually I loose all feeling in my shoulders because the suits are way to tight and dig into your skin

6 years ago

It definitely depends on the suits! Arena and blue seventy are paints to put on!

6 years ago

This is so accurate! The butt is the worst part. I always look like an abused victim when putting on my tech suit.

6 years ago

O-Mac in the house!

Every time I ever had to put on a tech suit at the end of the season (especially in the full-body days), I remember being halfway through putting it on and having my arms be tired, and then thinking “Oh my god, I’m going to ruin my taper trying to get this suit on.”

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