2017 Golden Tour Amiens, Day 3 finals recap

FFN Golden Tour Camille Muffat – Amiens

Day 3 A-finals session started with a victory of Katinka Hosszu in the 400m freestyle in a time of 4:13,70 followed by Belgium’s Lotte Goris, 17, in 4:16,01.

France’s Jordan Pothain beat Belgium’s Pieter Timmers in the men’s 200m freestyle: Pothain finished in 1:49,23, Timmers came in about half a second later in 1:49,79.

In the next women’s race, a Belgium swimmer hit the wall first: Fanny Lecluyse took the win in 1:09,62 ahead of France’s Fanny Deberghes in 1:09.70.

Jeremy Desplanches set a new Swiss national record yesterday in the 200m IM and tried today to crack his own national record of 1:01,87 in the 100m breaststroke – he finished not far off in 1:02,29. The victory went to Theo Bussiere (FRA) in 101,83.

Katinka Hosszu snatched her second victory in the 200m backstroke in 2:10,38 – now her fastest time in this season.

David Verraszto (HUN) was successful in the men’s 200m backstroke, he finished in 2:01,01 ahead of France’s Benjamin Stasiulis in 2:01,52.

The first place in the 100m butterfly went to Belgium’s Kimberly Buys (58,80) ahead of Marie Wattel (FRA) in 58,89. Buys holds six Belgium national records while Fanny Lecluyse owns four. Katinka Hosszu took the last place in the A-final in 1:04,32.

Mehdy Metella (FRA) grabbed the win in the men’s 100m butterfly in 52,58, he actually ranked 19th in the world with his season best time of 52,34. His personal best time are 51,24 seconds.

Charlotte Bonnet set the fastest time in the women’s 100m freestyle in 53,97, 0,17 slower than her personal best time. Anouchka Martin finished second in 55,45, Katinka Hosszu ended her competition with a 58,23 (7.). Hosszu started in 17 events over the last three days and reached all finals.

Algeria’s Oussama Sahnoune, who trains in France, sprinted to the first place in the men’s 50m freestyle in 22,54 ahead of France’s Jeremy Stravius (22,89).

The overall winners of the 2017 Golden Tour Camille Muffat are:


  1. Katinka Hosszu (HUN), 127 points – 7000 €
  2. Fanny Lecluyse (BEL), 36 points – 3500 €
  3. Melanie Henique (FRA), 26 points – 2000 €
  4. Charlotte Bonnet (FRA), 25 points – 1500 €
  5. Rikako Ikee (JPN), 20 points – 1000 €


  1. David Verraszto (HUN), 52 points, 7000 €
  2. Mehdy Metella (FRA), 40 points, 3500 €
  3. Jeremy Desplanches (SUI), 32 points, 2000 €
  4. Jordan Pothain (FRA), 26 points, 1500 €
  5. Joris Bouchaut (FRA), 23 points, 1000 €
















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Twelve weeks left before WC but I still have no idea what Katinka Hosszu is up to this year. It was so clearly and intimidatingly stated a year ago from the very beginning: unprecedented 5 solo gold medals at OG. And it looked like that at the start of competition after shocking 400IM and uncontested 100BK. Then 200 fly was dropped to save strongly contested 200IM win and the 200bk lost followed. This year everything is completely different. It is either she has changed her training approach learning lessons from last year or that is where she is now: slowing down. The second day of this meet in Amiens was actually very interesting in this regard. Four 200 and 100BK… Read more »

bobo gigi

Either she peaked in 2016 and with age will now logically decline. Or she has changed her training and swims differently in season. Or she trains less since Rio to rest a little bit with the next 3 years in mind. But at the same time it’s hard to believe she doesn’t dream of shining at home next summer. Right now I would say she swims the 200 IM and the 400 IM. Probably the 200 back too. I have doubts about the 100 back (very high level this year and 200 IM final in mind).


She wants to and will swim till Tokyo. They simply changed her training methods. This year more technical and tactical approach during heavy trainings. E.g. she had started in the gym at 6 o’clock every morning in Debrecen (Nationals) after it she swam all the events. You can analyse for example the 200BR in Debrecen or the 200FR in Amiens. The splits are talking about what they are doing at the moment. Rio? They started the trainings on the next Monday after the Friday’s 200BK final. So, definitely no rest. You are right. It seems that the backs are much more difficult and unforeseeable at the moment. Just as it was before Rio and we could see what happened 🙂


Blob is it any way to see Katinka Hosszu’s races in Amiens. Especially her backstroke events. You are so good with the links to foreign competitions, so you may have some from French sources. I’m not that fluent in French to Google using this language. Thanks.


This autocorrect kills me. Bobo – not Blob (don’t even know what it is 🙂 )


I’m sure she will be perfect in Budapest. As I said, last year was the Europeans before OG and the European Championship was always important for Hungary. This year is nothing before the Worlds.
I think she will swim at least the heats in 100BK and after it they will determine what to do in the afternoon. The schedule is far from the best for her that evening. She will swim the two IMs, the 200BK and some relays. 200free? I don’t think she’ll swim it.


RIEZ was seriously betting ( two pints 🙂 ) that she will also swim 200fly. And not just swim but will do it in 2:04 mid
I see that not only outsiders who are not aware about early morning gym exercises but Hungarians are also confused by Hosszu’s plans and abilities this year. 🙂


Only about the plans not the abilities. 🙂 We’ll know her schedule on the very last day. I think Szilagyi and Jakabos will swim the 200fly (don’t forget Rio) and Hungary will need Katinka in the 4x200m final that day.

bobo gigi

Men’s 200 back French age group record in the age 16 category by Mewen Tomac in 2.02.59.


Daniela, Katinka reached only the B final in 50BR, otherwise it’s also a final:)