2016 European Championships Day 5 Prelims Live Recap


  • Monday, May 16th – Sunday, May 22nd
  • Prelims: 10:00 AM (London Time) / 5:00 AM (Eastern Time)
  • Finals: 6:00 PM (London Time) / 1:00 PM (Eastern Time)
  • London Aquatics Center, London, UK
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Last night, Laszlo Cseh had a “big swim” that changed the landscape of the world 200 Butterfly. Today he will start to try and win his third butterfly medal of the week, after taking silver in the 50 butterfly on day 2.

Radoslaw Kawecki would love to make a similar statement in the 200 backstroke. He is the class of the field here but a little improvement could put him in the gold medal conversation.

Men’s 200 Backstroke

  1. David Foldhazi, HUN 1:57.69
  2. Radoslaw Kawecki, POL 1:58.41
  3. Yakov Toumarkin, ISR 1:58.44
  4. Gabor Balog, HUN 1:58.70
  5. Luke Greenbank, GBR 1:58.81
  6. Danas Rapsys, LTU 1:58.95
  7. Christopher Ciccarese, ITA 1:59.08
  8. Luca Mencerini, ITA 1:59.19

The field was reserved in this morning final, with no swimmers approaching the meet record of 1:55.28 by Kawecki. The Polish star won two years ago in 1:56.02, but will need to go faster in this meet to take victory.

Both Kawecki and Balog will advance to the semi and have a chance to match their medals from 2014. Kawecki was the top European when he won a silver medal at last summer’s worlds. The swimmer that was hot on his heels, now European record holder Evgeny Rylov, is one of many Russian starts not taking part this weekend.

Women’s 200 Freestyle

  1. Femke Heemskerk, NED 1:57.91
  2. Federica Pellegrini, ITA 1:57.96
  3. Charlotte Bonnet, FRA 1:58.54
  4. Patricia Castro, ESP 1:58.72
  5. Nina Rangelova, BUL 1:59.17
  6. Maria Ugulkova, SUI 1:59.47
  7. Esmee Vermeulen, NED 1:59.51
  8. Melanie Costa, ESP 1:59.51

Sarah Sjostrom declined to participate, leaving the event a little bit more wide open. Pellegrini is won two years ago and was even faster in Kazan. Heemskerk was also a medalist in Berlin last time around.

Both Pellegrini and Heemskerk present contrasting styles that should make for entertaining races through the semi and finals. Heemskerk is more aggressive, while Pellegrini will almost certainly win if she is within striking range on the final 50.

Men’s 100 Butterfly

  1. Laszlo Cseh, HUN 52.05
  2. Piero Coda, ITA 52.38
  3. Pawel Korzeniowski, POL 52.46
  4. Konrad Czerniak, POL 52.48
  5. Mehdy Metella, FRA 52.49
  6. Matteo Rivolta, ITA 52.65
  7. Lyubomyr Lemeshko, UKR 52.65
  8. Soeren Dahl, DEN 52.78

Laszlo Cseh once again led qualifying with a strong 52.05. If his performance in this race follows the last two, it is possible that we could see a 50 second 100 butterfly from the Hungarian in the final.

That time would break Czerniak’s meet record of 51.38, set when he beat Cseh two years ago for the title in Berlin. Both Czerniak and Metella has been 51 low before, but both will need to find big improvements to overcome Cseh.

Women’s 50 Backstroke

  1. Georgia Davies, GBR 27.87
  2. Mie Nielsen, DEN 28.02
  3. Francesa Halsall, GBR 28.12
  4. Maaike De Waard, NED 28.17
  5. Mimosa Jallow, FIN 28.31
  6. Katarina Listapadova, SVK 28.55
  7. Caroline Pilhatsch, AUT 28.57
  8. Theodora Drakou, GRE 28.57

Both Halsall and Davies bested Nielsen two years ago, but the Dane is hot after her big victory in the 100 backstroke. It is very likely that the championship record of 27.64 will be in play as we go through the next two rounds.

Nielsen was 27.7 last summer to finish 6th at Worlds, the highest finish of any European swimmer in that race.

Men’s 50 Breaststroke

  1. Adam Peaty, GBR 26.93
  2. Peter Stevens, SLO 27.32
  3. Andrea Toniato, ITA 27.37
  4. Damir Dugonjic, SLO 27.49
  5. Caba Siladji, SRB 27.54
  6. Ross Murdoch, GBR 27.57
  7. Panagiotis Samilidis, GRE 27.72
  8. Sami Aaltomaa, FIN 27.73

Adam Peaty wasted no time in putting a scare in his meet record of 26.82 in this morning’s preliminary. The British star, having already won the 100 earlier in the meet, is an overwhelming favorite to capture this final.

Peter Stevens, who trains in the US at the University of Tennessee, continues to have a strong year, led two Slovenians into the semi. Italy, Britain qualified two a piece as well.

Mixed 4×100 Freestyle Relay

  1. Netherlands 3:26.89
  2. Italy 3:28.56
  3. Sweden 3:29.87
  4. France 3:30.42
  5. Turkey 3:30.51
  6. Hungary 3:31.65
  7. Norway 3:33.78
  8. Estonia 3:36.26

Many Nations continue to treat the mixed relays as a sideshow, not deigning to use their best possible lineups. This morning’s preliminary avoided the embarrassment of the mixed medley, where two disqualifications thrust Moldova into the final.

Eighth place Estonia was still 10 seconds behind the leading Dutch squad. The Netherlands got a solid leadoff leg from Ben Schweitert (49.38) as well as a good anchor from Maud van der Meer (53.87).

Women’s 1500 Freestyle

  1. Boglarka Kapas, HUN 16:14.43
  2. Mireia Belmonte Garcia, ESP 16:14.74
  3. Maria Vilas Vidal, ESP 16:15.50
  4. Tjasa Oder, SLO 16:19.95
  5. Simona Quadarella, ITA 16:26.45
  6. Adel Juhasz, HUN 16:28.05
  7. Julia Hassler, LIE 16:30.82
  8. Gaja Natlacen, SLO 16:31.56

The biggest story in this race will be Belmonte continuing to test her post-injury form. She was in good shape two years ago to set the championship record and a similar time will bode well for her in Rio.

Kapas, perhaps the best Hungarian swimmer with the least attention, will try to make it a distance double after her win in the 800 earlier.

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bobo gigi
5 years ago

Sjöström has scratched the 200 free prelims. Good news for Charlotte Bonnet. 🙂
No 200 free individual last year at worlds.
No 200 free individual here.
In Rio? Mystery….
100 fly/100 free/50 free and the relays?
Anyway if she wants to beat both Campbell sisters in the 100 free, she must be the freshest possible in my opinion.

5 years ago

I think she should do the 200m free at Rio. She is virtually guaranteed at least a silver, whereas she could easily miss out altogether in the 50m.

The reason she’s dropped out here is that she’s only doing the first five days of the championships – no point in swimming the heats and semis of the 200m free but not the final.

Reply to  Chris DeSantis
5 years ago

Last year, she split 1:55.69 in the 4×200 prelims and lead off in 1:54.31.
She does it every year, swimming in both prelims and finals of 4×200 with great results. I agree with Iain, she will win at least silver in 200 free. Why throw such opportunity to medal away?

Even at her freshest possible, she has never beaten both Campbell sisters. Do you really think she will do it in Rio?

Reply to  Chris DeSantis
5 years ago

2013 Barcelona World championships. Look it up.
Didn’t seem to affect her 100 free and fly in the slightest.

Swedish swimfan
Reply to  Chris DeSantis
5 years ago

I’m pretty sure she said in an interview that she is swimming the 200 free in Rio, and to be honest she should. She is a great 200 freestyler and will definitely have a bigger shot there than in the 50 free, and she knows that too.

Reply to  Swedish swimfan
5 years ago

I think she should skip the 200 free individually, otherwise it gives her 5 x 200’s race speed. Drawback with the 50 is that her start is not as good as some of the other sprinters, but her swimming speed might be the best.

Reply to  Dan
5 years ago

Sjostrom has the best swimming speed? Have you not ever seen Cate Campbell swim, especially between 20 to 50 m?

5 years ago

.99 reaction time by Cseh because of lane 3 false start and still wins handily.
Gotta love that guy.

bobo gigi
Reply to  Jiggs
5 years ago

He pushed only the last 10 meters to win his heat and it was impressive.

Reply to  bobo gigi
5 years ago

Yeah, he’s mastered all distances of butterfly: 200, 100, 50 & 10

bobo gigi
5 years ago

Philippe Lucas said that he saw Peaty make 40 minutes of medicine ball yesterday.
Imagine in Rio when he will swim much more rested.

Reply to  bobo gigi
5 years ago

I did say he wasn’t lying when he said he only partially rested for nationals! Mel Marshall is too blunt to play those mind-games, they want to break that WR in Rio, and they are on track to do just that.

5 years ago

Mixed relay heat – van der Meer a 53.87 split (I believe her first sub-54). Very encouraging for the Dutch relay.

5 years ago

I wish the mixed relays were 4x50s and not 4x100s.
It would be more exciting, with people on both sides of the pool.
It would be a new event and might be less predictable (MMFF) with the shorter distance.
And it would get more 50s in competition for the stroke sprinters.

bobo gigi
Reply to  Jiggs
5 years ago

I wish there were no mixed relays at all.

If they ever add in the future those mixed relays at olympic games while they shockingly refuse the women’s 1500 free, then hold me back, or I’m going to do someone some damage!

Reply to  bobo gigi
5 years ago

Ha ha ha ha!
Can’t wait to witness you do someone some damage. Well put.

Reply to  Jiggs
5 years ago

Mixed relays are a waste of time. I would not be averse to 4×50 relays though. I think they would make sense. I would go as far as replacing the 4×200 freestyle relay (which bores me to no end) with a 4×50 free, or medley, relay

5 years ago

Talk about Sarah Sjostrom:
50/100/200 free, 100 fly and all 3 replays are pretty heavy for her. For me, she needs to choose between 50 and 200m free. I will die happy if she takes the 200m free seriously. That race will be epic – The Race of Century in the women’s event. But we don’t know exactly what her plan is. Maybe she will try the quadruple like Franklin in 2012 ??? She is young, powerful, very smart and nothing is impossible.

5 years ago

Sjostrom does not like to swim the 200 free. She does great on the relays but not as good on her individual race. Also she does not like to race against Pellegrini.

Reply to  Jrsaba
5 years ago

I don’t think she likes swimming 200 indeed, but what is the Pellegrini talk about? I think Sarah beat Pellegrini in Setticolli a few times in the last years. And when she won the SC Worlds 2014 in Doha, broke the WR she crushed Pellegrini the last 50m.

Reply to  Joe
5 years ago

Pellegrini hates to swim on the SC, she’s doesn’t care and she’s not good there. Sarah never beat Pellegrini in any LC big event.
Worlds 2009: pellegrini 1st, sarah 14th
Worlds 2011: pellegrini 1st, sarah 4th
Worlds 2013 pellegrni 2nd sarah 4th
Sarah can swim fast but is hard to beat Pellegrini in the finals, the same thing Heemskerk: she can swim super fast but on the final she does not beat Pellegrini

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