2016 Australian National Championships: Day 4 Finals Live Recap


Women’s 100 Butterfly Multi-Class

Taylor Corry (SB14) took the women’s 100 butterfly multi-class in a time of 1:09.63, which is equal to 937 points. She was followed by Madeline Scott (SB9) who posted a 1:10.35 earning 854 points and Prue Watt (SB13) who recorded a 1:09.72 collecting 811 points.

  1. Taylor Corry (SB13) – 1:09.63
  2. Madeline Scott (SB9) – 1:10.35
  3. Prue Watt (SB13) – 1:09.72
  4. Emily Beecroft (SB9) – 1:11.78
  5. Teigan van Roosmalen (SB13) – 1:10.14
  6. Katherine Downie (SB10) – 1:09.17
  7. Paige Leonhardt (SB10) – 1:11.53
  8. Nikesh Harding (SB14) – 1:16.96

Men’s 100 Butterfly Multi-Class

Brenden Hall (SB13) won the men’s 100 butterfly multi-class in a time of 1:02.13 earning 852 points. Sam Bamham (SB9) finished second in a time of 1:03.72 collecting 790 points while Rick Pendleton (SB10) finished third posting a time of 1:00.61, which equals 788 points.

  1. Brenden Hall (SB13) – 1:02.13
  2. Sam Bamham (SB9) – 1:03.72
  3. Rick Pendleton (SB10) – 1:00.61
  4. Timothy Hodge (SB9) – 1:04.08
  5. Braeden Jason (SB13) – 1:00.02
  6. Jesse Aungles (SB8) – 1:06.75
  7. Matthew Hearne (SB10) – 1:01.88
  8. Aidan Yourell (SB10) – 1:02.39

Men’s 100 Freestyle (Semi-Final)

  • Olympic Qualifying Standard – 48.49
  • Australian Record – Eamon Sullivan – 47.05

Cameron McEvoy was the top qualifier in the men’s 100 freestyle posting a time of 48.09. McEvoy was well off his season’s best of 47.59, which sits atop of the world rankings. Matthew Abood, who is attempting to qualify for his first Olympic team, put up the second fastest time of the evening recording a 48.89.

James Roberts finished third in a time of 49.04. 17 year old Kyle Chalmers, who was the fastest qualifier in the prelims posting a 48.61, had the fourth fastest time of the evening hitting the wall in a time of 49.06.

  1. Cameron McEvoy – 48.09
  2. Matthew Abood – 48.89
  3. James Roberts – 49.04
  4. Kyle Chalmers – 49.06
  5. Kenneth To – 49.19
  6. James Magnussen – 49.21
  7. Will Stockwell – 49.29
  8. Jack Gerrard – 49.33

Women’s 200 Freestyle

  • Olympic Qualifying Standard – 1:56.95
  • Australian Record – Emma McKeon – 1:55.53

Emma McKeon has had a fantastic meet so far. On the second night of the championships she qualified for her first Olympic team winning the the women’s 100 butterfly in a time 56.89 and this evening she won the women’s 200 freestyle in a time of 1:54.83, breaking her own Australian record of 1:55.53 by over a half a second.

McKeon’s time is faster than the winning time from last year’s World Championships and places her second in the world rankings only four tenths of a second behind American Katie Ledecky.

2015-2016 LCM Women 200 Free

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McKeon’s teammate Bronte Barratt finished second in a time of 1:56.34. Barratt, who is swimming in her last Australian Championships, was over half a second over her lifetime best, but qualifies for her third Olympic team. Madeline Groves made it a clean sweep of the medals for St Peters Western as she finished third hitting the wall in a time of 1:57.84.

Leah Neale rounded out the top four touching in a time of 1:58.12.

  1. Emma McKeon – 1:54.83
  2. Bronte Barratt – 1:56.34
  3. Madeline Groves – 1:57.84
  4. Leah Neale – 1:58.12
  5. Tamsin Cook – 1:58.14
  6. Carla Buchanan – 1:58.34
  7. Jessica Ashwood – 1:58.73
  8. Mikka Sheridan – 1:59.70

Men’s 200 Butterfly

  • Olympic Qualifying Standard – 1:55.75
  • Australian Record – 1:54.46 – Nick D’Arcy

In the most thrilling race of the Australian Championships so far David Morgan took the men’s 200 butterfly in a time of 1:55.63 just ahead of defending champion Grant Irvine who touched in a time of 1:55.73. Both Morgan and Irvine went under the Olympic qualifying time of 1:55.75.

Morgan took a slight lead at the 50 meter mark, turning eight one-hundredths of a second ahead of Irvine, who then took over the lead heading into the last 50 meters. Morgan a great last final lap overtaking Irvine for the win.

  • Morgan – 25.72/55.67 (29.95)/1:25.81 (30.14)/1:55.63 (29.82)
  • Irvine – 25.80/55.06 (29.26)/1:25.13 (30.07)/1:55.73 (30.60)

Their times place them fifth and seventh in the world rankings.

2015-2016 LCM Men 200 FLY

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Although this race was close the two finished even closer at last year’s championships where Irvine won the event in a time of 1:55.98 followed by Morgan who posted a 1:55.99.

With Irvine’s berth onto the team that makes it seven athletes from St Peters Western heading to Rio.

Keiran Qaium finished third in a time of 1:56.84.

  1. David Morgan – 1:55.63
  2. Grant Irvine – 1:55.73
  3. Keiran Qaium – 1:56.84
  4. Hugo Morris – 1:57.77
  5. Christopher Wright – 1:58.07
  6. Nicholas Brown – 1:58.17
  7. Will Harmsen – 2:00.24
  8. Isaac Jones – 2:01.75

Women’s 200 Butterfly (Semi-Final)

  • Olympic Qualifying Standard – 2:07.69
  • Australian Record – Jessicah Schipper – 2:03.41

In her second swim of the night Madeline Groves put up the fastest qualifying time in the women’s 200 butterfly. Groves took her semi-final heat in a time of 2:09.04, well off her season’s best of 2:06.36, which ranks third in the world. Brianna Throssell recorded a time of 2:09.17 while Alice Stuart posted a time of 2:11.37.

Both Groves and Throssell will have to drop their times significantly in tomorrow’s final to dip under the Olympic qualifying standard of 2:07.69.

  1. Madeline Groves – 2:09.04
  2. Brianna Throssell – 2:09.17
  3. Alice Stuart – 2:11.37
  4. Laura Taylor – 2:11.60
  5. Nicole Mee – 2:12.08
  6. Emily Washer – 2:14.02
  7. Alexandra Good – 2:14.30
  8. Tianni Gilmour – 2:14.39

Men’s 200 Breaststroke (Semi-Final)

  • Olympic Qualifying Standard – 2:09.64
  • Australian Record – Christian Sprenger – 2:07.31

Matthew Wilson was the top qualifier for the men’s 200 breaststroke final posting a time of 2:10.68. Nicholas Schafer had the second fastest time of 2:11.62 followed by Jake Packard who touched in a time of 2:12.92.

Australia had no one qualify for the World Championships in this event at last year’s Australian Championships as Schafer won the event in a time of 2:12.47.

  1. Matthew Wilson – 2:10.68
  2. Nicholas Schafer – 2:11.62
  3. Jake Packard – 2:12.19
  4. Lennard Bremer – 2:12.85
  5. Alex Milligan – 2:13.72
  6. George Harley – 2:14.10
  7. Joshua Tierney – 2:14.13
  8. Daniel Cave – 2:14.89

Women’s 200 IM

  • Olympic Qualifying Standard – 2:11.39
  • Australian Record – Stephanie Rice – 2:07.03

Olympic silver medalist Alicia Coutts qualified for Rio in the women’s 200 IM taking the event in a time of 2:09.95, well under the Olympic qualifying time of 2:11.39. Coutts, who has been battled injuries throughout the 2014-15 season, missed qualifying for last year’s World Championships in Kazan.

Rio will be her third and final Olympic Games as she announced that she will be retiring at the end of the season.

Her time places her third in the world rankings.

2015-2016 LCM Women 200 IM

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The battle for the second spot on the team was an exciting one between Kotuku Ngwati and 400 IM champion Blair Evans. Both women went under the Olympic qualifying time as Ngwati posted a 2:11.03 finishing 11 one-hundredths of a second ahead of Evans who recorded a 2:11.14.

  1. Alicia Coutts – 2:09.95
  2. Kotuku Ngwati – 2:11.03
  3. Blair Evans – 2:11.14
  4. Keryn McMaster – 2:12.45
  5. Ellen Fullerton – 2:13.15
  6. Aisling Scott – 2:13.62
  7. Calypso Sherdian – 2:16.83
  8. Holly Brettle – 2:18.02

Women’s 200 Freestyle Multi-Class

Lakeisha Patterson (SB8) won the women’s 200 freestyle multi-class in a time of 2:18.98 earning 988 points. Kayla Clarke (SB14) finished second in a time of 2:16.25, which equates to 772 points, followed by Katja Dedekind (SB13) who hit the wall in a time of 2:20.97 collecting 754.

  1. Lakeisha Patterson (SB8) – 2:18.98
  2. Kayla Clarke (SB14) – 2:16.25
  3. Katja Dedekind (SB13) – 2:20.97
  4. Jade Lucy (SB14) – 2:19.89
  5. Taylor Corry (SB14) – 2:20.05
  6. Amy Cook (SB14) – 2:22.46
  7. Nicole Miro (SB10) – 2:33.45
  8. Elizabeth Slack (SB9) – 2:31.74

Men’s 200 Freestyle Multi-Class

Daniel Fox (SB14) won the men’s 200 freestyle multi-class in a time of 1:57.54, which equates to 968 points. Liam Schluter (SB14) finished second in a time of 1:59.57 earning 919 points followed by Joshua Alford (SB14) who hit the wall in a time of 2:00.05 collecting 908 points.

  1. Daniel Fox (SB14) – 1:57.54
  2. Liam Schluter (SB14) – 1:59.57
  3. Joshua Alford (SB14) – 2:00.05
  4. Logan Powell (SB9) – 2:13.22
  5. Ben Popham (SB8) – 2:24.28
  6. Aidan Yourell (SB10) – 2:13.10
  7. Reagan Wickens (SB6) – 2:44.40

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5 years ago

McKeon into the 1.54s, wow!!!!! She is now a player in the 200, though she is up with 2 of the best swimmers in the world.

Reply to  Robbos
5 years ago

A very pleasant surprise from McKeon; especially a PB of that magnitude. Where it will place her in the overall scheme of things will only be known after Trials Season has been completed but one would think that it would at least have her contending for the final.

Times behind the two place-getters, as expected, poor. Whilst a W4X200 will be fielded, it may be “de-prioritised” with zero “relay only” selections.

Reply to  commonwombat
5 years ago

such a negative remark. at 1:54 she isn’t “contending for the final”, contending suggests fighting for a chance. she’s contending for a medal. she’ll definitely final (as she has demonstrated in past international swimming events, she’s not her brother)

Reply to  anon
5 years ago

It is not a negative statement at all but rather a statement of reality. We will NOT know how the picture will look until we have all the Trials out of the way.
Will we have any other outing from Sjostrom ?
Have we heard from Pellegrini ?
Will SMOC (with a similar PB to McK) be seriously swimming the 200free this year ?
Then there’s the Americans. Whilst its a sound bet that Ledecky will be quicker than her current time, will there be anything from the likes of Franklin and/or Schmitt ?

1.54 would most certainly have got you a medal last year but we are already seeing that its a good deal quicker… Read more »

Reply to  commonwombat
5 years ago

No-one mentioned a medal, but @ 1.54 she is not merely contending for a final. She is young & improving. While Ledecky has swam a 1.54 this year & Sjostrom last year. Only Heemskerk of other swimmers has gone 1.54 in the last 3 years, so I wouldn’t say she the main attraction at the table, but sitting very close to her.

5 years ago

Mckeon went out so fast (55.27) and came home in only 29.95. But overall her performance is still impressed. She can win the bronze medal:)))

5 years ago

Bizarre men’s 100m free semis. Chalmers qualifies 4th and Magnussen 6th, both well outside their heat times. McEvoy 48.0 and Abood the only other sub-49.

Commonwombat will I’m sure be devastated to see that D’Orsogna has missed the final.

Reply to  Iain
5 years ago

Haha Iain, I’m glad D’Orsogna missed the final. I’m sick and tired of not seeing him step up and perform internationally. I hope Abood is successful tomorrow night in the final.

Reply to  petriasfan
5 years ago

Good to see Abood swim that time, mainly for relay reasons. He’s no shooting star but he is a reliable relay performer; which is something that cannot be said for Tommy the Tourist.

Barring disaster between now and tomorrow night … or false starting McEvoy is assured qualification. The 2nd spot is far from certain; those touting sub48 from Chalmers need to dial it back. He’s only been below the QT once and only just. Magnussen …. not even assured of a plane ticket.

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