3 Questions to Better Habits in Swim Practice

Excellence in the pool, whatever that may mean for you, requires not only focus on improving technique, on showing up and consistently working hard, but in installing these behaviors and actions as habits.

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The Calm Before the Swimming Storm

For those of you who don’t get along with your coach, or just want to strengthen your relationship, here are 5 tips for a great coach-to-athlete relationship:

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5 Important Things in a Good Coach to Athlete Relationship

For those of you who don’t get along with your coach, or just want to strengthen your relationship, here are 5 tips for a great coach-to-athlete relationship:


How Meghan Small is coming up big for the York YMCA

In a couple-week period chock full of outstanding short course yard swimming, perhaps no one had a more impressive run than 16-year-old York YMCA standout Meghan Small.


Going Back to the Drawing Board

When the championship meet is over—whether it’s the Olympics, NCAA’s, junior nationals, high school championships, or anything in between—swimmers need…


How Foam Rolling Maximizes Your Performance

Foam rolling uses your bodyweight against a cylindrical foam roller to produce some of the same positive effects on your body that deep tissue or sports massages provide, at a fraction of the cost.


Miriam Sheehan of Phoenix Swim Club Breaks Girls 10 & Under NAG in 50M Back

Ten-year-old Miriam Sheehan of Phoenix Swim Club broke Grace VanBrunt’s NAG record in the Girls 10 & Under 50m back on Friday in Phoenix, Arizona.


16 Swimmers You See in Practice

We spend an hilarious amount of time swimming back and forth between the lane lines with our teammates. Which of the following 16 best describes your teammates?


TYR Sport Launches All New Spring / Summer Collection

TYR Active, the first of three lines featured Wednesday, includes everything from tights and tankinis to bikinis and swim shirts. Exceeding the bounds of traditional swimwear, each piece effortlessly transitions from the sea to the sand and the studio.

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Technology Meets Fashion with Arena’s New Limited Edition POWERSKIN ST

Swimmers and fans at the YMCA National Championships got a first look at Arena’s new Limited Edition POWERSKIN ST yesterday, as…

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Be Ready So You Don’t Have to Get Ready

One of the most overlooked aspects of a swimmer’s training is the way that they prepare. Will you be ready to swim fast?


The Race Club Launches Triathlon Swim Camps

The Race Club is proud to announce our first triathlon swim camp specifically for Triathletes and open water swimmers.

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5 Steps to Kick Start Your Spring Training

Spring is a fresh start for swimmers as they re-focus their training toward summer competition. Following taper, a championship meet, and a few days off from practice, however, that “re-focus” part can be difficult. Here are 5 steps to kick start your spring training…

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More Glimpses of Michael Phelps’ New Aqua Sphere Line Released

Yesterday, Michael Phelps fans everywhere anticipating the official arrival of his Aqua Sphere product line were treated to another taste…