Learn the Band-Bent Over Neck Pull for Your Swim Strength Program

Today we are introducing the Band-Bent Over Neck Pull. This is a good starting point in the body weight pullup progression as it negates the effect of gravity.

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10 Confessions of a Washed-Up Swimmer

All good things come to an end. Here are 10 confessions of a washed-up swimmer.


8 Reasons to Attend USA Swimming Foundation’s Adult Performance Camp

#4 – Jason Lezak! Learn from swimming’s most beloved hero, the man that anchored the most famous relay in Olympic swimming history.

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Be Just a Little Bit Better in the Pool Today

Will you do the little things necessary to be just a bit better in the pool today

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5 Ways to Measurably Improve Your Swimming This Year

Beyond total volume, which isn’t very indicative of performance, here are 5 sneaky ways to measurably improve your swimming this season.

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Bill Pilczuk on How to Develop an Explosive Start

World 50m Freestyle Champion Bill Pilczuk stops by to share 4 tips for how to develop an unstoppable start.


Learn The Barbell Back Squat for Your Swim Strength Program

With the added load of the bar on your back, focus on your balance, especially on the downward movement of the squat.

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How to Get Recruited for College Swimming

Considering taking your talents to the collegiate level? Here is a quick guide on how to get recruited for collegiate swimming.

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Learn The Medicine Ball Squat to Focus on Stability

Welcome to day 4 of the Building Blocks progression powered by BridgeAthletic.

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What Is The One Thing You Can Do to Swim Faster This Year?

Being great in the pool isn’t about being excellent at 10 or 20 things. Usually, it boils down to figuring out what that one thing is for each swimmer.

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Shout From The Stands: Achieve Greatness One Lap at a Time

Swimmers know all too well the pain and suffering that goes along with being the best in the water.

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Learn The Split Squat to Focus on Lower-Extremity Stability

The split squat will target the stabilizers, as well as the major lower-extremity muscle groups.


Create a thing of Beauty With Your Backstroke Start

A great backstroke start is a thing of beauty. I liken it to a dolphin leaping out of the water or David Boudia scoring a perfect 10 off of the 10-meter tower. You see no splash and hear no splash.

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Kettlebells for Swimmers

It’s short course season and speed in and out of the walls can win or lose a race. Explosive strength can make the difference and developing that type of strength was the goal for this kettlebell progression with Larry Arnold.

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The 1 Thing Every College Freshman Swimmer Needs to Know

Many swimmers will be heading to collegiate programs for the first time this year. Here is something that every freshman swimmer needs to know.