Michael Phelps Essential, Twenty Butterfly Training Videos

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Olympic swimming star, Michael Phelps, and his coach, Bob Bowman, produced a training series after the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. This is a Michael Phelps rewind, but the butterfly training they reveal in the videos is the same butterfly technique we have all witnessed over Phelps’ career. If you are an age grouper, masters swimmer or an elite, you must watch every frame of this series, commit it to memory and put it into practice.

Here is the entire series broken into 20 separate videos.

Part One is above. Here is Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four: 

Part Five: 

Part Six: 

Part Seven:

Part Eight: 

Part Nine:

Part Ten:

Part Eleven:

Part Twelve:

Part Thirteen:

Part Fourteen: 

Part Fifteen:

Part Sixteen: 

Part Seventeen:

Part Eighteen:

Part Nineteen:

Part Twenty:

You can follow Coach Bob Bowman on Twitter here. 

You can follow Michael Phelps on Twitter here. 

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  1. PsychoDad says:

    This is the “Essential Reading” for butterfly. I downloaded this over a year ago from you tube and studied so much. This is all you need for butterfly. The only part of Phelps’ technique you should think twice before following is breathing on every stroke. That is not for everyone.

  2. bobo gigi says:

    Fantastic videos! Thank you so much! You really want to make me cry on swimswam with all these regular news, memories or videos about MP! Every time it reminds me he’s retired! And it’s still so hard to believe it.
    I have also a fun video with the 11-year-old MP.

    • bobo gigi says:

      I also have. Excuse me!

      • Gold Medal Mel Stewart says:

        I love that video of him as a kid…doing the same arm swings. I think we’ll appreciate Phelps more and more as time goes on.

        • Lane Four says:

          Agreed. Phelps withdrawl is not fun. Barcelona is going to be difficult for those who remember his success ten years ago! My God! TEN YEARS AGO!!!!

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