Zhang Yufei, Wang Shun, Xu Jiayu Headline Chinese Nationals


  • Wednesday, September 4th – Thursday, September 12th
  • Anshan City, China
  • Prelims at 6 pm local; Finals at 10 am local
  • Results available via Chinese Swim app

The 2019 Chinese National Championships are set to take place in Anshan City beginning on September 4th, where a large portion of the nation’s elite swimmers are set to take part. Unique to this competition is the fact that prelims will take place in the evening, with finals scheduled for the morning of each day, representing the timing that will be in place at next year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

Freestyle ace and 2019 World Champion Sun Yang is not expected to compete, but we are slated to see the likes of Ye Shiwen, Li Bingji, Wang Jianjiahe, Xu Jiayu and more. Event lineups for the major players are listed below.

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1 year ago

Interesting to see Ye swim 200 free and not 200 IM

Reply to  Heyitsme
1 year ago

Wang not doing the 200IM either

Reply to  Heyitsme
1 year ago

Thought the same. Throwing her hat in the ring for a spot on 4×200 relay?

1 year ago

Correct me if I’m wrong, but for the most part don’t the Chinese usually care more about Chinese Nats then worlds on off years like this. I feel like the order of importance for them is:

1. Olympics
2. Asian Games
3. Chinese Nats
4. Worlds
5. Pan Pacs

A lot of Chinas best swimming happens domestically…

Reply to  IM FAN
1 year ago

Chinese National Games and Chinese National Swimming Championships are two different meets. The former takes place every four years and is of great importance. This one happens every year and is not that important, as you can tell from the fact that some swimmers only sign up for their off-events.

Reply to  SNY
1 year ago

SNY is correct, I’d put the Chinese National Games slightly over the Olympics, much more provincial pride at stake…

Reply to  IM FAN
1 year ago

I don’t know if it is prioritised or if it’s just most of their swimmers struggle to carry form across to the worlds meet.

remel can do anything
Reply to  Jeff
1 year ago

because most of the athletes cant get medals in the worlds meet. it’s more important for them to achieve the goal-national champion, which means they can get the money and other benefit because of it. provincial government provide the fundation for the athelete, related with the national tittles.

1 year ago

It seems like China has a National Championships every four months.

Reply to  Aquajosh
1 year ago

Well, the US isn’t too far off….Winter Nats, NCAAs, Summer Nats, and then sometimes the US Open. 3-4 every year.

Reply to  Quack
1 year ago

At least 5 national meets if I can recall:
1. January-February
2. March-April
3. June-July
4. September-October
5. November-December

The most reported one is March-April meet, which is called something like “National Champion Meet”, which is considered the main Chinese Nationals in western media as most of the swimmers are swimming fast in this meet. September-October one is “National championships” by direct translation. Jan-Feb, June-July and November-December meets are spring, summer and winter nationals, respectively, which are usually low-key meets that are not usually covered. Interestingly, Jan-Feb meet usually holds in one city in Northern China and one city in Southern China.

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