Will Gregg Troy still shave his Mustache?

Produced by Coleman Hodges. 

Reported by Karl Ortegon. 

After 2 nights of competition at the SEC champs, this one’s shaping up to be an incredibly tight competition between Florida and Auburn on the men’s side, followed by an even tighter race between Georgia and Alabama, with Mizzou and Tennessee in tow.

  1. Florida – 504
  2. Auburn – 497
  3. Georgia – 362
  4. Alabama – 361
  5. Mizzou – 312
  6. Tennessee – 284
  7. Texas A&M – 260
  8. South Carolina – 248
  9. Kentucky – 233
  10. LSU – 213

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T shutts
4 years ago

Coach Troy is a man of his word. The stash will be gone!

4 years ago

Seemed a little sour when that question got asked….

Reply to  Markster
4 years ago

What a jerk that he wants to focus on his kids. It’s a shame in today’s celebrity culture for someone to pass up an opportunity to talk about themselves.

He seems to be very much about the business of coaching and that may get in the way of being a top source of entertainment.

4 years ago

Off topic: I’m curious about Coach Troy’s Anisocoria(unequal pupils). I haven’t noticed this in past photos or interviews prior to the beginning of this meet. While he may have had a dilating procedure done, or have a benign issue, there are some fairly serious conditions that can cause the symptom spontaneously. I hope that he is in contact with his physician.

Concerned Medical Student.

Reply to  Olsswim05
4 years ago

Physiologic anisocoria is very common (20% of population), but I agree that looks like >1mm and should get checked out.


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