Caeleb Dressel Sneaks Under Adrian American Record With 41.07 100 Free

Caeleb Dressel did it again for the Florida Gators, breaking another American sprint freestyle record at the 2016 SEC Championships.

This time, Dressel snuck under the 100 freestyle record by just .01 seconds, taking Olympic champ Nathan Adrian‘s name off the books.

Dressel was 41.07, getting under the 41.08 mark Adrian set back in 2009 when he was a member of the California Golden Bears in the NCAA.

Comparatively, Dressel bested Adrian’s record with a fast opening split of 19.52 to his feet at the flip turn – more than a tenth faster than what Adrian went in setting the record. Adrian was a tenth faster on the back half, but Dressel still bested his overall time:

Splits Comparison:

  • Dressel – 19.52/21.55 – 41.07
  • Adrian – 19.65/21.43 – 41.08

Dressel’s swim also broke the highly-competitive SEC meet record, previously held by Matt Targett at 41.55. The US Open and NCAA records, however, still stand at the 40.76 set by Vlad Morozov of USC in 2013.

He now ranks #3 all-time behind Morozov and Cesar Cielowho was also under 41 back in 2008:

Top 100 Freestylers of All-Time:

  1. Vlad Morozov, 40.76 – 2013 (US Open, NCAA record)
  2. Cesar Cielo, 40.92 – 2008
  3. Caeleb Dressel, 41.07 – 2016 (American record)
  4. Nathan Adrian, 41.08 – 2009
  5. Ryan Hoffer, 41.23 – 2015 (17-18 NAG record)

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5 years ago

Of course Dressel will go faster this year–he has to keep ahead of Hoffer!

5 years ago

I’m aware that short course to long course conversions aren’t accurate, but his 50 apparently converts to 21.04, and his 100 to 47.19. Honestly, I just want to see an American break 47.8, or just 48.

samuel huntington
Reply to  Ok
5 years ago

then in that case, Morozov’s time would convert to something faster than the world record….

Reply to  samuel huntington
5 years ago

Vlad was juicing when he set the record.

Reply to  ApplesandOranges
5 years ago

Was he actually juicing?

Reply to  ApplesandOranges
5 years ago

proof? lets not resort to accusations without proof.

Tom from Chicago
5 years ago

The Bolles School boys are becoming rock stars. There is a decent chance Dressel, Murphy, Schooling, and Condorelli (Canada) all have a decent chance of making the Olympic team.

Reply to  Tom from Chicago
5 years ago

Schooling and santo are pretty much locks.. Santo with the Canadian team and schooling with Singapore

Also got a couple of other bolles alum who will be there for other nations (maybe even current swimmers)

bobo gigi
5 years ago

Yesterday I wrote that any time close to 41 low by Dressel would be amazing considering it was the 5th day of a long meet and he swam a lot of races.
And he did it! 41.07! Huge performance!

Reply to  bobo gigi
5 years ago

Two years ago you also wrote that Florida is not a good fit for Dressel because they specialize in training IMers.

Reply to  BeeGees
5 years ago

Win some lose some; for the most part Bobo is incredibly spot on with his predictions and assessments. Although I disagree with him regarding Dressel being strictly a freestyle sprinter! For Rio the 50 and 100 free are his go to, but I don’t think it’s s stretch to see him branch out to 200IM and 200 free post Olympics and dominating!

Reply to  BeeGees
5 years ago

Nothing wrong with stating an opinion when it comes from enthusiasm, love for the sport and a genuine desire for the best.

Reply to  TAK
5 years ago

Stating an opinion is one thing.

But reminding everyone every time about your easy predictions (which most people also share anyway but never publicly mentioning them) that came true is pretty annoying especially when his many predictions or opinions have gone totally amiss at best, that he never at once acknowledged.

5 years ago

He also went 41.44 leading of the relay, being tired, he is fast!

Reply to  Ok
5 years ago

I know this was only a three tenths add, and it’s not reasonable to expect everyone to drop every swim, especially at the end of a long meet, so take what I say next with a grain of salt. Unfortunately, however, this fits the trend of Dressel underperforming on relays compared to individuals, which is worrying considering Dressel is one of the top picks for the 4×100 free in Rio. The only notable exception that comes to mind is his leadoff at junior nationals a few years ago when he was super pumped up trying to break 19.

Now, that being said, this isn’t the end of the world. Being less than .3 off on a leadoff isn’t bad. The… Read more »

5 years ago

I can see Dressel throwing down at sub 47 leg in the relay in rio. Adrian I am confident will do the job and MP will be MP. The question is the fourth person: Chadwick ? Lochte ? Conger ? Schneider ?

Reply to  Tm
5 years ago

Don’t forget Hoffer in that mix, 41.2 is no slouch!

5 years ago

I think he has so much left in the tank too! 19.5 to his feet is incredible but with an 18.2 50 free he could be out 19 low. If he split it the same way Chadwick did compared to his 50 he would have been 40.0 (19.1/20.9)

5 years ago

At NCAAs he will go 18.9/20.8 for a total of 39.7

I can’t wait!

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