WATCH: Tom Shields Swim Historic 43.8 100 Yard Butterfly


On night 3 of the 2016 U.S. Winter Nationals, U.S. Olympian Tom Shields made history with the first ever sub-44 time in the 100 yard butterfly. Shields crushed the field, winning the race in a new American and U.S. Open Record time of 43.84. With that swim, Shields is now the fastest 100 yard butterflier of all time, surpassing Singapore’s Olympic champion Joseph Schooling.

Check out the video of the race below, courtesy of USA Swimming’s YouTube channel.

At last season’s NCAAs, Schooling narrowly missed becoming the first man under 44 seconds with his 44.01, but Shields has now secured that title for himself. Shields had been sitting 6th on the all time top performers list coming into today with a 44.59 from 2013. Before Shields lowered the record tonight, the previous American Record was a 44.18 done by Stanford’s Austin Staab in 2009. He also took down his own Championship Record, which he’d set at 44.88 at the 2012 U.S. Winter Nationals.

In addition to his incredibly fast 100 fly, Shields also swam the fastest flat start 50 fly ever. Read more about that race here.

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It’s great to see shields reach this milestone, hope this absolute speeds helps him continue to improve in his long course career as well. Go vols


His best in long course is still to come ….and at the next SC worlds – he will kill that 100 fly .

Scott Morgan



Why lol? He just dropped a chunk of time so at the very least he’s on track to do so at SC worlds too. And yes, time drops in SC do not mean time drops in LC, but still. He’s right on that 51 second mark, pretty sure he’s got enough motivation to drop.

Joel Lin

I’ll just go there…

Tom Shields will be the first textile sub 50.00 LCM 100m fly. He’ll do it this coming summer. I also think he’ll eventually break MP’s WR in the 100 fly, although that won’t come this summer.

49.93 in Summer 2017 for Tom Shields. Roll on you Bears.


Gotta love the ridiculous predictions that follow every fast swim. Remember when Dressel was gonna go 46 in the 100 in Rio? The he barely broke 48? Or Haas was gonna break the LC WR in the 200? Shields best time is 51.06 and his biggest strength is halved in the LC pool. As amazing as it is to see a 43 SC, he’s not breaking 50 LC. Let’s be just a little bit more realistic.


Or that Ryan Murphy was going to break the 100 back WR :)?


Seeing as he had gone 52.18 previously, within 3 tenths of the record, I wouldn’t have called that one an outlandish prediction

Irish Ringer

The difference was that Murphy had been within a few tenths of the record, Shields is over a second away.


Yes, 43.84 is incredibly fast, but Tom happens to be better at short course. I think it would be great for him to get under 51, but under 50 is a completely different story… if he does do it I owe you a dollar.


I predict that Boomer Phelps will be the first textile sub 48.00 LCM 100 fly.


Sorry schooling will be the first under 50 LCM he’s already 50 point and only swims two events the 1 and 2 fly.


You mean the third


schooling swam 100 free along with the 100 fly at Olympics (he dropped the 2fly)..

he has also talked about swimming 1 & 2 fly, 100 free and 200 IM at the next Olympics

shields is the one that seems content on swimming only fly events


cant agree with you. while I love tom, he doesn’t have the strength. He has absolutely the best hands down underwaters, without a doubt. which is why the 43 was done. he will be close, hopefully but don’t think he will be “the one”


His start was light years better than in the 50 fly/free. Bodes well for the 50 fly at Worlds.

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