Watch Boomer Phelps’ Adorable Swim Lesson

Retta Race
by Retta Race 10

November 28th, 2016 Lifestyle, News, Video

Just when we all thought Boomer Phelps, son of 23-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps, couldn’t get any cuter, the GOAT posts an adorable video of the kiddo’s recent swim lesson. While Phelps and now-wife Nicole (nee Johnson) are spending time in Baltimore for the Thanksgiving holiday, the family paid a visit to Miss Cathy Lears Bennett, the same swim instructor under whom Daddy Phelps first learned to paddle around. Listen as Phelps compares son Boomer’s lesson experience to his own early aquatic adventures.

In the video, Boomer goes through a range of emotions, from timidity to a cracking a little smile, to clinging on to Daddy’s beard for dear life. He travels from Mom’s arms to Miss Cathy’s to Dad’s, gaining a little aquatic comfort all the while.

While watching, Phelps comments on Boomer’s overall aquatic progress, as well as provides updates on his own retirement swim life. He says he swam about 2500 yards today for a ‘short practice.’ Phelps also comments on his favorite football team’s win (Ravens), as well as his former training grounds’ loss (Michigan), while wishing his fan base a happy holiday season.

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Time Traveler
6 years ago

I am from the future-Boomer already won 2020 Olympics.. They said that he qualified because he was so fast.

annie alesna
6 years ago

Nice job!!!… miss teaching tiny tots water intro!… booms is SO CUTE. Happy parenting to you both

MP fan
6 years ago

I’ve followed MP his whole career, was with him on deck a few times and have enjoyed watching his whole career. But Watching Michael Phelps as a father is amazing. He is experiencing pure joy right now with that precious baby boy. I thank him for sharing these moments with us.

6 years ago

Boomer is a completely adorable child.

6 years ago

This was great to see. He’s adorable! And Boomer is cute too! 😉 It is going to be so fun to watch him learn to swim. Thanks for sharing!

p Man
6 years ago

That would be cool if Phelps gained 300 lbs like Thorpe did after his career

Reply to  p Man
6 years ago

Clloser to 30 but he wasn’t happy & these things tend to find a way to manifest . At least circumstances are that he will not be foistering offspring upon us for some time due to the complicared arrangements necessary . I guess we’ll never hear the end of it then but we’re enjoying the general Ian Free break now he has moved to Paris .

Reply to  G.I.N.A
6 years ago

Really? This is an unnecessarily negative comment (on this story of all places), and a low blow to someone gay and that has suffered depression accordingly. Get a swim in, maybe you can find some nice things to say about someone.

Reply to  JDM
6 years ago

And the fat shaming of the previous poster wasn’t ? Sweetie we’ve known Ian was gay since 99 & it never dented his value as a swimmer or a person . It was his own turmoil that sent him to the depths .if you read any media or comments – not all were supportive of his comeback but all were supportive for his breakdown .

Gay is not the problem but Ian’s thinking we need more of him is .. I wish him well in his Private life .I dread the rumoured anti bullying tv show .

6 years ago

What an absolutely beautiful child! I loved that video, thanks for posting it, Swimswam!

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