Vlad Morozov Breaks Russian Record in 50 Back on Day 1

2018 Russian Swimming Championships

In spite of saying pre-meet that he would focus on just the 50 and 100 frees, Vlad Morozov got his first win of the 2018 Russian Championships in the 50 meter backstroke. He touched 1st in 24.35, beating out 17-year old Kliment Kolesnikov, who was 2nd in 24.46.

That’s a new Russian Record for Morozov, and each of the top two were faster than the old record of 24.52 done by Morozov in 2014. The swims also give Russia the top 2 times in the world so far in the 2017-2018 season. Kilesnikov’s time is a new Russian Junior Record.

In one of the most loaded races of the meet, the top 4 finishers were all under the qualifying time for the European Championships, with Morozov and Kolesnikov sealing up their first qualifications for the meet. Sergey Fesikov took 3rd in 24.79, and Grigory Tarasevich, who represented Russia at Worlds last year in this event, was just 5th in 24.86.

2017-2018 LCM MEN 50 BACK

24.00 *WR*WJR
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That was one of two Russian Records broken on the day. Oleg Kostin cracked the national record in the 50 fly previously held by Evgeny Korotyshkin. Kostin swam a 23.14, with Korotyshkin’s old mark standing a tenth slower at 23.24. Nikita Korolev took 2nd in 23.42, followed by a tie for 3rd between Alexander Sadovnikov and Andrey Minakov in 23.59. The qualifying standard for Euros was a 23.48 – which means that only Kostin did enough to earn an automatic invite in the event. Korolev swam on Russia’s 400 free relay at Worlds last year (men’s and mixed), so if he qualifies for that race again, he should be given an opportunity to fill one of the 4 allowed spots in this race for Russia.

Other Finals Results

  • Alexander Krasnykh won the men’s 400 free in 3:45.84, followed by Vyacheslav Andrusenko in 3:47.25. Both swimmers qualify for Euros with those results. For Krasnykh, that misses his best time, done at Worlds last year, by .05 seconds. Andrusenko’s time was a personal best by a hair-short of 2 seconds.
  • Irina Krivogonova won the women’s 4oo IM in 4:47.46, taking a narrow half-a-second win over her training partner Sophia Chichaykina (4:47.99). Neither swimmer was under the time standard for Euros.
  • Anna Egorovoa won the timed-final women’s 800 free by almost 10 seconds, touching in 8:30.66. That won’t earn her a spot at Worlds, but it is a 6-second drop for the 19-year old Kaliningrad swimmer.
  • St. Petersburg won the women’s 400 free relay in 3:42.48, with Veronika Andrusenko spiltting 53.88 on a rolling start to lead the way.
  • Moscow won the men’s relay in 3:14.48, with all 4 of their legs splitting sub-49. That included a 48.76 anchor from Morozov and Andrey Zhilkin splitting a field-best 48.36 on the 2nd leg.

Finals Results By Event (in Russian)



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Sean S

Kolesnikov is a monster. Already half a second off his 50 since European juniors this year. He has a really good shot to break 53 at this meet. Probably not clean, but I’ll enjoy watching it either way.


Is the “probably not clean” comment really needed? He hasn’t tested positive yet and he will continue to be tested throughout his career. Until proven otherwise why try to downplay his accomplishments?

Scott Morgan

The evidence of state-doping, and the connection to national teams, is overwhelming. I am entirely skeptical of his “achievements.” Burden of proof is on him/Team Russia. (Efimova has TWO negative tests: should be a lifetime ban).


I understand the history (and not so recent history) that Russia has with doping, however, their athletes still get caught (nowhere near as quick as they should be sometimes). I am skeptical of Morozov’s and Efimova’s performances because they have been caught before. However Kolesnikov, other than being incredibly fast, has given no reason to be skeptical. I’d prefer see him as innocent until proven guilty instead of going after him with no evidence other than “other people have done it too”


Sure, he is always full of talent.


You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about.


Perhaps they’re simply jelaous. It would be worse that according to some opinions there’re swimmers and/or whole nations who can’t achieve anything only with cheating (I know what’s the case here) but hopefully there’re a few who more talented and “train more”. It would be absurd, distressing, narrow-minded, irreverent, unfair, etc.


Amazing from Morozov. Him Vs Proud should be quite the race at Euros if he keeps this form. Kolesnikov just smashed the WJR, and proved that his speed isnt just from underwaters. We might see some monster swims in the 100 and 200 back. He’s only 17…


I think kolesnikov also swims the 200 IM as well as the 200 free. He could swim some solid times in both events at this meet. Let,s wait and see.


No he is only swimming the 3 backs at this meet.


3 backs plus 50/100 free, as is shown on the start lists.

bobo gigi

Yes. If I’m right he just swam 49.47 in the 100 free prelims this morning. Thanks to Google translation from Russian to French. I have found the results. But the names remain in Russian! Best time for someone in 48.63. Someone born in 1996. Young Minakov born in 2002 11th in 49.87.


Ask me, I learned Russian (I had to). Vladislav Grinev is your man.
After him Morozov, Fesikov, Izotov, etc.

bobo gigi

Brownish, do you know where is Girev, the current world junior champion (48.33 last summer), in those results?
I don’t see his name but again, I’m not a master of the Russian names in Russian.


You can try translation from Russian to English, Bobo.
If I’m not wrong, Ivan Girev is 65th in 51.83. It really took me some time to find his name and it looks like he has some trouble with him.☹

bobo gigi

Thanks Ellie for the news. Weird to see him so slow.
I can translate the main page of the championships and the schedule from Russian to French or any other language. But I can’t translate the PDF of the results. I try to recognize who is who thanks to the number of letters of the name and especially the year of birth. 🙂


Sometimes there’s no correlation between the number of letters in Cyrillik and letters in other written languages. Zhilkin, Tarasevich, Krasnykh, Khomenko, etc. But you can try it 🙂




Good question. Sometimes it’s difficult to “translate” the names. In this case that’s the situation. I don’t know how he is writing his name in his native language with Cyrillic letters. There’s a boy who participated in the 4×100 free relay yesterday as the 3rd swimmer (49.47) and they finished 2nd. His 1st name is Ivan, so it’s correct, his year of birth from the today race is also correct, his team could be good. In this body’s last name there’s a special Cyrillic letter “e” with two dots above it. So It can be him. In this case he finished 65th in 51.83…. I don’t know what happened, but nearly sure that that’s him. We have to ask the… Read more »


BTW Németh swam 48.31 at the end of March in Nats and 47.47 in a relay. So we have at least 3 (4-5) pretty good relay members. Kozma 46.72, Bochus 47.21 and him. And Holoda and Milák is better and better.
Kozma swam 48.26 NR and 48.12 last year in the mixed relay.


He has already swam the 100 free (heats) today in 49.47 and qualified for the semis.

bobo gigi

Brownish, looks like your Russian is much better than mine 🙂 so can you give me please the name of the swimmer who is first of the men’s 100 free prelims in 48.63 and who was born in 1996?


It can be only better, not ? 🙂 The answer is with some rows above.

bobo gigi

And yes, it’s not difficult to have a better Russian than mine. 😆

bobo gigi

By the way looks like my longtime fans (automatic robots downvoting my comments) have waken up. Good morning to them in USA. 😆

Tammy Touchpad Error

I swear I recently saw an article talking about Morozov only doing 50 and 100 free… Glad that’s not the case. Hoping we see a Kolesnikov 47 flat start to go with his 1:53 and 52 low. Murph better be puttin in work cause this kid is not gonna stop anytime soon. Really looks like he’s the one for that 2 back record in a few years.


Only step by step. First he has to beat Rylov at home.

bobo gigi

Yes. You’re right. Rylov is just the current 200 back world champion. 🙂


They’ll fly on the same jet to Glasgow.

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