Tusup Ordered To Apologize After Hosszu Testifies Against His Claim

Shane Tusuplongtime coach and husband of Olympic champ Katinka Hosszuhas been ordered to apologize to a former Iron Aquatics coach and pay his legal fees after Hosszu testified against her husband in court.

Darren Ward was a former coach with Iron Aquatics, the club started by Hosszu and Tusup and branded in line with her well-marketed “Iron Lady” moniker. Hungarian media report that there was an altercation between Tusup and Ward at the Hungarian National Championships last April in which Tusup allegedly screamed at Ward “If you do that again, I’ll kill you.”

Per Hungarian news site Kisalfold.hu, Tusup claimed he reacted that way because Ward approached Hosszu threateningly. But several sites, including 24.hu and Kisalfold.hu, are reporting that Hosszu herself testified in court, saying that Ward did not approach her threateningly, effectively denying Tusup’s defense. 24.hu quotes two other Iron Aquatics swimmers who confirm Hosszu’s testimony, saying that up to 100 people heard Tusup’s outburst and the meet even stopped because “everyone got stunned and frozen” (in a rough translation of the Hungarian).

Tusup is now required to apologize to Ward and pay Ward’s legal fees.

Tusup has now become widely known for his controversial on-deck manner. He was criticized late last year for an expletive-laden tirade directed at an official at an age group meet – Tusup was upset about what he considered an unfair start to a relay of 10- and 11-year-old girls, and responded by shouting “F[***] you, Mr. Pass” at the meet organizer, local media reported. Tusup defended his actions by comparing himself to NBA coach Gregg Popovich, who was ejected from a professional basketball game for similar reasons.

Hosszu testifying against Tusup’s version of events in court is just the next episode in what has become a public rift between the husband/wife, coach/swimmer pairing. Tusup and Hosszu had hit a ‘difficult time’ in their relationship as of January, and Hosszu was training separately in Miami, leaving Tusup in Hungary.

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In some ways, it’s cool that swimmers other than Phelps and Lochte have reached the level of fame that their personal life is of interest to the general public, but, at the same time, it’s sad that they do not have the privilege of having the privacy to deal with their personal problems internally.

In any case, I hope that both sides are happy at the end.


This is not just a personal problem between a husband and wife. It has moved beyond that.


I was more talking about the beginning of their seperation. They had to release a statement about their relationship before any of these public claims came to light. Of course, now it is public and it should be because of the legal matter, but before it wasn’t.

Coach John

before what? before he made it everyone’s business by screaming at an official, or another staff member. he is literally digging his own grave and claiming they had to release a statement concerning their relationship is just false… shane pushed that timeline with all his stupid antics. the blame should be on shane here and not the media getting in their business… the guy asked for it and unfortunately people in his immediate circle are taking flak for it and are now distancing themselves from him. I think Katianka is doing a great job of rising above it. she is less active on social media, she is not giving many interviews and is just focusing on herself (I assume) which… Read more »

Sum Ting Wong

Who is Katianka?


Ask autocorrect. It’s fantasy is limitless.


yelling “f&^% you” to an official over 11&unders (presumably in front of children) is a serious anger problem. I had a few coaches like that in my lsc, and guess what? they all had major problems in their personal life that transferred over to their professional life. in most cases a swift firing ensued and they were later picked up for another job somewhere else. but here this is a husband and wife team who created their own club and brand. if tossup doesn’t get his actions under control he could destroy what they have created.

I agree CATE, I agree


What? He physically threatened a coach and went on an expletive filled rant in front of young swimmers and lied in a court of law. Not to mention he is/was borderline abusive to his wife. He should be proactively banned by USA swimming before he sets foot back on US soil.


There’s my boy, the epitome of self-control. I think the only way Eddie Reese could be a better coach is if he wore a straight-brimmed hat backwards and slightly to the side.


I especially like his “A basketball coach got ejected for it, so it’s ok” defense.


that 10-11 year old relay must have been important. Similar to the Spurs tryn’a win the finals


Also the hubris of comparing YOURSELF to Gregg Popovich…

It just gets comical when you put it in to the context of a relay for 10 and 11 year olds.

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