Hosszu/Tusup Relationship Hits ‘Difficult Time’, Hosszu In Miami

Multi-time world and Olympic champ Katinka Hosszu has hit a ‘difficult time’ with longtime coach and husband Shane Tusupleading to reports that Hosszu’s training situation could be changing. Hungarian media report that Hosszu is already training in Miami, away from Tusup who is back in Hungary with Iron Aquatics.

A post on Hosszu’s Facebook bearing both Hosszu’s and Tusup’s names admitted to fans in late December that their partnership – one that has produced 17 World Championships gold medals and 3 Olympic golds since 2013 – had hit a ‘difficult time’.

A translation to English:

Dear fans, interested.

In recent days, there have been several articles in the press that we haven’t commented on. Today, however, some texts have crossed a line, so we would like to clarify the situation before the of further falsehoods.
It is true that our relationship is going through a difficult time.
It is true that, in the meantime, the Iron Aquatics trainings are organised in all groups.
Since we can’t say more at this moment, the bul door will be covered by the harsh and all-ground assumptions.
We promise you, if we have something to say, we will be inform those who have concerns. In the meantime, we ask for all those speculating about us to exhibit strong reservations.

Thank you,
Katinka Hosszu, Shane Tusup

The post refers to media reports coming out of Hungary over the past few weeks offering varying degrees of speculation on the couple’s relationship, both in coaching and personal terms. The reports suggest that Hosszu spent time recently in Miami, while Tusup remains coaching the duo’s club in Hungary.

Tusup also did not accompany Hosszu to the short course European Championships in Copenhagen or the Lausanne Swim Cup in Switzerland.

Hosszu previously trained at USC, where she competed in the NCAA. After a disappointing 2012 London Olympics, Hosszu switched up her training, asking then-boyfriend Tusup to become her coach. Since then, the two have married and put together one of the most successful swimming careers in history, at least in terms of volume of international medals and prize money.

Hosszu has won 4 Olympic medals, 13 long course World Championships medals, 22 short course World Championships medals and upwards of 40 European Championships medals between short and long course. She also won an unprecedented 5 straight World Cup titles between 2012 and 2016, accruing huge amounts of prize money along the way.

Beyond that, the two have created one of swimming’s most memorable marketing campaigns, branding Hosszu “the Iron Lady,” complete with a clothing line (“the Iron Lady collection”) and a club team coached by Tusup called Iron Aquatics. Tusup continues to coach Iron Aquatics, though some reports suggest Hosszu is no longer training with the club bearing her name.

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6 years ago

Tusup apologized for his harsh conduct and promised to be more human in the future. I believe him. They will wok it out and Katinka will win evn more in spite of unfair FINA regulations to limit her entries.

Captain Ahab
6 years ago

I figured they were going to break up. Because that relationship was nothing.

Tammy Touchpad Error
6 years ago

I noticed through the fall and WCs on her insta story that she seemed to be having a lot of innocent fun with the guys that she trained with… maybe Shane got jealous..? After all we’ve seen would that surprise anyone?
It gotta be deeper and perhaps different tho. Just pointing out minor observations

6 years ago

Family is very important to Katinka. It is too early to say how much her marital problems will impact her swimming. I am wishing for the very best for this wonderful girl who is much maligned not only by the low lives of international community but many of her own people. The first I can explain with envy but the second leaves me perplexed.

6 years ago

Unortodox methods maybe, and many of us said unsustainable in 2013 when Hosszu started swimming ‘Iron lady’ schedules, but what nobody can deny this lady is her love for our sport, her leadership of our sport when governing bodies have failed and her unwavering commitment.

Her brand, and all the wealth it has brought her, is no more than she deserves. Hoping she and her partner can resolve their personal issues, whatever they may be.

6 years ago

That’s too bad. Tusup seems like a real cool, calm and collected guy.

6 years ago

Can’t blame her! That guy is a nut.

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