TritonWear Offers Free Injury & illness Prevention Tool Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Today teams, coaches and athlete’s across the globe gain free access to “Load Monitoring”, a critical injury prevention tool, thanks to TritonWear. The tool, developed in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Sport, allows athletes to track their activity anywhere in the world, and coaches can monitor remotely. With volume and intensity recommendations, athletes and/or coaches can also tailor individual workouts to safely navigate the transition from regular training, to at-home maintenance, and back to their regular programs when the time comes.

With training centers around the world closed, athletes are scrambling to maintain some form of training from home, and coaches are unable to keep track of athlete activities. This makes the fact that any sudden change in the type, volume, and duration of training increases the risk of incurring injury or succumbing to illness all the more important right now.

Founder and CEO, Tristan Lehari says:

“Like many organizations, we were exploring what our company could do to help people through this trying time. We realized our Load Monitoring tool, used for years to keep athletes safe through seasonal and sudden training changes, could offer peace of mind to any athlete, in any sport. We are very excited that we can open up our app for free, to help reduce the stress on any athlete’s body, as their training suddenly changes. We want to make sure every athlete is training safely while biding their time to return to regular practice.”

Years of data show that most athletes train with a 20-30% risk of injury and their risk of illness increases by 50-70% when training load fluctuates too much too quickly. By keeping track of all workouts, athletes can help minimize this risk by gaining a better overall picture of the stress from training on the body from workouts they may not be super familiar with. One could even argue it’s almost MORE important to track activities that are not part of the normal training, as these activities can be a shock to the system and take longer to recover from. It’s important now more than ever to avoid any situation where the body may be in a compromised state and at a higher risk of getting sick or injured. Load Monitoring can help coaches and athletes make better-informed workout plans to train safely.

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A message from Triton Founder and CEO Tristan Lehari

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