TritonWear Analysis: Dressel vs. Dressel vs. Dressel vs. Dressel In 100 Free

In the next installment of our data-driven series, we compare specific race metrics from Caeleb Dressel’s key 100 frees over the past four years.


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5 Tips to Maximize Time Underwater

Improving the underwater phase of a swim is a key component to swimming faster. Here are 5 tips to maximize time underwater.

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TritonWear Analysis: Impact Of Stroke Rate & DPS On Freestyle Speed

What is the relationship between stroke rate and distance per stroke in freestyle swimming speed? TritonWear is here to tell you.


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How to Ask the Right Questions for Better Feedback

A valuable takeaway from practices and competitions, is whatever feedback a coach gives. They can critique your swim and provide corrections as needed.

How to Swim Faster: Effective Goal Setting

There is a lot of work that goes into becoming a faster swimmer. To figure out where to start, you need to set your swimming goals.

How to Swim Faster: Improving Starts

There are 3 main parts to any swimming start: the blocks, the flight, and the underwater. Perfecting these will contribute to a faster swimming start.

How to Swim Faster: Perfecting Stroke Technique

The critical role technique plays towards a fast swim is two-fold: minimizing drag and improving propulsion. Good technique improves your swimming efficiency.

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Selecting Metrics to Complement Goals

Each swimmer has their own unique set of objectives. The key is to break them down into specific, actionable steps that can be measured over time.

Keeping Athletes Healthy through Load Monitoring

While most athletes train at 20-30 percent risk of injury, effective load monitoring reduces and keeps this risk below 5 percent.

5 Swimming Drills That Do More Than Just Improve Technique

Here are 5 swimming drills that’s not just for improving technique, but also for developing other areas to help you swim faster.

Why You Always Create Swimming Practice Plans the Night Before

Good practices start with good training plans. Try to have them ready the night before each training session. Here’s why.

What Makes an Effective Swimming Drill?

There are countless drills you can add to your workout, with some producing better results than others. Here are a few key traits of an effective drill.

8 Tips for Fast Recovery

Recovery is an essential part of the training and racing cycle. Here are 8 tips to help you recover quickly and prepare for the next high intensity effort.

One Simple Secret to Effective Swim Sets

Here’s one simple secret to effective swim sets: ALWAYS have a clear purpose and keep it top of mind. Let your goals guide you through every set.

Off-Season Practice: Do’s and Don’ts

The few weeks, or months, between the end of championships season and the start of the next competition season can be a strange time for many swimmers.

How to Swim at a Faster Speed

TritonWear measures speed as the average speed over the course of an entire lap. Every aspect of the performance plays a role in speed.

How to Use Stroke Rate to Improve Swim Performance

Finding the optimal stroke rate is about finding the right balance between stroke rate and DPS. This will be different for each athlete.

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