TritonWear Analysis: Freestyle Breathing Pattern vs Speed At 200m+ – Part 2

In Part 2 of the freestyle breathing pattern analysis, TritonWear looks at the relationship between breathing rates and lap progression in reps 200m and up.

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TritonWear Analysis: Freestyle Breathing Pattern vs Speed At 200m+ – Part 1

TritonWear investigates the relationship between speed and breathing frequency metrics for freestyle.

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On The Fly: TritonWear Analyzes Components of Butterfly Success

As swimmers grow older and gain more experience, how do these changes affect their butterfly stroke count and time underwater? TritonWear has the answers.


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Breaststroke Breakdown: TritonWear Reveals Trends Across Age Groups

As young swimmers continue to grow in age, height, and ability, how do these changes affect their breaststroke development? TritonWear looks into the data.

Back For More: TritonWear Analyzes Backstroke Efficiency

As young swimmers grow in age, height, and ability, how do these changes affect their backstroke efficiency? TritonWear has the answers.

See Seven Off-Season Practice Do’s and Don’ts

The few weeks between the end of swimming championships season and the start of the next competition season can be a strange time for many swimmers.

TritonWear Offers Free Injury & illness Prevention Tool Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Swimmers globally have trusted Load Monitoring to keep them training safely for years – now all athletes, in any sport, can reduce their risk for free.

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Is the observation that swimmers tend to increase stroke rate more than DPS to swim freestyle faster visible across age groups? TritonWear has the answers.

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