Using TritonWear Teams To Track & Encourage Better Training

This swimming release is courtesy of TritonWear, a SwimSwam partner.

TritonWear strives to simplify analyzing large amounts of data and tracking progress for individual athletes and at scale for complex team structures. TritonWear AI-based tools analyze each athlete’s training data and show how well they trained with an easy-to-understand score. The Triton score ranks performance in three key areas: Readiness (overall health), Focus (skill execution) & Intensity (train hard). TritonWear Teams enables recruiters, coaches, and support staff to build integrated team structures and even track an entire nation.

How to track progress at scale?

Triton Score and TritonWear Teams combine to become the most comprehensive and easy-to-use tracking system for coaches, recruiters and admins. With a simple glance at Triton Score, you will know which athletes are doing well and who need your help without digging through mountains of data. With TritonWear Teams, you will view how your entire organization performs, from community club teams up to entire nations.

For a multi-level team, the first team created will be the top team, for example, the National Federation, the College, or the Club. Once you have made the top-level team, you can enter and start building your Team Hub. In a club structure, this means creating the Elite Performance group first and then building out all the different multi-level groups within your club team.

At a National Federation level, this means creating the National Team and then building out any regional high-performance groups, academies etc., with as many levels as needed to eventually recreate an organizational pyramid structure.

How to track progress for the individual athlete?

Athletes can create and join teams to share their progress with coaches, recruiters or other swimmers. As a member, you have complete control over how you share your data and progress. If you are all about putting the ‘’who is faster’’ debate to rest with your swim friends, you can create your own team and invite them to join. Get creative and have fun with your team by running metric-focused games and swim offs. The person making the team is automatically the owner of that team and is responsible for managing members and creating the overall team structure.

Finally, you can also connect with other TritonWear athletes worldwide by joining the International FIT Squad, a community of like-minded people where you can track, encourage, and challenge each other like never before.

About TritonWear

TritonWear is a technology company developing training solutions for athletes and coaches. The company’s product platform consists of a non-invasive device that calculates a suite of performance metrics and streams that data in real-time to a tablet. Co-founders, Tristan Lehari and Darius Gai, based in Toronto, developed their flagship product while participating in the University of Waterloo’s Velocity program. TritonWear was founded in 2014.

This swimming release is courtesy of TritonWear, a SwimSwam partner.

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