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This swimming release is courtesy of TritonWear, a SwimSwam partner.

For years we have been engaged in well-known debates of how to swim faster: the bend vs straight arm recovery, the breathing every other stroke vs every stroke on fly, the SR vs DPS and many more. The truth is that what works for one swimmer does not necessarily work for another. Tracking your metrics and understanding your swimming will help you answer this for yourself.

The hardest part is knowing how to use your metrics for swimming faster. At TritonWear, we developed Focused Iterative Training, FIT, to break this down into three easy steps: observe, discover and adjust.

The first step is observing your Triton Score and understanding how your metrics influence your score. The second step is finding focus and discovering the pattern in metrics you excel in and others you need to improve on.  The last step is using insights to adjust your training and master your progress.

We recommend tracking four weeks of training before setting your goals on what metrics to improve on first. You’ll need to get to know how your Triton Score fluctuates and what impacts each of your Readiness, Focus and Intensity Scores before you start adjusting your training.

How to use TritonWear’s FIT Philosophy to Master Your Progress?

1. Find Focus and Prioritize your Goals

Once you have taken the time to get to know your swimming analytics, it’s time to find your focus and prioritize your goals. First, think of your ultimate goal; what stroke and distance are you aiming to improve?  Then break down the stroke and distance and dig deeper into your stroke and phase metrics. What phase of swimming (transitions, underwater, overwater) is costing your performance?

Knowing your metric baseline (usual average for each metric) and how each phase of your swimming impacts your performance will help you identify your weaknesses. The TritonWear Focus comparison tool is a valuable tool for your performance growth. This great tool will direct you precisely to where you need to focus your attention first. The ‘compare to myself’ tool will show your swimming technique progress, while the  ‘compare to others like me’ tool will show where you stand in each metric against your competition (swimmers your height and speed).

Learn more about: How To Prioritize Your Goals Based on Your  Focus Patterns.

2. Adjust Your Training Based on Data-Driven Decisions

We are conditioned to believe that swimming faster equals training harder. The truth is that in 2021 to swim faster, you ought to learn to train smarter. Training smarter doesn’t mean easy training; it means doing the right type of work at the right time, amount and intensity.

How does TritonWear show you what has influenced the drop performance during training?

Our platform answers this question by enabling you to leverage real-time data during practice. The Focus score will show a fluctuation in metrics or during the set and elude that there is a drop in skill execution. Stroke index, stroke rate and DPS are often the first ones to be affected. Either your coach or yourself can view your metrics performance while tracking a live workout. Our platform will show you the metric and allow you to dive deeper into each rep and lap of the set.

Many training plans alternate between overtraining and recovery days; time in both can help reach one’s goal. However, the key to maximizing performance is striking a balance between training and recovery. TritonWear’s Readiness has removed the guesswork from determining your body’s capacity to take on the workout, but it requires tracking all workouts to depict your body’s status accurately.

3. Uncover The Secret to Metric Tradeoffs for Optimal Performance.

Improving individual metrics sets you on the path to improve performance. However, certain metrics influence each other, and improving one may lead to a decline in another. This decline can start to affect an athlete’s performance negatively. The secret to maximizing performance is optimizing your metric tradeoffs. Elite athletes rarely have the highest score in an individual metric; they are, however, the masters of metric tradeoffs.

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About TritonWear

TritonWear is a technology company developing training solutions for athletes and coaches. The company’s product platform consists of a non-invasive device that calculates a suite of performance metrics and streams that data in real-time to a tablet. Co-founders, Tristan Lehari and Darius Gai, based in Toronto, developed their flagship product while participating in the University of Waterloo’s Velocity program. TritonWear was founded in 2014.

This swimming release is courtesy of TritonWear, a SwimSwam partner.

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